Survival skills - Catching crab at the mud pond and cooking crab recipe - Eating delicious
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Survival skills - Catching crab at the mud pond and cooking crab recipe - Eating delicious
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    • Aminata Sanyang
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      It's okay besides i love your videos

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    Me. Encantan. Los. Cangrejos

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    Asmr in the beginning

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    Adoro ver estas cosas son muy buenabuen❤️💲👍☺️

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    Don't cook them fucking alive!

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    Inland Vines 4000

    Can she feel those shells in her mouth

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    Te recomiendo que comas un poco mejor pareces puerco

  • Ash Kathleen
    Ash Kathleen

    I know those mud dwelling spiders were not that good! They probably taste just like Mud

    • Ahalya Bapatla
      Ahalya Bapatla

      Arent they crabs?

  • Dominick Rodriguez
    Dominick Rodriguez

    1. She’s yeeeetin then damn crabs in the basket likes there’s no tomorrow 😂 2. Killing me with the sound effects 😂💀 3. At 2:19 she catches 2 crabs tryna fuck and yeets them with no hesitation 😂👍🏽

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    What an adorable savage!

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    Yumy ha 🤤🤤

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      Pinched a few seconds later

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    My g u good 😂😂💀

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    Is she high or smth?

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    Shea weird

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    I just love how excited she looks haha


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    Oh yeah yeah


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      You’re supposed to cook them ALIVE🙄🙄🙄

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      Oh yeah yeah uhh duh?

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    Eat with your mouth closed

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    No no no noooooo 🦀

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    Throws crab in the basket Crab: Ame Am Ame Haaaaa Crab gets on girls face

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    Ебанутая голодная баба, и бедные растерянные крабики

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    Wic place is it...WIC country...very beautiful

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    Lol they act so stupid 😂😂😂

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    They need to learn how to eat without all them sound effect

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    So much disrespect while cooking and eating them

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      joel edgar bitch it's food 😂

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      joel edgar she eats well loud and fast.

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    She speaks that language, which country you and I are from Brazil, but I love to see so Algume can tell me what language she speaks in vidio



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    I feel sorry for animals they just get eaten like guys think what happens if you were animal and you were gonna get eaten your probaly like your over dramatic well think how will the animals feel 😲

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    • lyian and louvelle in wondrland Rabelas family
      lyian and louvelle in wondrland Rabelas family

      You are so ewi adodododo

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    • Inland Vines 4000
      Inland Vines 4000


  • sarah

    Y encima le ASE como tonta,sorry me enoja ver q c coman a los animalitos

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    Elizabeth S

    What is up with all the screaming and the weird sounds let’s hear your beautiful voice

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    Rocio Betances

    Y mami que piensa que yo como feo. Si ve a esta asiática no me critica

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    She Doing too much with all them noises

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    manuelpro YT

    Co e cola boca serrana par comer puerca

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    I would have cooked her ass if she didn't stop chewing with her mouth open

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    Roses are red Violets are blue, The title was English So I thought the comments were too.

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    ניב ואביעד המשוגעם

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    حمزة ابن السرايا

    يلي عربي لايك 👍👍

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    Spur very funny

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    What the f---

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    2:37 ho stratils x dne jsem asi jednání cech siblejnxd kdo se na tuhle kouká xnd. A nebo jsme něco z ČR napíše xdddhsns s. Blazen jak furt jeci atd xddd

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    Lebay njirr 😂

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    Secallo bepatas😂😂😂😂

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    Esta vieja pendeja a de ser pariente con los de survive skills tragan bien culero

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    Lol I want to punch her so hard for the god damn noises she makes 😐

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    Kinda gross 0:21

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    Rtii no me ni BN. Ya jb con HH Fco BBB el nbui ok bb BN m-+89(:,hjhh bb vi Lu gg hay en cu GHz

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    Vivianeidiudududdudle jcjhcjiqaaifkifkSantos

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    She trying to be funny but she not

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    Parecem um bando de loko é legal o programa mais poderiam agir que nem gente né kkk

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    ❤️She has a fantastic pair of boobs ❤️

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    U are awesome cause I could never handle all those spikes on the crabs so yes u are awesome

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    twin K I N G snakes

    now that i have seen this i want to eat crab

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    0:22 nobody came to see you chew on crab

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    Dannya zafra carrion

    Y tambien pobresitos los peces🐟🐠🐡

  • Dannya zafra carrion
    Dannya zafra carrion

    Pobres cangrejos y todavia no podian vivir bien porque el rio estava con mucha tierra

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      Tiene razon

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    Hola sola mente porquo. mer. matan animales

  • Jonathan Preciado
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    Hola nuca a comido 😒😒

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    Cooking crabs alive is hell

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    Come como puerco así comen los puercos

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      Es sierto

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    Que maluca parece uma palhaça muito engraçado kkkkk

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    DONT Cook crabs alive

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    I love you

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