Underground - Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling
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Director: Tom Teller
Production Co. & Post House: Frame 48 (frame48.com)
Executive Producers: Julian Conner, Tom Teller, Seth Josephson
Producer: Bryce Cyrier
Director of Photography: Nico Aguilar
Production Designer: Juan Ramal
Editor: Lindsey Stirling
Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3
Featuring: Sofie Dossi, BDASH, and Miranda Wilking
Sheet Music Here: lindseystirlingsheetmusic.com
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  • gemaster14

    This whole thing just made me think of Detroit: Become Human.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    О Линсди! Ты огонь и пламя в моём сердце. Одна на сотни веков:) Потрясающая душа:) Ролик о многом говорит. Мало кто понимает суть:)

  • Zacaria Lategan
    Zacaria Lategan

    Mad cool

  • maria luz gonzales villarroel
    maria luz gonzales villarroel

    arte como todos tus videos lindsey......

  • Miguel Díaz
    Miguel Díaz

    La mejor🤠🤠🤠

  • red yolanda
    red yolanda

    Yes it's a masterpiece

  • Mathew Tafoya
    Mathew Tafoya

    Her songs and choreography are always amazing but this one is on a whole new level.

  • Ahmed sabath
    Ahmed sabath

    When u play a violin, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story 😍❤️

  • Rocketman9mm

    Daenerys Stirling 1:32

  • Cristian Luis A
    Cristian Luis A

    El que te dijo que no tenías talento, no tiene idea de lo que significa la palabra talento. Excelente tu arte.

  • Denis Novichkov
    Denis Novichkov


  • dwight shelley
    dwight shelley

    bump up the likes... we want lindsey to protect herself :)

  • Patrik Krause
    Patrik Krause

    Movie Qualität😂

  • dwight shelley
    dwight shelley

    Think Frank Ford will be in a bit of trouble soon, ty for bringing it to Lindey's staffs attention. Moron even said "fiddle".... no not so much. You play on Lindsey :P

    • dwight shelley
      dwight shelley

      shoulda caught it sooner. that is what staff is for but at least someone nailed it. ty.

  • Eduard Koshnyanu
    Eduard Koshnyanu

    Прекрасно, Ванеса Мей курит в сторонке!Умница Lindsey.

  • xTutoz

    Like tron legacy ... epic

  • Tha_realfortniteOG 69
    Tha_realfortniteOG 69

    Lindsey I met your bestfriends brother today at the deintest

  • Kamil Ömer Allbostanli
    Kamil Ömer Allbostanli

    Mükemmel performans

  • Lale Oskaybaş
    Lale Oskaybaş


  • Krystal Gardner
    Krystal Gardner

    I so can not get enough music there is no such thing is enough music keep it coming my favourites

  • Forvandlingen Emora
    Forvandlingen Emora

    The scene where shes floating in the middle of the white circle reminds me of Nichol Bolas on the card Commence the Endgame. Love the scenery in this video!

  • Crash Pad
    Crash Pad

    Playstation XD

  • Adir Mugrabi
    Adir Mugrabi

    is the contortionist Sofie dossi ?

    • Adir Mugrabi
      Adir Mugrabi

      apparently i should have looked at the video description

  • shahrzad khaksari
    shahrzad khaksari

    When you actually like the video before watching

  • TheLordstrider

    who else had an epileptic seizure while watching this

  • Super Noodles
    Super Noodles

    One sacrilegious girl and her violin

    • Little NinjaCat
      Little NinjaCat

      If you can play it slow you can play it fast

  • Андрей Зайцев
    Андрей Зайцев


  • aliaa tarik
    aliaa tarik

    جميل جدا 😘😘

  • Рес.Тыва Суур-оол
    Рес.Тыва Суур-оол

    нет слов!

  • Александр Краев
    Александр Краев


  • Keyplayzgames

    Artist: I can make the best music Lindsey: Hold my violin

  • Keyplayzgames

    Introducing the new playstation 5 Including no X button Colorful graphics Tons of games Realistic Graphics Black and white version Double the sound Ps5 coming next month

  • la tifa
    la tifa

    i want the full movie please thank you very much

  • Rote Rakete
    Rote Rakete

    thank you for this. this is it. i love it. hope you never stop

  • Павел

    Can someone made invoker insane plays video with this, please?

  • Stefhany J Ojeda P
    Stefhany J Ojeda P

    Simplemente hermosa 😄

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    This is an unsettling video seems ritualistic to me..

  • Messalina

    Makes me think of pizzagate and the tunnels... It's called underground and has Illuminati written all over... I'm just seeing things, right?

  • Hellbound Life
    Hellbound Life

    Uploaded 3 weeks ago, with 3.3 million views. Huh.

  • pen spinner ddd
    pen spinner ddd

    Бля это просто ахуенно, особенно припев, блять просто спасибо

  • Alfred Zeckenklopper
    Alfred Zeckenklopper


  • MasterFeyyaCat


  • JaniceThe Squid
    JaniceThe Squid

    Lindsey is a true genius! This is one of the coolest songs and vids I have ever seen


    Eres la mejor lindsey

  • Melissa Yusaitis
    Melissa Yusaitis

    As much as I love this shatter me will always be my favorite but this is definitely a close second favorite.

    • Deputy Dog
      Deputy Dog

      "Shatter Me" is Lindsey's "Bad Romance". It will always reign supreme.

  • Kenia Hernández
    Kenia Hernández

    La mejor canción del mundo la amoo😍⬛⚫🔺🎶🎶

  • Luz Dary
    Luz Dary

    Tus melodías son exquisitas ...

  • Katniss

    Hey Lindsey! Pourrais-tu jouer "i dont care" de ed sheeran? Ce serait top au violon :)

  • MedSou

    99% of *You* won't read this but... ⬇️⬇️ . . . . You are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤

  • Dusk & Dawn
    Dusk & Dawn

    Lin can you do Doctor Who theme ♥️🥰

  • Dizzy Heart
    Dizzy Heart

    Ohh I like it

  • joyce puty
    joyce puty

    Wow what a video 😍❤😍❤😍

  • Danny Fanny
    Danny Fanny


  • Денис Перхун
    Денис Перхун

    класный клип 100 балов из 10 а музон просто кайф

  • Platinum Albatross
    Platinum Albatross


  • tataneharle


  • Blujackal

    Did anybody else's face just melt listening to this oh my goodness Lindsey Stirling I've been listening to you for so long and I've watched you evolve it is amazing you are amazing I absolutely love you music and this song took me on a great adventure...thank you kindly

  • Андрей Болдырев
    Андрей Болдырев

    Щикарно! Просто Щикарно!

  • Arfinge Play Games
    Arfinge Play Games

    like music

  • kais


  • margarita rosas sanchez
    margarita rosas sanchez

    Hello Lindsey Stirling, I am going to your concert and it will be a pleasure to meet you face to face

  • margarita rosas sanchez
    margarita rosas sanchez

    like i love you

  • XxNew3rakiddxX


  • Smellfish

    I hope this will be the credits soundtrack in cyberpunk 2077.

  • Elias Lamas
    Elias Lamas

    Wow, amazing

  • Androphobia Agoraphobia & Heliophobia
    Androphobia Agoraphobia & Heliophobia

    I love how her videos make no sense but are just beautiful

  • masatotai

    Yass! Just, Yass.

  • Oleg Zharov
    Oleg Zharov

    fr-my.net/watchvideo/vid%C3%A9o-pRnr7Xg7xmc.html THIS IS MY MASATER PIEACE !!!

  • Oleg Zharov
    Oleg Zharov

    If you have a hard time keeping up with my notes im sure you can figure out the gear setting and playback speed 0.5 :P

  • Oleg Zharov
    Oleg Zharov

    fr-my.net/watchvideo/vid%C3%A9o-8MF_ZbTohm4.html HIGHER?? TREACHER OALAS