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Michael Stevens
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Jack Merline
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  • softly snowing
    softly snowing

    4:08 He sounds like Coyote Peterson "Gaah!" "It's really hot!"

  • jonte

    4:12 when you haven’t nutted in 3 days and you finally dive in her boutta explode

  • Amy Gao
    Amy Gao

    I'm scared

  • Tbolt Minecraft
    Tbolt Minecraft

    Dingsauce? I thought it was Vsauce

  • ItsZombieGamerZ

    You missed a face up card...

  • Nothing Helps The Pain
    Nothing Helps The Pain

    4:17 When your girl gives you the best head ever and starts sucking on your balls.

  • Natahn Dolar
    Natahn Dolar

  • Nic Hunter
    Nic Hunter

    Micheal is getting weirder by the day.

  • Turtle Shell
    Turtle Shell

    I like him better this way.

  • QsNs Apollo
    QsNs Apollo

    Sooooooo... Thanos

  • DoUg Mourning
    DoUg Mourning

    Hey VSauce, Michael, there, are you good? Like, actually?

  • ThatDinosaurGamer97


  • TheCubingGuy 123
    TheCubingGuy 123

    Villagers be like: 0:08

  • Plasminium

    4:07 micheal...... What’s going on under the table there....


    When you nut but she keeps sucking. 4:11

  • yves wes
    yves wes

    His wiki wasn't kidding when it said Micheal was a performer. Like, he just put his hand into an ordinary pillowcase and *somehow* had me 1000% convinced he was in pain. He's Oscar material

  • Speed _
    Speed _

    “I take everything that’s out of balance and make it equal” - the pillowcase is thanos.

  • Speed _
    Speed _

    As the beard grows longer, the intros grow stranger.

  • Bonanaza Bob
    Bonanaza Bob

    Cards are a program set up by the luminati for disrupting conciousness and sending messages

  • Seth Crowder
    Seth Crowder

    Vsauce is actually a super being with unknown powers, able to lock up the pillow case of terror.

  • Quick Dimwit
    Quick Dimwit

    Neat trick. Could have done without the pedorast deck of cards though.

  • B- rabbit
    B- rabbit

    When u nut but she keeps sucking: 4:06

  • Andrea Sabatini
    Andrea Sabatini

    Thank you, im going to win a lot of free drinks tonight.

  • CeyAti Es
    CeyAti Es

    He really lost it hasn’t he

  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin

    I think he's slowly losing his sanity...

  • Llama Meows
    Llama Meows

    What is the intro? Not like it’s the only disturbing thing on this channel

  • Litzzx Editzx
    Litzzx Editzx

    4:06 Me getting my Hotpocket out the microwave

  • Golden Unown
    Golden Unown

    A new SCP

  • Kuuhaku Cs
    Kuuhaku Cs

    same happens under my bedsheets every night...

  • Leo Productions
    Leo Productions

    Hey DongSauce, it's Michael here

  • Matthew McBride
    Matthew McBride

    What happens to the good old vsauce with the soothing music and intriguing facts

  • xd SwirlyBox5563
    xd SwirlyBox5563

    4:06 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  • James Mueller
    James Mueller

    Jesus Christ would you look at that beard

  • Sobering Giraffe
    Sobering Giraffe

    So Vsause channel is dead or what

  • Memes4Lyfe

    FaCe Up guys 😎🤙🏻

  • Kevin Escalante
    Kevin Escalante

    I'm so sure Michael started to smoke cannabis

  • Shanine Edwards
    Shanine Edwards

    Who's hannah

  • Awesome Quiche
    Awesome Quiche

    When no one is home and I’m left to my devices 4:03

    • Awesome Quiche
      Awesome Quiche

      The joke is that it sounds like he’s masterbating

  • FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
    FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation


  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody


  • Nemo_is_a_weeb

    4:06 **has seizure** acts like nothing happens ten seconds later

  • Otto Fredrick
    Otto Fredrick

    4:06 when u bout to 🥜

  • Virgil Hariu
    Virgil Hariu

    4:06 when you have Vietnam flashbacks

  • Elijah D Grant
    Elijah D Grant

    thanos pillowcase will make everything equal

  • galactakit

    5:34 *yeet*

  • Polo 10k
    Polo 10k

    911k views later...

  • Joshua O
    Joshua O

    0:45 perfectly balanced as all things should be.

  • Nickthe Gazelle
    Nickthe Gazelle


  • TheOtherWhiteNerd

    I’m... so confused. Michael? You okay buddy?

  • Zashura

    Making things equal? What is this? The pillowcase of *red* terror?

  • BeardyTime0901

    4:04 my mom walked in my room

  • VKA_CarvedSix09

    Michael please stop taking acid

  • Mike Palmer
    Mike Palmer

    7:06 Uh-oh, sounds like the men in white coats are coming to pick up our friend Michael :(

  • Cruhatt

    *wazzaaaaaaaaaap D!NGDONGERS, it's me, D!NGSAUCE*

  • Kalp Shah
    Kalp Shah

    Great acting’s

  • Kill3rCat

    Michael definitely got stranger after three days of isolation.

  • Kamaine Gamer
    Kamaine Gamer

    Wassup D!NG Sauce

  • Fantomp

    Michale: There are 11 face up cards in two piles of cards and there are 7 in each Me: Nani?!

  • mesofummy lol
    mesofummy lol

    I'd been wondering what 'hey vsauce Michael here' had been up to? Growing a beard is the not very exciting answer it seems

  • ForTheWinTCG

    Why did I hold my breath?

  • Mohannad Karkoukli
    Mohannad Karkoukli

    This is now relaxing

  • Aaron Silas
    Aaron Silas

    I have questions...

  • ImABird

    That pillow case makes things that are imbalanced equal... The pillow is Thanos in disguise

  • Silas Lemming
    Silas Lemming

    I love how Michael's insanity increases every time he uploads a new video

    • Crash Lag
      Crash Lag

      Insanity ends at 5:30

  • TurtleToast270

    I love how he changed after psychedelics 💙💙💙 we need more like him

  • weed m
    weed m

    why doesn't he just upload these to his original chanell?

  • Aye Lmao
    Aye Lmao

    wanna taste my DING SAUCE?

  • Big Solid Boss
    Big Solid Boss


  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson

    has michael gone mad

  • Valen Cheung
    Valen Cheung

    TED-Ed riddle

  • 5ky65z3r

    Do inline now guys

  • CallMeWaverDude

    when mom is out of the room 4:06

  • Hassan Zia
    Hassan Zia

    4:04 me when touches math book

  • NoriMori

    4:07 - Michael, do you need some alone time?

  • Javier Horacio
    Javier Horacio

    4:03 when u nut and she keeps sucking😂

  • God Awful Content
    God Awful Content

    Michael is falling apart at the seams.

  • Noahprogamer 09865
    Noahprogamer 09865

    when you nut but she keep sucking 4.04

  • Noahprogamer 09865
    Noahprogamer 09865


  • AaronZ_0

    4:39 Why is it sooo satisfying to watch Micheal put down cards ;-;

  • Alejandro Ramos
    Alejandro Ramos

    4:05 when she giving head

  • NinjaPuppy

    The pillowcase of terror when you say the universe is unbalanced Pillow: *Fine, I'll do it myself*

  • AVEy GRAVy
    AVEy GRAVy

    are you okay

  • -_-

    Is Michael OK?


    Hes just making material specifically for sauce out of context

  • Simon Maswabi
    Simon Maswabi

    Michael is too awesome:)

  • Shir Tsarfati
    Shir Tsarfati

    Guys I think michael is losing it but I'm staying forever

  • Obey Silence
    Obey Silence

    D!NG U AKBAR! BOOOOOM!!! PS: Sorry I had to.

  • Yahegao

    "I take everything that is out of balance, and I make it equal." *_S N A P_*

  • Minoan Light
    Minoan Light

    What’s going on with this guy? At moments he’s really scaring me. He’s not like he was while he was running Vsauce.

  • jax oliver
    jax oliver

    michael is so hot

  • Jsweizston

    Love the beard mountain man. Started mine 2 years ago and never stopped.

  • Kaexotix

    Michael flexing his card skills. :D

  • enkay 007
    enkay 007

    7:09 mom: hey what the hell you doing in there? me:watch me do a magic trick ma!!

  • Random Dogface
    Random Dogface

    4:10 🤣

  • John Dualé
    John Dualé

    I'm not gonna do what you say because i AM ThE PILLoWCaSE Of TERrOR

  • Elite_Insomniac _
    Elite_Insomniac _

    michael are u ok

  • Brad Cozine
    Brad Cozine

    1:40 ...and THAT is how a DONG becomes a D!NG.

  • DanDanBinks

    nice now do something with your urine filled mason jar of terror...

  • Ultimorph Ultimorph
    Ultimorph Ultimorph

    Soooo....... you call this content?

  • BigBlitZ

    When you cum, but she keeps on riding. 4:06