What’s up with Jaqen H’ghar and the Faceless Men?
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Jaqen H’ghar is probably the most confusing Game of Thrones character. Who is Jaqen? What’s his relationship with Arya? Is Jaqen Syrio Forel? Who’s the “alchemist” at Oldtown, and what does he want? What do the Faceless Men have to do with Valyria? Were the Faceless Men involved in the death of Balon Greyjoy? Could they be working with Euron Greyjoy to orchestrate a huge terrible blood sacrifice?
This video contains spoilers for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and Books 1-5 of ASOIAF, and a TWOW sample chapter read by GRRM.
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  • Scott Pepper
    Scott Pepper

    A man is full of shit

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up

    am i the only one who ships him with arya? 😅 like.. he always followed her and he 'protected' her.. omg i should be looking for the stories in wattpad

  • sky walker
    sky walker

    We need to hire faceless man to slap D&D idiots to write season again . what a disaster D&D created in season 8 . man has to take revenge.

  • sky walker
    sky walker

    How does man knows so much , you are amazing at working things out, You should have worked on game of thrones show for HBO to help D and D , dumb and dumber create a better show.lol

  • LucidIsrael

    The thoughts of the secret assassin's/cult being connected to Arya's story arc makes complete sense even them going against slavery and the Targaryen's but connect to the Greyjoys?? Don't think so; doesn't make much sense or reason, think that Greyjoy was just crazy and need of power, lol.

  • Laura Graves
    Laura Graves

    Yeah, he was jaqen. jaqen off.

  • doogieAfro

    Short answer (after watching season 8): nothing. nothing at all.

  • Vuk Bjelica
    Vuk Bjelica

    D&D-,,Nah I think there are more important things than this."

  • taliesin halliday
    taliesin halliday

    none of it matters now. season 8 forgot it all.

  • LEO zhong
    LEO zhong


  • LEO zhong
    LEO zhong

    A man is a coldblood and mystery assasin.

  • Nikolay Volf
    Nikolay Volf

    matreshka assassin, not babushka assassin

  • Jim Shoe
    Jim Shoe

    Turns out nothing at all is hapnin with him, due to d and d.........

  • Sunbro Adresse
    Sunbro Adresse

    You're overanalyzing... "I could not do the deed myself, but it was my hand that pushed him off the bridge." It only means that the sea took the life of Balon Grejoy, and this is true, while Euron pushed him off the bridge, it's only the drowning that provoked Balon's death. This is what Euron means by "I couldn't do the deed myself". He could have cut his throat, stabbed him, strangled him... but he only pushed him off so it was no him who strictly took his life but the drowned god.

  • The Real Viper
    The Real Viper

    I personally prefer the Jaquen Hagar is Rhaegar Targaryen theory.

  • MisterAlerion

    Jaqen is simply the top assassin in the house trusted with the most important tasks and missions. Probably been there for a long time. His face is for sure his original face, just as Arya and the waif have their faces. Like he says, a faceless man can wear a face of the living, as the waif wears his face (or he wore the waifs face either way) and so does the faceless man that poisons himself in front of Arya, simultaneously. That means that Jaqens face must be the face of a living man because the faces in the hall are used by one person and returned. 2 people can't both wear a face from the hall. And because Jaqen has that same face across multiple locations and missions just as Arya does as the oyster girl and the blind girl it proves it's not a different face and not a disguise as he would disguise himself as necessary for the mission. When he becomes someone else after giving Arya the coin he could have simply taken his face off and revealed another underneath or I think it's much more likely that he put the other face on. It's not a coincidence that Syrio was from Braavos and it's not a coincidence Jaqen was locked up and met Arya during one of his many assassination missions. The Many Faced God brought them together. Aryas destiny was to help end the long night and the Red God made that happen

  • skaryAknight 101
    skaryAknight 101

    A boy is no one. A boy is death. A boy knows no one yet everything. A boy knows secrets call him and he’ll tell

  • TJ H
    TJ H

    What if cerio forrel/jaquin surrendered to ser merrin and was then put into the black cells

  • Evan Smith
    Evan Smith

    Jaquan is your be if my fav

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez

    A man knows nothing yet, a man is waiting for the next book to come!!!

  • Vor Borinov
    Vor Borinov

    The point is that it doesn't matter who Jaqen is, or Syrio, or whether they are one & the same - they are "no one" & what is clear is that Arya is targeted as early as Kings Landing (Book 1 GoT) by Syrio as a recruit. The Faceless Men know what is going to go down in Kings Landing, because they are debt collectors/enforcers for the Iron Bank & the Iron Bank is the real power behind the scenes in Westeros. So for some reason, it is the powers that control the Iron Bank that want Arya, to work for them through the Faceless Men. Why? Why does Bloodraven want Bran? The Stark children are special, they have extraordinary powers & essentially these various power sources want what all sources of power want - their power protected. Bloodraven wants Bran to protect whatever it is he ultimately wants protected, same with the Iron Bank, with a Stark child asassin in their ranks they have leverage in the North, & through Arya - power in the North. Arya's plot will be connected to Jon, because the Iron Bank also bankrolls him through the Night's Watch & Stannis, the Iron Bank is investing in the defence against the coming forces of the Long Night.

  • algogy

    Syrio has nothing to do with the faceless men, that theory is just ridiculous. They are from Braavos and that's it. What I just don't understand why Cersei or Littlefinger or any other powerhungry character, orr the Iron Bank ffs, just don't hire these assassins to kill all their enemies? No need for wars, mercenaries, or even dragons. Just look at Arya, she can kill anyone in 2 seconds.... Ok perhaps not Arya, she is extremely badly written (in the show), after just a few months of training became the most powerful being in the world. But they are definitely super powerful and not even that expensive (they killing not that important people in Braavos)

  • Eric Potts
    Eric Potts

    Absolutely nothing


    A man knows that jaqen is the many face god a man said it in the series a man is very shure and a man can not die because a man is the god of death and the many face god

  • Ana

    Maybe there's some kind of prophecy regarding Arya and Jaqen/Syrio heard? Like the ghost of High heart said, she smells of blood. And if the faceless men make blood sacrifices, they could use someone like her

  • Seabass1008

    I think is jaqen is the faceless god maybee

  • C Irby
    C Irby

    Wasn’t it a bit odd that Jagen suddenly surrendered to Arya “so, the girl is finally no one” and she replies “the girl is Arya Stark and I’m going home”. She did have Needle touching his chest pointed at his heart at that time. I say “surrendered” because he didn’t try to punish her with that damn stick!

  • Vontos' Magic Murder Bag
    Vontos' Magic Murder Bag

    I could see the Euron from the show throwing a dragon egg into the ocean. Maybe they based his entire character on that once sentence.

  • Ivory Franklin
    Ivory Franklin

    Why didn’t she just ask him to kill cersai and Tywin

  • andemeister

    What if Ned Stark contacted a man to recruit a girl into the faceless cult. Or to let them train his girl and potential was seen

  • Jo Susu
    Jo Susu

    You must really be pissed with season 8

    • Espeon N208
      Espeon N208

      He is, but is trying to be as calm and collected as possible

  • Hinge57

    Just FYI, the line Syrio says on the show about "The god of death" was improvised by the actor. They said this on the Blu-ray commentary. They just stuck it in the show because it sounded cool. It isn't some deep secret reference, or even canonical.

  • Viraj Vashappanavar
    Viraj Vashappanavar

    Jaqen H'ghar is skrulls

  • Dinho

    A man is not yet ready for this video

  • twilly999

    IMO Jaqen H'ghar IS the Many Faced God.

  • Gambrinous

    I wonder how the three owed deaths would pan out if Arya and Hodor swapped roles.

  • Nele

    "Is Arya really such an amazing potential assassin to be worth all this hassle ?" Boy, did you get your answer handed to ya :D

  • wabbasMEpern

    I hate having to go back to these videos and say that nothing is up with any of these characters (show wise).

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar

    So basically he's a dude, playing another dude, disguised as another dude?

    • Monish Kumar
      Monish Kumar

      Theres always a possibility.

    • Shahrul Shahrul
      Shahrul Shahrul

      So he is robert downey jr in tropic thunder?

  • Can I get 100 subs for no Reason
    Can I get 100 subs for no Reason

    _I am confusion_

  • Phosphoros

    What if the Doom is the result of a massive blood spell made sacrificing every slave of the valyrians by the faceless men?

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.

    Who is Jaqen H'ghar? A man has no name lol

  • Anime Is dope
    Anime Is dope

    A man feels betrayed a man could have added so many more season instead of just 8 but a man only added 8 it makes a man angry because a man could’ve also benefitted from it

  • Michael Boggio
    Michael Boggio

    Imagine if jaken Hagar actually meant something in season 8

  • venabre

    Hail Sithis Wait... wrong god of death

  • Sadaqat Ali
    Sadaqat Ali

    A man wishes he had jaqen haga in reality.

  • Elizabeth Montijo
    Elizabeth Montijo

    Something to think about: If you are trained to be "no one", then you are more easily able to become "everyone". That could be considered a variation of collective consciousness, meaning that if there is no ego or identity, then 'a man' or 'a girl' can seamlessly become any of the faces once the vessel holding the face has been given "the gift".

  • Ed Kazarajy
    Ed Kazarajy

    a man loves hijaqen faces

  • hijo sandals
    hijo sandals

    jaqen hgahar is dead,but every man can be the man

  • Daniel Severino
    Daniel Severino

    So... if Jaqen was Syrio, how Jaqen knew about arya in the first place to get to her in Kings Landing?

    • Roofless_23

      Daniel Severino doubt it. Syrio said he was the first sword of bravos. Ser Davos speaks of an encounter with the first sword of bravos while speaking to Baratheon daughter.

  • Annie Brown
    Annie Brown

    He is the red witch

  • Jeff Galef
    Jeff Galef

    Sometimes a H’ghar is just a H’ghar.

  • Truman Tucker
    Truman Tucker

    A man is Caitlyn Jenner

  • Lunch

    In summary: Maybe

  • Гиви Зурабович
    Гиви Зурабович

    It hurts my feelings when someone mixing up "babushka" with "matreshka".

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T

    You're very pretentious about Army recruiters

  • namelesschnitzel

    why has no one ever talked about the drowned god being similiar to the white walkers. he kills his underlings to bring them back stronger (drowning/reviving them, just like the whites kill and revive their wights). his philosophy is built on conquering and sacrifice, just like the walkers... what if the drowned god (btw the exact opposite of rhollor the burning god) is actually the entity behind the walkers. that part about the boiling see and kraken like creature kinda reminds me of ice dragons and some other creatures that seem to be walker/darkness related.

  • Shy Bitch
    Shy Bitch

    6:29 I think the reason has been clear

  • Blue

    Puuurrrrrrr.....A girl finds this man so sexy!

  • Yu ah mah kweeen
    Yu ah mah kweeen

    Everybody is jaquen

  • Mello Rine
    Mello Rine

    That's the arc that I didn't get a fucking single thing from it!

  • LASH

    Someone hired them to kill the dragons. Why do you keep assuming the faceless men have their own plans?

  • A Man
    A Man

    No one is who i am

  • Pumblechook 1
    Pumblechook 1

    The Doom of Valyria: Slaves from all over the world sacrificed themselves to the Many-Faced God. Euron tries to replicate this by sacrificing Priests of many religions, hence creating a new Doom to destroy his enemies. The Faceless Men are helping Euron to create a new Doom (why they killed Balon and want the Citadel's Scroll). They worship the god of Death - not the Night King but the god of all Death

  • Pumblechook 1
    Pumblechook 1

    Why did Danaerys never buy more Dragon Eggs. There's plenty around (if expensive) and she knows how to hatch them.

    • Lauren York
      Lauren York

      Pumblechook 1 correct me if I’m wrong but I always got the impression they were like incredibly rare and hard to come by

  • Pumblechook 1
    Pumblechook 1

    Who needs magic when one of Qyburn's Ground to Air Anti-Dragon Supersonic Scorpions will do?

  • Paul Darwin Picklesimer
    Paul Darwin Picklesimer

    The faceless men conspired to prepare arya to kill the night king because if he won then there would never be anyone new born to die for the the one true god, death

  • jordaine davidson
    jordaine davidson

    They knew they had to train her because they knew she’d kill the night king in season 8

  • AlexR2648

    At 8:02, I think you mean a "matryoshka assassin" (as in the nesting dolls) rather than a "babushka assassin" (as in the old woman or head scarf).

  • brett warren
    brett warren

    You brush off the wording as just a meaning for the many faced god, but the faceless men never refer to the god of death as any other god like the stranger, the drowned god or the great other at any point in the books...