Survival skills - Catching crab at the mud pond and cooking crab recipe - Eating delicious
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Survival skills - Catching crab at the mud pond and cooking crab recipe - Eating delicious
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      Balveer Saini

      Typhus I don't @Uttam Thakre sZZaWa

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    • tiaan cloete
      tiaan cloete

      Why do you throw real why do you throw live crabs on A4 on a fire I hope Jesus does it to you to

    • Alin M DORIN
      Alin M DORIN

      Your grammar gave me headaches

    • જોરા ભાઈ ચૌહાણ
      જોરા ભાઈ ચૌહાણ

      Ẩm Thực KT z43y

  • Malk ALAA
    Malk ALAA


  • Citlali Zambrano
    Citlali Zambrano

    Btw if they are from the wild why are their teeth STRAIGHTER THEN MINE

  • Citlali Zambrano
    Citlali Zambrano

    Am I the only one who laughed at her getting pinched by them bc she literatly THROWS the crabs XDDD

  • The German Mapper
    The German Mapper

    Mr Krabs family being slaughtered by a human

  • Akiozumi

    watch out when hear the sounds of the devil fellow crabs once the creature finds its pray it will search for it restless to consume us all.

  • İlkin Asgerov
    İlkin Asgerov

    Bu gedə də qızın hesabına yaşayır deyesen 😃 nə vaxt baxıram qız axtarır , tapır, tutur, bişirir, oğlan ancaq yeməyə gəlir. 😂Nə yogurdum, nə tapdim, hazirca kökə tapdım😃😃😃😃😃

  • King Jordan
    King Jordan

    Some people are more expressive, it’s just their culture.

  • Alexia Bravo
    Alexia Bravo

    Gordon Ramsey has left the chat.

  • Alexia Bravo
    Alexia Bravo

    3:58 *does splits* EEEOOOOAHAHAHAEEE

  • Aidan Purcell
    Aidan Purcell

    Pins herself only

  • Aidan Purcell
    Aidan Purcell

    Step one de- evolve step two get a camera step three kill your self trying to get crabs and moan like hell

  • RealStringy

    Call this lady if you have problem hurt crabs🙂

  • Aaron Pantera
    Aaron Pantera

    Its 2019 and humans evolve backwards including lost of ability to speak.

  • lavender lilac
    lavender lilac

    She stood in one crab 😂😂😂 she didn't notice some ig

  • Mary Lisondra
    Mary Lisondra

    D pod makaulit hahahaha

  • Fight2thedeath 12
    Fight2thedeath 12

    Does this bitch know how to speak

  • Blog da Pam
    Blog da Pam


  • Hector Tenessent
    Hector Tenessent

    primitives wearing boxer briefs are the most advanced primitives on can find them on the grasslands of poor acting forest and by the borderline IQ director rivers..

  • Aasha Ahmed
    Aasha Ahmed

    Why u snacking like wth

  • Wolf Star MC
    Wolf Star MC

    These sounds and the overacting is not necessary

  • Alin M DORIN
    Alin M DORIN

    3:57 karma shows up 😂

  • Samantha Issabel
    Samantha Issabel

    Very bad video 😡

  • angel marte
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  • Lidia Katanic
    Lidia Katanic

    Does she actually need all that sound

  • KCplayzYT

    Guys stop hating her she's trying to do her best... -and if ur cringy then don't watch it..

  • DaidusAnimations YT
    DaidusAnimations YT

    Still looks fun tho

  • DaidusAnimations YT
    DaidusAnimations YT

    Damn is this a survival show or phub!!???😄

  • pandpadams

    Taste like crab... talk like people

  • Ashton Fant
    Ashton Fant

    Good show

  • Ashton Fant
    Ashton Fant

    Noises are not necessary

  • julie garcia
    julie garcia

    This woman is disgusting I hate the sound and how could she kill crabbie's

  • azariasthelast

    The most disgusting part of this video was watching her eat.

  • Nipa Watchara
    Nipa Watchara


  • doraemon best cartoon
    doraemon best cartoon

    Animal s ko Ku marte ho

  • Raquel M.
    Raquel M.

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😧😧😧 run omg 😲

  • star flower25
    star flower25

    I like how excited you got finding the crabs. And all I could think when you were eating them was, they bit you so many times while you caught them, now you get to bite them lol. And it was really cute when you saved the little fishes.

  • Luukske Gaming
    Luukske Gaming

    At 2:00 what if she hung forward and the crab in her backpack thing fell on her head

  • Johnesha Holly
    Johnesha Holly

    At least put some seasoning on the damm crabs🤔🤔🤔

  • Ayisha Reid
    Ayisha Reid

    They just love to eat like scavenger

  • sledge hammer
    sledge hammer

    Fake actors

  • Jessica Register
    Jessica Register

    This show would be better if you didn't smack on the food I turn my volume all the way down because if the smacking its annoying also rude

  • Katearianna XD
    Katearianna XD

    Why the zoom in on her mouth, and she needs to learn how to eat with her mouth closed cause that’s nasty

  • Pablo Gomez
    Pablo Gomez

    Te amoooóoooo eres la mejor persona



  • Louai

    She doesn't know that's we are on 2019

  • Michelle Banczak
    Michelle Banczak

    Why do you do nice all the time

  • Maria Maciel
    Maria Maciel

    me gusto el canaa

    • Marluce Correia
      Marluce Correia



    Stop over acting and stop making weird noises you're video will be better if you don't do those things

  • Carlo lapuz
    Carlo lapuz

    The acting and noises are cringey...😬 Also, poor crabs. 😢

  • Da Bear
    Da Bear

    They were going on the crab island to dance like every year, she cooked them. Me: Shocked pikachu face

  • deutscher3456765


  • Curtis James
    Curtis James

    She must live in the wild

  • anonymous unknown
    anonymous unknown

    I would not invite her over for dinner

  • Alessandro Pontalti
    Alessandro Pontalti

    che maiale mona

  • Aaron YT
    Aaron YT

    I dont like the eating sound

  • Sikumar Mehata
    Sikumar Mehata

    Ll L Lllllllllllllllp Thanks again and.

  • Its_just a apple
    Its_just a apple

    Rip Mr crabs family

  • roc wylemans
    roc wylemans

    This was to funny to be true

  • mimi craft chan
    mimi craft chan

    Algum br? Edits:nehum:(

    • Marluce Correia
      Marluce Correia

      Oi br

    • Kevin Gameplay
      Kevin Gameplay

      Of Course

  • Silvy 24
    Silvy 24

    Sebel bangettt liat cara makannya😂😂

  • Ayush Karki
    Ayush Karki

    Kill them before you cook them 😡😡

  • Z Lyn
    Z Lyn

    are u crazy girl?

  • Bruno Gabriel
    Bruno Gabriel

    Deve ser gostoza a comida kklk

  • bts. mochi
    bts. mochi

    For all those people i use to live in Thailand and every time we haunt we do not act like this

  • Nathan Kinniburgh
    Nathan Kinniburgh

    Wtf 3:57

  • Ma Moe
    Ma Moe

    look at the tumbnail sees an alien invuson of crab

    • Leslie Tincher
      Leslie Tincher

      Ma Moe I thought it was Crabnado.

  • Janette Cardwell
    Janette Cardwell

    What the heck * we just start at the house* lol

  • Gjjst Rus
    Gjjst Rus

    barda Tala ko go oooooooo khala

  • [Infernalclapz]

    Everyone stop making fun of her maeby she just is making an impression with sounds