Shareef O'Neal Teams Up w/Brandon Jennings in FIRST GAME BACK at the Drew League!!
Ballislife 2.0
Shareef O'neals first game back after heart surgery was a debut at none other than the Drew League. He teamed up with fellow Los Angeles Native Brandon Jennings, KJ Martin & younger brother Shaqir O'neal
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  • Madison Bell
    Madison Bell

    Shareef is the next KD

  • alain tan
    alain tan

    Zion's dominance will be spoiled once Shareef arrives in NBA with the Lakers

  • Derryck Tarver
    Derryck Tarver

    Bruh carried on that last drive to the bucket when they wher up by two

  • pablo escobar
    pablo escobar

    Shaq son will be MVP in the league one day

  • Bsarg Sarg
    Bsarg Sarg

    not feelin them tiny shortsreal men don't wear that shit dudes is suspect

  • Harley Sahagun
    Harley Sahagun

    Shareef will be a face of the NBA. And he is a future superstar.

  • iñigo carneros
    iñigo carneros

    Who is number 5 of tuff crowd

  • Bartholomew Lyons
    Bartholomew Lyons


  • olicc

    Looking pretty good. Also, props to Shaqir for playing against much older players. Where his brother has always been very thin, Shaqir has some meat on him like his Dad. He could be a beast in a few years. Could you imagine being nearly Shaq's strength, only a few inches shorter, and having a jump shot and ball handling skills? Kinda like a taller, stronger, but less athletic Lebron. He could choose to overpower you in the paint or stretch the floor.

  • Drillings TV
    Drillings TV

    Future nba star. no cap.

  • Willhelm Willhelm
    Willhelm Willhelm


  • Lew Heffna
    Lew Heffna

    KJ Martin look like Garry Harris

  • Bien Cyrel
    Bien Cyrel


  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    He's not NBA material, why is he wasting his time and risking his life on the court

  • ZBurt

    yo why is shaqir out there

  • Justin Burt
    Justin Burt


  • Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
    Jeffrey Jorge in new york city

    Brandon jennings is a scrub

    • Jeffrey Jorge in new york city
      Jeffrey Jorge in new york city

      Shoot first type player but cant 🔫 lol 😄😭😪


    People gonna ignore the fact that shaqir is playing against grown folks . The kid is 16.. he’s gonna be a beast

  • Muck Fichigan
    Muck Fichigan

    Shareef is the prototypical 4 in today's NBA game

  • Josh Clyde
    Josh Clyde

    Stop spinning the ball in your damn hand on free throws or you’ll be shooting like shaq

  • HonestComment

    is this video film with telescope lens

  • Remy Lebeau
    Remy Lebeau

    Them rims old as HELL

  • Benjamin Dahl Møller 8Z Elsted Skole
    Benjamin Dahl Møller 8Z Elsted Skole

    9:27 nice jumper

  • MADD Swagg Gamer
    MADD Swagg Gamer

    I was see him and melo together

  • Boi been That
    Boi been That

    Upload sum of frank nitty

  • DKMob Gaming
    DKMob Gaming

    At 1:57 I swear he slaps his arm so hard, idk if that was a block loool

  • Scott Waters
    Scott Waters


  • Darren 11
    Darren 11

    lol jennings blew that layup at :55

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Shareef is so overrated. He is just gifted athletically, and is hyped up cause his dad was great. Nothing special... just an athletic tall kid.

    • Ngu Thirteen
      Ngu Thirteen

      Thats my opinion too. Can be a good 3-D player but thats all

  • Arko SJF
    Arko SJF

    Glad to see him back on the court

  • Farhan Hassan
    Farhan Hassan

    is reed really good or is he jus playing with really mediocre players

  • Lorenzo Scott
    Lorenzo Scott

    Shareef out Dere dominating..I'm happy 4 da kid

  • M.L. Flagg
    M.L. Flagg

    I don’t care what nobody says, Brenden Jennings should be in the league. He better than a couple guys on every NBA team. Politics and reputation are almost just as important to NBA longevity as ability

    • savage dan
      savage dan

      M.L. Flagg wish miami heat could pick him up.. got nothing but scrubs right now


    And Gary Payton jr lol y’all disrespectful asl

  • tre thomas
    tre thomas

    Shaq son might as well join bronny

  • Advent Society
    Advent Society

    Hope he stays healthy

  • Boy Friend
    Boy Friend

    I am sorry but Brandon Jennings is asssss😂😂

  • Eric Monson
    Eric Monson

    Poor defensive when it was 74-76 he was in the coffin corner push up on that easy back court , out of bounce.. literally anything 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Khari Nelson
    Khari Nelson

    Jennings' no call travel 9:50

  • billy drennon
    billy drennon

    That free throw looks like Dad frfr... 💀

  • ryeder volk
    ryeder volk

    Is #5 Gary Harris??

  • tony sosa
    tony sosa

    Good seeing the young bull healthy and In good shape

  • Ryan Hammond
    Ryan Hammond

    Sha'reef goes hard af

  • Bruce Newbeck
    Bruce Newbeck

    Man I wish highlight videos were of the people instead of multiple plays in the game.. I came to watch Shareef and BJennings play not the scrubs!

  • Eugene hofmann
    Eugene hofmann

    That filay dude needs to be playing with these guys

  • Cass Smith
    Cass Smith

    Been out cause of heart surgery, heals up with no ball playing time and is already better than Lamelo, that's tough

  • Ulaş Epli
    Ulaş Epli

    I am happy for my brother ...

  • Lil Schellfish
    Lil Schellfish

    Reef is the player in 2k that you make with all the stats maxed out

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr

    Wish LaMelo was on that drew league team

    • mxg x
      mxg x

      He is

  • bootayyshakin

    B jennings rusty as hell

  • Martell Edwards
    Martell Edwards

    Did buddy carry at 10:48? If not I have to learn that move

  • Mailon Williams
    Mailon Williams

    Lol shaq going to the league this is not some pick up rec its the drew and he out there doing him 💪💪dunking on pro's like that

  • Mailon Williams
    Mailon Williams

    Happy to see the young buck healthy and playing again god is good

  • Raul Martinez
    Raul Martinez

    Reef x Yung Qir x KJ x BJ.

  • Jake Milch
    Jake Milch

    Hey were you showing Shareef's missed freethrow and not his made one as a roast? Do you want the scouts to think he can't perform behind the line?

  • Michael Vue
    Michael Vue

    Wow.. I’m very impressed and I’m sure I speak for all of us watching 💪

  • Nick O
    Nick O

    Nigga shaquir got tall as af

  • mike mitchell
    mike mitchell

    Glad to see reef back & better than ever 💯

  • llong3316

    Shareef showed out no click bait

  • Stephen Kennedy Jr.
    Stephen Kennedy Jr.

    Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal, Kenyon Martin Jr, Gary Payton II and Brandon Jennings that’s a lot of NBA ties on the court

  • Johnathan Strozier
    Johnathan Strozier

    Brandon Jennings still a bucket

  • Klarenxe Blood
    Klarenxe Blood

    Can you just show only the made baskets I dont wanna see bricks and missed layups B

  • Baikenz

    This game hella sloppy

  • Melodic God
    Melodic God

    Lavar and melo vs Reef and Shaq

  • Cantrell Mosley
    Cantrell Mosley

    Ok KJ keep balling 💪🏾🏀

  • Darian Williams
    Darian Williams

    #2 on white look like Raymond Felton

  • Justin Frans
    Justin Frans

    Yo this a tough ass team fr fr 😂😂

  • Guillermo Saavedra
    Guillermo Saavedra

    Someone get shaqir off the court

  • 3575 Ethel southwest
    3575 Ethel southwest

    Hey Detroit Pistons bring back Brandon Jennings

  • willys cortez
    willys cortez

    The dude talking on the mic sounded drunk as f. Could barely understand what he said!