• joseph annan
    joseph annan

    Draymond complained to much

  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis

    Yo cash isn’t it funny how Lebron couldn’t beat the warriors but kawhi can

    • 2023 Ricardo Espinoza Aguilar
      2023 Ricardo Espinoza Aguilar

      Jason Lewis lebron had the worst teams to make the finals in 2007 and 2018 meanwhile kawhi had help with Lowry siakam van fleet

  • Oofer Oofer32
    Oofer Oofer32

    The dog at 1:04: chill out cash I see that face you made just now

  • Frig off Ricky
    Frig off Ricky

    Yo the dog was like “wtf wrong with this nigga”

  • Isaiah Townsend
    Isaiah Townsend

    Really I wasn’t suspected you act like this

  • Mmicb0b

    >end of a dynasty >Steph, Klay, Dremond are still here and the got D'Angelo (Granted some of the teams like the Clippers are looking scary)

  • Robert Desgrosseilliers
    Robert Desgrosseilliers

    love it lol...I was pretty much the same through the game

  • Hank Gouchey
    Hank Gouchey

    2:20 that dog's reaction when this guys screams at the camera

  • Lucien Daigle
    Lucien Daigle

    It’s so nice to see you and ash!

  • Mason Coleman
    Mason Coleman

    The dog was like wtf is going on

  • CAPO goCrazy
    CAPO goCrazy

    I find it hilarious how’s the dog just be sitting in the couch like a human watching tv like he know what’s going on 😂😂😂😂

  • Tommy Davis
    Tommy Davis

    Imagine being Cash’s neighbor

  • Second City Saints
    Second City Saints

    I love how the dog is like "uhhh, my human is pretty damn weird"

  • Donald Garsula
    Donald Garsula

    Look at that dog reaction hahah lols

  • Jose Cuervo
    Jose Cuervo

    2:21 dog like man why he yelling at the tv

  • Saint Pao
    Saint Pao

    His tv crippin

  • Mxheeb

    1:04 the dog looking at him like he crazy 😭😭😭

  • Pennywise

    I feel bad for the dog

  • Keon Cuyler
    Keon Cuyler

    I’m happy the claw got a ring alone but hey lest not act like a full healthily team they losing lol and cash a meat riding

  • Don’t care what Year your from
    Don’t care what Year your from

    5:38 When andy walks in and the toys aint supposed to be moving

  • Jay Baptiste
    Jay Baptiste

    That dog sitting there looking so confused... lol

  • Bloodyheaders

    I have a smile every time I see Cash’s dog

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson

    Everybody switchin to raptors when im stayin with the lakers 💯

  • Michael Sabanovic
    Michael Sabanovic

    He dose baby claps like Jesse use to do

  • jayy quan
    jayy quan

    This video smells like it's not live.. like 2 weeks late ha..

  • Ajblue Bird
    Ajblue Bird

    When he dropped on the floor😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • XxEzWrkxX Jk
    XxEzWrkxX Jk

    Why that tv blue

  • Orion

    That’s how I was. Cursing at the tv calling out for the defense lol

  • f0rce

    1:04 look at the dog lol

    • Pennywise

      f0rce 5:10 lol

  • Alexis Bejarano
    Alexis Bejarano

    MY CITY!! Still unreal!

  • Gside kakashi
    Gside kakashi

    Bruh... look at the dog im dead 2:48

  • _

    his dog looks confused as hell

  • Fil Can
    Fil Can


  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams

    Demarcus cousins: joining the warriors? Getting a ring finna be a breeze. Kawhi: uh hahaaahahaha

  • Isaiah Dekubber
    Isaiah Dekubber

    You are so happy that a team beat the warrior with everyone hurt on the warriors but you are happy because you know your team could not beat them

  • anselm joseph
    anselm joseph

    🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👊🏿love it

  • 90 days Work
    90 days Work

    "THATS THE END OF THE DYNASTY LETS GOOO!" *lebron comes back to the east*

  • Yvonne van der Hyden
    Yvonne van der Hyden

    love the dog

  • ツSkinny

    thing is, the raptors won when i simed to the playoffs LMAO

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson

    LMAO the dog

  • I'Shun Patterson
    I'Shun Patterson

    the lion king anyone????? Commercial

  • 1HP

    Nothing in life is free and Cousins is a prime example of that, hope he learned a valuable lesson!

  • Bluish A6
    Bluish A6


  • Marko Coric
    Marko Coric

    This dude will get a heart attack soon

  • danzig159

    I don't want to see fake reactions of people who recorded it after the fact when they already knew the results.

  • tutu kuluku
    tutu kuluku

    you know you are trash when you celebrate others failure just because..views

  • Sebastian Mireles
    Sebastian Mireles

    Your gf sucks at recording

  • Benjamin

    the dog is about to call the police.....

  • Bill Mack
    Bill Mack

    I will never understand why people react to some game like this. You wanna shout go watch that episode of bait car where the mf got away, had the whole wing turnt. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller


  • Alalmë Creative
    Alalmë Creative

    The dog is trying his best to understand.

  • john david
    john david

    The dog doesn't know what's going on XD

  • Fr Pierre Farrugia ofm
    Fr Pierre Farrugia ofm

    lol at the taunting the guys on the screen! Passion.. love it!

  • The goat Boi
    The goat Boi

    His girl is like stop yelling god damn

  • Tytygaming2000

    Why does the Tv look Blue 😂

  • Mason Murphy
    Mason Murphy

    I wish warriors won for a nother ring

  • LacedBoy

    The dog is utterly confused, terrified or both. 😂


    Worst Camera Man ~~Girlfriend

  • Arman Boghossian
    Arman Boghossian

    I died at 5:02 lol 😂😂

  • Martin Humphreys
    Martin Humphreys

    Bro u annoying

  • Nxga NA
    Nxga NA

    Yo i didnt know uraverageconsumer had a second channel ?

  • Kristmaz808

    He is me... me is him

  • Mason Elford
    Mason Elford

    Y’all saying Lin got one before Melo Patrick McCaw just 3 pelted and Allen IVERSON hasn’t even won 2 finals games

  • Chronic Cripzy
    Chronic Cripzy

    The dog at 2:54 acting like he don’t know cash

  • Derran Bascom
    Derran Bascom

    Are you guys from Toronto? or any other province in Canada, I am from Toronto 🇨🇦 You guys rock !!!

  • Ja4 kratos57
    Ja4 kratos57

    At least this is a better reaction than Flight

  • Inversion

    I'm proud to be from Toronto.

  • RMAnimations

    fake ass reaction

  • Ramon Rosario
    Ramon Rosario

    Best reaction video LOL LMAOOOO

  • XenoNytes

    LMAO 1:10 that dog so confused