UFC 238: Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone Octagon Interview
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Check out what Tony Ferguson and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone had to say after their fight at UFC 238!
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  • Me Me
    Me Me

    Idiot yank fools booing

  • Notorious Faridh
    Notorious Faridh

    Fuck those pussy fans . Respect to both warriors

  • Stephen Uytterhaegen
    Stephen Uytterhaegen

    Talk to 🤠 haha!! Tony El cucuy Ferguson!

  • Johnny 32
    Johnny 32

    Tony the type of guy to beat 2 former champions and multiple former title contenders and still not get a title shot

  • RichieBratby

    Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to demand the octagon wears Vaseline.

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      RichieBratby lmao

  • Abdulrahman Alenezi
    Abdulrahman Alenezi

    It’s funny that you could laugh at a million “tony the type of guy” jokes and can’t come up with one

  • Jayden Li
    Jayden Li

    What exactly is the crowd booing? Fucking degenerate retards, cowboy blew his nose, wtf does that got to do with Tony? Bunch of simpleton, herd mentality mfs

  • Sam Chrystal
    Sam Chrystal

    Tony is the type of guy to jump under the fence

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      Sam Chrystal lmao

  • LittleRebel

    Tony the type of guy to open a glass jar to see what's inside

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      LittleRebel lol

  • Brd Bru
    Brd Bru

    I have no doubt that khabib will lose against this dude And khabib knows this. He's scared for his 27-0 record.

  • Jared Oliveira
    Jared Oliveira

    Not gonna lie feels like Tony’s gloves got some shit in them, like he was getting cowboy but that amount of damage? And even to all of his opponents each time seems suspect but if not much respect!

  • Alex tsmmi
    Alex tsmmi

    Luke Rockhold got rock by Jan after the belt and nobody gives a shit.But when it comes to Tony, everybody's going crazy cause they know that he's the real deal. You guys are angry cause Tony whop your crush ass, I get it.

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to welcome khabib to Russia

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy that to thank himself after opening the door

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to call himself out after a fight

  • Yervero Satánico alav
    Yervero Satánico alav

    Chicano 🇲🇽power👊🇺🇸

  • ayoub el-bachraoui
    ayoub el-bachraoui

    weird fight the winner mad and the loser is so happy

    • Alex tsmmi
      Alex tsmmi

      Mad!! He's disappointed huge difference man.

  • Ordinary Guy
    Ordinary Guy

    Tony just fucks people up plainly, i think cowboy did that to save himself from taking more punishment, he knew that would happen.

  • pravin dubey
    pravin dubey

    Tony is our Champion

  • Q Anon
    Q Anon


  • Q Anon
    Q Anon

    All Tony Ferguson fans needs to get their asses kicked.

  • Isaa G
    Isaa G

    Tony the type of guy to listen to Drake after he wins a fight.

  • Malinga Herath
    Malinga Herath

    Tony ferguson the type of guy to call time out just to see if the referee is OK

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      Malinga Herath lol

  • Aaron Tadd
    Aaron Tadd

    So much respect for Cerrone, dudes fought once a month for what feels like forever. He's a savage

  • Cody Parmarter
    Cody Parmarter

    Bro is Cowboy and Tony the coolest fucking dudes? "Talk to Cowboy" Cowboy apologizes. These dudes make the UFC seem less fucking WWEish

  • illusive_nezzy88

    Ungreatful rude fucks show Ferguson some got dam respect! He is the best fucking light weight and the ONLY man i feel that can take down khabib although i really like khabib as well. I don't understand why people hate Ferguson so much he fights his ass off!

  • dapperdonmilli

    did Antonio Margarito wrapTony's hands for this fight?

  • justin zhang
    justin zhang

    Salute to cowboy , this guy is really genuine fighter.

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa

    Tony would have messed him up that’s why he blew his nose Cerrone knew it was coming to a knockout

  • Dan Messick
    Dan Messick

    All respect

  • Яссэр Абухарба
    Яссэр Абухарба

    Tony's the type of guy to dislike his own FR-my comments.

  • Jesus Murphy
    Jesus Murphy

    2:46 one of tonys cornermen reacted like"are u fucking koddinge? Ah shit here we go again" and just bounced outta there.

  • Nawed 377
    Nawed 377

    Respect for tony.

  • Donnie M
    Donnie M

    el cucuy is the man

  • Walter Grande
    Walter Grande

    Where’s your eye at?

  • Bman 25
    Bman 25

    Tony ferguson the type of guy to ankle pick you dureing a drive bye

  • Joel 7
    Joel 7

    I watched the fight and I was mad too, I understand why the people were booing, he got a clean shot to the nose after the bell, then cowboy made it worse and they stopped the fight, it felt bitter, but got to recognize that Ferguson had already won, cowboy had nothing left by that point.

  • Draymond Yu
    Draymond Yu

    Tony the type of guy to use Python software for screen printing purpose

  • Vicente López
    Vicente López

    Tony ferguson the type of guy to let joe rogan ask a full long damn question to tell him to talk to cowboy

  • Only One
    Only One

    Tony the type of guy to give Dana White a title shot

  • Will Kinson
    Will Kinson

    Tony is the best lightweight fighter in history UFC !! Real machine

  • christopher jennings
    christopher jennings

    Damn that eye tho🤔

  • Uncle Elmer
    Uncle Elmer

    Glad i didnt buy the ppv

  • bahmand

    Whsts thr name of the song thry play at the end of the cerrone interview?

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Tony is the type of guy that conditions his coach

  • Farida Rasheed
    Farida Rasheed

    No one touch you corner or anyone attitude issue but no one at your level real

  • Farida Rasheed
    Farida Rasheed

    You are great

  • Arturo Garcia
    Arturo Garcia

    The tony thing was funny at the beginning but now everyone is taking it too far and I just wanted to say tony is a phenomenal fighter

  • Miles Hamblen
    Miles Hamblen

    Scuba diver didn't know? He knew... It was his way out, he hoped for dq

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes

    Tony's the type of guy to have his dog take him for a run

  • Mr. Prince
    Mr. Prince

    well Tony did well but fucked it up in the end with the last shot after the bell. Who knows if he had not punched things could have ended altogether differently.

  • YearOfTheDog

    Tony El Cucuy the demon all us latino kids grew up hearing stories about.

  • Tristan Bouchard
    Tristan Bouchard

    I was really looking forward to another mcnuggets call-out, but the energy wouldn't have been right

  • Niceguy 25
    Niceguy 25

    That was not a clean win........rematch might be in place.Make it happen Dana White

    • Your Nose
      Your Nose


  • Ali Shoukry
    Ali Shoukry

    2.8 million views? How does the UFC not notice the attention Tony's been generating recently, set the fucking Khabib fight up.

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      Ali Shoukry I know it's unbelievable

  • RISIN9

    Cowboy knew, he didn't want anymore of Tony so he blew his nose. Cowboy will forever be the Gate Keeper because he can't handle forward pressure.

  • Dylbo Swaggins
    Dylbo Swaggins

    That was the classiest shit I've ever seen

  • Stephen Uytterhaegen
    Stephen Uytterhaegen

    Look at the face off cowboy... and he wans to apologise him xp Tony to strong

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes

    The UFC is a peace of shit organization. Some serious fucked up fans Joe Rogan did a fucked up job catering to the fans. Cerrone got his ass kicked and found a way out and took it. What a piece of shit and lack of manhood Cerrone has turned out to be. I have seen many fights with similar injuries and worse and not do the obvious like Cerrone did. This is the first time I have seen it and it smells of a chicken shit coward gutless COWBOY TAKING THE WAY OUT TO NOT GET FUCKED UP INTO A KO OR SUBMISSION. CERRONE THE GUTLESS PIECE OF SHIT!

  • Chris V
    Chris V

    Tony is the type of guy that hates his win more than his love to lose.

  • pauly shore
    pauly shore

    Reading UFC comments on YT is the gayest shit ever

    • pauly shore
      pauly shore

      Johnny 32 Cus some of the shit people write is lame asl

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      Why tho?

  • Castor Troy
    Castor Troy

    Tony Ferguson, the type of referee who will raise the hand of the losing fighter

  • azah quinn
    azah quinn

    Ufc 216 embedded vlog episode 3, @ Tony lays his fern down and does a Maori War Haka and calls upon a Legion of Warrior Natives, WE HEARD YOUR CALL TONY, DANA MAKE THAT FIGHT OR WE SAIL WEST TO KINGS LANDING.

  • Lance Gotti
    Lance Gotti

    "Talk to cowboy"... Camera pans over to Sloth from Goonies. His face did all the talkin.

  • Linuxx

    Tony the type of guy to call an ambulance for a bank robbery

  • Konrad Bidwell
    Konrad Bidwell

    The cowboy has to be one of my favourite fighters ever. Ferguson is class too.

  • The Magicman
    The Magicman

    I would love to see khabib vs tony

  • Sesehang Limbu
    Sesehang Limbu

    Crazy son of a gun

  • Dan4Mark

    Which begs the question, how good is Michael Johnson?

  • Khalabib NoMcNuggets
    Khalabib NoMcNuggets

    The crowd is right this guy fookin sux, 3 of his last victories were not because of his skills but because of his opponents fook ups Kevin Lee >> staph infection Pettis >> dumbarse broke his hand doing dumb sh!t Cowboy >> dufus blew his nose and fooked his own eyes cant wait for The Khalabib to expose this man child fraud and watch his "fans" whine, cry and jump onto the next bandwagon hahahahaha

    • Johnny 32
      Johnny 32

      Bruh HES ON A 12 FIGHT WINNING STREAK IN THE MOST STACKED DIVISION IN THE UFC AND STILL HASNT GOTTEN A TITLE SHOT. oh and come to find out pettis didn't actually break his hand. I'd say he has the best chance of beating khabib more than anyone in the whole lightweight division