Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!
Ryland Adams
I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)
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  • Amber Foggin
    Amber Foggin

    does Garrett hang out with y'all anymore?

  • Maddie’s Music
    Maddie’s Music

    Such a good thing you did for him

  • gina reiter
    gina reiter

    Ryland did such a good job home improvement shows are shook the house

  • Tammy Britton
    Tammy Britton

    Amazing job, Ryland.

  • Kiar A
    Kiar A

    Team 10 house

  • Layla Reyes
    Layla Reyes

    *Mr. Kate has left the chat*

  • Ty Sandoval
    Ty Sandoval

    Kylie Jenner's makeup room? Who is she? 🤣

  • Erin S.
    Erin S.

    Ryland, look up Laura Eubanks on redo in your landscaping girl! :/

  • mari calderon
    mari calderon

    Shanes new makeup room is now my dream makeup room

  • Mia Martinez
    Mia Martinez

    Ryland looks like Garret with the glasses on 😂

  • Rowena Kite
    Rowena Kite

    “It’s like the moon is shining in there!”

  • Arturo Jimenez
    Arturo Jimenez

    It was asmr when Ryland was scratching his eyebrow in the beginning 😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Gill
    Anna Gill

    Omg this is dope asf😍😍🔥 Please makeover my room💞

  • Chloe

    pretty sure I see a pig mask in the background ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod

  • kitkatkid96

    Morgans next video.... Living in Shanes Beauty room for 24 hours! 👑❤😂

  • Kinley White
    Kinley White

    Shane's skin looks so good!!!

  • Alistarr Galaxson
    Alistarr Galaxson

    Wow Ryland is really talented in interior decorating it looked AMAZING

  • zoe the fluffy cat girl
    zoe the fluffy cat girl

    Ryland you are the sweetest boyfriend have ever known

  • zoe the fluffy cat girl
    zoe the fluffy cat girl

    Ryland you are the sweetest boyfriend have ever known

  • Savannah Carter
    Savannah Carter

    I need that room

  • M Kohl
    M Kohl

    This is so cute 😭❤️

  • Jay Nevaeh
    Jay Nevaeh

    Awwww ryland this is so nice of you !!!!!!! & Shane I cant wait for you to make your collaboration with jeffree !!!! It’s gonna probably be called the friends collection! & I can’t Wait for you to create your own brand 💕🙏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Raymo Boss
    Raymo Boss

    We Miss Mother Pig!!!!! Give us More Content QUEEEN!!!!! #WeMissShane #ButWeLoveRylandToo #MotherPig nu

  • Squishney

    do they rent this place?

  • Bradley

    Ryland you did a Fabulous job I'd hire you to do me a make-up room HAHAHA 💛💖

  • -Mint e-
    -Mint e-

    Okay but seriously can someone tell me what the song is played when Ryland shows the after part

  • Erin S.
    Erin S.

    Shane your skin is looking really fantastic!!!!! I’m so excited for you and your!!!! And when you get bored with make-up it can be turned into a booty room!! Lol xoxo

  • Jessica Bernabe Bautista
    Jessica Bernabe Bautista

    Omg the pig pillow in the background is everything!!

  • Ruby Caldwell
    Ruby Caldwell

    when is Shane making a new video please let me know

  • angie h
    angie h

    since when has Shane done anything with makeup

  • sadie dotson
    sadie dotson

    how come shane doesnt post anymore it makes me sad not seeing any new vids from him :(

  • Angel Unicorn
    Angel Unicorn

    I'm a new youtuber please can you check my channel out

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee Catena

    Love the robes, Shane. You’re like Hugh Hefner. The room looks amazing.

  • MyLifeWith_Fish

    Rylands basically an interior designer at this point😂

  • asmrTHEchannel !!!!!!!!!
    asmrTHEchannel !!!!!!!!!

    anyone else confused how he will do his makeup with his beard

  • d r o p
    d r o p

    Sponsored by jeffree star

  • Katelyn x
    Katelyn x

    ‘James stop shaking’ BAHAHAHAH

  • Abigail

    I'm not a fan of beauty obsessed Shane.

  • Matthew Needham
    Matthew Needham

    But where does he film?

  • Abigail

    Unpopular Opinion: I find Morgan so annoying.

  • KatieSparkles

    Shane is also my reaction: I was like Oh my god! Oh My god! It really is sooo gorgeous Ryland WOW!! Cheeto love it tooo!

  • Joana Molina
    Joana Molina


  • Amy Torres
    Amy Torres

    Mr.Kate Who? 😂Lol jk I love them

  • hotdessexpress

    Kill me this is so sweet of you!!!!

  • Isabel.E. Ellis
    Isabel.E. Ellis

    No one - Ryland - I’m going to make a beauty room for Shane Garett - makes Jeffrey with a head pillow Morgan - will you take my picture with Jeffree? 2:07

  • Stephny ElOtero
    Stephny ElOtero

    Just what we need another beauty influencer. We definitely need more of those. I'm being sarcastic.

  • Anily Sukino
    Anily Sukino

    Shane is adorable! Also Ryland needs to design my room!💜🖤❤️

  • Amandas Beauty Channel
    Amandas Beauty Channel

    This called me poor in 100 different languages

  • AB

    Awesome 🦄🦄

  • Olivia Marsh
    Olivia Marsh

    HAHAHA Shane: “Oh my god I’m rich”

  • emmmaponder

    why would u play morgan like that in the thumbnail

  • Gingersnap2007002 //Sophie west
    Gingersnap2007002 //Sophie west

    Shane needs to do a makeup collection video

  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin

    “bitch james stop shaking” lmao 😂 what??

  • divacassandra1

    Wow. Ryland is such a wonderfully supportive partner and a damn fine decorator.

  • Susan Kolodziejska
    Susan Kolodziejska

    I’m not hating or anything but I will just never understand how when you’re rich and famous you get all those things for free when in fact you could easily afford them, whereas there are so many people out there struggling and getting nothing without working their asses off

  • Juan Segura
    Juan Segura

    That’s the gayest room I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

  • CouponCart Club
    CouponCart Club

    I Wonder if Jeffery seen this video lol

  • Quubesluvaa

    did shane get his eyebrows done ❤️❤️❤️

  • Quubesluvaa

    andrew is so adorable 😂😂

  • Isobel Wrightson
    Isobel Wrightson

    i need so much more money to fund my makeup addiction.

  • Helen Trout
    Helen Trout

    Ryland spending so much time to make this perfect for Shane’s new makeup exploration is so wholesome

  • Serene Rowland
    Serene Rowland

    Cheeto is the best part of the room 😂

  • Rose Tijan
    Rose Tijan

    this video literally made me organize my makeup

  • Makayla West
    Makayla West

    I’ve never wear makeup but if Shane has same I will start

  • Mallory Brown
    Mallory Brown

    Sooooo.... I need Ryland to now come to my house and makeover my beauty room. This room is truly AMAZING!!! 🥰😍 This is so heartwarming! He did so well!!

  • Akerke Mereke
    Akerke Mereke

    Great job

  • Angelica Moira
    Angelica Moira

    I love this couple so much! a makeup artist and an interior designer 😍💕

  • Cyclo_e

    i feel like the reflection is showing off the rooushaba HHVBGfA AaaHHh

  • Alexandria Rodriguez
    Alexandria Rodriguez

    I know ryland put a lot of effort into the room but I really wish he did more. He didn't make the make up look nice, the room space isn't really used well. You should've turned it into a video room/makeup room, but you turned it into a makeup room for a teenage girl. You should've gotten a professional to organize instead of doing it yourself sorry if it seems rude but I dont like the room.

  • YeYe Okie
    YeYe Okie

    Ryland: then I’m going to leave you Shane: *gets instantly depressed*

  • anotherchannel onyoutube
    anotherchannel onyoutube


  • Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
    Whimsical & Cold Fire 5

    27:01 "Oh yes, Not sponsored" The speed in those words

  • Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
    Whimsical & Cold Fire 5

    25:10 "Every.... Person.... has... a seat"- Andrew While panning and zooming in with the camera

  • Valerie Danette
    Valerie Danette

    when Shane has more makeup than you & you been doing your makeup for years 😂😭 his collection is goals

  • sarah rilene
    sarah rilene

    ryland come over and decorate my house please, thank you

  • Whimsical & Cold Fire 5
    Whimsical & Cold Fire 5

    Oh this is nice 😁 😎 Keep going!

  • FacebookQueen

    I need Ryland's level of support

  • Kali Darlene
    Kali Darlene

    beauty room came out perfect anI must admit your organizing skills were on point boo! The room wasn't just one of those beauty guru's makeup rooms that you see bitches be posting on IG, like you made the overall feeling of the room feel comfortable and home-ish so if Shane wanted to he could totally relax in there and just get away. But yessss girl what you did was freaking awesome and you totally out did yourself (I'd be soo exhausted I really don't know how you did this!! ) Good job and Shane I really hope you enjoy your makeup room boo and now we're just patiently waiting for your 1st actual makeup video. Ahhhh IM SO STOKED ! Much love 💜💜💜

  • Lia Oldfield
    Lia Oldfield

    Ugh .. I am SO jealous , but no one deserves this more than Shane! It makes me so happy to see people come from nothing to getting what they truly want, and I’m so happy to be a part of that 🥺💓

  • Kate Barrett
    Kate Barrett

    Shane. Shane. You are GORGEOUS BITcH

    • Kate Barrett
      Kate Barrett

      I love you Shane

  • Jackie

    I smell a possible makeup giveaway.... just an idea for all the extra makeup you accumulate over time!! :)

  • Dany_U

    Shane opens one drawer and I realize that he (even though he is not a beauty guru) has way more beauty products I’ve had in the thast 5 years, and I thought i had plenty! Hahahaha!

  • Stela B
    Stela B

    Shane’s skin though 👼🏻

  • Nokia

    Ryland sister phat and not in a good way. Y'all should help her lose weight. Could be a idea for a series

  • Katrina Doerr
    Katrina Doerr

    Ryland when you shook your head while smelling the perfume...that was SO CUTEEEE I cant hahaha

  • KamariaJ

    OMG! Ryland the room looks amazing!! Can u design my house too? XD Love it!!

  • Thief Of Worlds
    Thief Of Worlds

    Shane's skin is lookin so good!! 💙💙

  • Michelle Macias
    Michelle Macias

    So kind of you to do ryland! Loveeee❤❤❤

  • Gloomy Sunday
    Gloomy Sunday

    So when is ryland going to start a full on interior design channel cause he knows wht hes doing...

  • Izzy Fernandez
    Izzy Fernandez

    Shane drop your skin care routine omg your skin has improved so much

  • Kittymeow Ceballos
    Kittymeow Ceballos

    I love you both but really the last thing we need is another "beauty guru"

  • Hope Woolf
    Hope Woolf

    love you Ryland!!

  • Sara Duncan
    Sara Duncan

    If there’s a Shane and Jeffree collab then on god I’m buying it. And I WISH I had as much makeup as Shane Also Shane hasn’t uploaded in 4 months and whenever he can, we NEED him to make a makeup video

  • S Yemai
    S Yemai

    Great job !!! Loved it !

  • Bella Burke
    Bella Burke

    shane’s skin is so good and ryland is such a good designer like wow

  • Aisling Campbell
    Aisling Campbell

    I saw the drawer full of lipsticks and thought of Safyia Nygaard

  • nah they usually tell me i look like shalissa
    nah they usually tell me i look like shalissa

    Shane looks so good in this video. Werk queen

  • KatieSparkles

    Wow that is sooo crazy but also really cool XD

  • Machi L
    Machi L

    Loved it!!! Such great work! 😍

  • Georgia Chloé
    Georgia Chloé

    I mean... can that be my make up collection pls?!💕