Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019
Roland Garros
Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019. Watch the highlights of the great final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. The Spanish won in four sets 6/3; 5/7; 6/1; 6/1 and claims his 12th Roland Garros !
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This is the official FR-my Channel of Roland Garros, home of the French Open. The tournament 2019 will run from 20 May - 09 June.

  • TheFlash3237

    I met this guy yesterday who claims he came from the year 2050, and told me Nadal just won his 43rd Roland Garros title. 😂😂😂

  • marriane brandeez
    marriane brandeez

    this is the highlight of Dominic Thiem's best not Rafael Nadal. You are a true legend Rafa.

  • Arlene Moya
    Arlene Moya

    I wish Dominic win a RG thropy... But this wish will never come true if Rafa is still around. Worry no more Dominic your time to rule on clay is forthcoming.Hang in there.. As a massive Rafa fan .. i am cheering for Dominic this time around... But what can i do ... Rafa is just unbelievable in this surface.Congratulations Rafa

  • Houssem Sword
    Houssem Sword

    Congratulation Rafa as usual he is the best on clay! I'm Nole fan but it seems like Rafa fan forget the 3 consecutives GS won by the Djoker. To be honest because I'm Tennis fan and I almost watch every match of the big 3 every year! Nadal win this year Roland Garros but his level on clay this year is not like it used to be in 2018 when he play in destructive mode. If Djoker face Nadal in that final it will be sure 5 set match and he could lost. I was reading many comments about nadal and they are probably Rafa fan who saying illogical staff. Let me tell you something, I really respect the big three but Rafa fan really understimate the Djoker. Frensh open Next year will be with the roof when it rains nothing can interrupt him finally from playing his best tennis like he did in 2019. Djoker lost because the nature didn't let him raise his level to his limits. Let me compare the three according to me. Federer's level is decreasing due to his age, he can reach semis of final in GS tournament but I think he won't be able to win any GS if he faced the Djoker or Nadal it's obvious. Nadal's level in clay this year is good but is not better than the last year at least. In Last year in Wimbledon I believe Nadal play his best wimbledon tournament is his carrer, but can he do it this year, I really don't know even with his consistency level nadal in grass if he play a huge server player he can lose like he did against rossol, dustin brown, Nick kyrios and many others cause he don't have a great return of a slippy low strong services. I doubt he could play like wimbledon last year. Concerning Djoker, He is good in grass, he play really good in grass and he beat federer twice in 2014 and 2015 even federer was playing really amazing tennis in that time. last year Djokovic play great wimbledon and in that time djokovic try to gain his confidence and he managed to win wimblledon after his huge effort. But I believe this year since Djokovic play the grass like the hard court, he will play better and he will be in the zone like in AO and he is the favourite to win the tournament even though he is a less worst than Nadal in terms of consistancy and nothing else cause I know Djokovic's skills is really really good and he proved me that when he played this year a nice clay court season for me a convincing season. I want only inter interi to comment on my comment cause he know how to analyse tennisbut if you are Rafa fan and you will talk nonsense, you better don't comment.

  • Houda Bejaoui
    Houda Bejaoui

    Nadal tu es le meilleur

  • Nash Burggraaff
    Nash Burggraaff

    The longer the Game goes, the stronger Nadal gets.

  • Rusda Yati
    Rusda Yati

    Pls kindly pass my below comments to Moya or uncle Tony. I root for Nadal to top his tally of GS to 24 at mimimum.

  • Rusda Yati
    Rusda Yati

    At 1.23 Moya should watch and learn Nadal's game weakness : his return 'feeds' Thiem counter. A sihnificant number of his shots r in t same patterns : they r predictable. Had this weakness been addressed since the early going of his career, Nadal would have tallied his GS collection to 28. Do any of you see the same as i see?

  • LanzEarthling

    One can argue that Federer is equivalent to grass.. but man, Nadal just went to another level when it comes to Clay... no body can top this on any Major. If someone will, it will takes decades or more..

  • grapelund

    Wow, This man grand slam count would be in the mid 20’s if not for Djokovic..

  • dimitris karakasoglou
    dimitris karakasoglou

    Rafael is like computer...and we now that if we play with computer 100 times the 98 we lose...amazing player 💪💪🔝🎾🎾🥇🥇

  • Pedro viriato
    Pedro viriato

    ! No parar hasta Conquistar ! Hernan Cortes - Rafa Nadal.

  • Daniel Hewitt
    Daniel Hewitt

    It has to be said, ‘Nadal, untouchable’......Respect!

  • s y
    s y

    Nadal he is legend . And he master of rolan garos

  • reality check
    reality check

    Damn, these guys are fierce.......

  • Pule Pule
    Pule Pule

    French Open should just be named Nadal open...moved to Spain...in an arena named after Nadal...on a clay called Nadal clay...😂😂😂 The man is clay god...

    • Jesus Castro
      Jesus Castro

      No, they can change the main stadium name: Rafal Nadal Stadium.

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus

    I thought the 3rd n the 4th sets shuld be 6-0 n 6-0. Nadal has been too kind to Thiem.

  • Bo B
    Bo B

    The only one of clay.12 times this is ridicoulous.That are people then make are history...Vamos

  • Tyler Blouin
    Tyler Blouin

    crazy lob from nadal spun back into the net before Thiem could hit it..lol

  • Hj Gu
    Hj Gu

    U a such a great rafa all the time

  • teeduck

    Crushing Fed along the way made it better

  • kamaljit singh
    kamaljit singh


  • 오페라의 유령 p dh
    오페라의 유령 p dh

    Tenis GOAT Vamos Rafa...

  • CARL WongTW
    CARL WongTW

    1:46 Nadal's running speed on clay is . . . . finally 10mins+ hightlights great job !! Thiem is really good on clay didn't go down without a fight. Not many men even won a set from Nadal in FO.

  • Peji Nopeles
    Peji Nopeles

    I'm happy to see Nadal, where i'm at his era. 14 June 2019, 23:37.

  • Flin

    Not only a God, but a MONSTER. Praise the GOAT.

  • Rassul From London
    Rassul From London

    Wimbeldon is better

  • Yaya Tulha
    Yaya Tulha

    He was crying...vamos rafa. Wish u always health and full happiness in ur life and family.Amin

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    Its So difficult to beat Rafa on Clay cause he makes you run has awesome Ball rotation etc

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    In two weeks Wimbledon Will be very interesting. I hope Rafa wins his 19th Grand slam. It Will be hard. Altough if djokovic and Federer would play a 5 set semi final against each other and tire each other out than the chance for Rafa would be great . Still he is on fire So VAMOS RAFA

  • Go Outdoors
    Go Outdoors

    😳 I still can't see how he has the advantage. I just can't. Someone explain.

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    This record seems unbeatable ever. Still might be improved to 13 or 14 maybe 15?

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    Every male tennis Player asked a question what is the biggest challenge? Will answer playing Rafa on clay

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    Women only play 3 sets its different. But they have their own gamę. But before the open era it was easier because also amateurs were playing. NOT to TAKE anything away from Margaret Court, she was great but still

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    My God there are over 3000 comments here since the rolland Garros final

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    Dominic Will win a few Rolland Garroses too in the future. Because Rafa Will be 34 next year So it Will be getting harder for him but I hope he gets one more Just one more

    • Piotr Wolski
      Piotr Wolski

      I hope Rafa Will beat Federers record in Grand slams

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski

    Imagine if two Grand slams were played on Clay, not on hard surface. Nadal Rafael would have like 25 Grand slams or more won. That record Will never be beaten in my opinion. 8 Wimbledons by Federer is incredible, 7 australian opens by Novak is amazing but Rafa, 12, well its truly a marvel.

  • الاعلامي BASIM ALIRAQI
    الاعلامي BASIM ALIRAQI

    Vamos Rafa 💪

  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen

    King off France open

  • Avi Lalwani
    Avi Lalwani

    It’s official: Rafa will be getting a statue built, which will be ready next year, at Roland Garros. It will depict him lifting the trophy! VAMOS 🔥💪

  • sarguero

    When Nadal saw 6 French Open Borg's record, he said "Hold my beer....."

  • Maime Ricks
    Maime Ricks

    God made nadal perfect for clay court tennis ! That is all I can say to his 12 RG wins.

  • johnwayne87

    Hail to the king.

  • افلام بلا حدود
    افلام بلا حدود


  • Tek Funk
    Tek Funk

    almost inhuman what they do with this little ball

  • 짱 테니스
    짱 테니스

    Rafael Nadal's best player. I always want to resemble his passion. See you, Nadal.

  • andyyyp scarborough
    andyyyp scarborough

    What a bunch of squealing sissies. Unwatchable. Bring back wooden racquets!

  • Tik Tok
    Tik Tok


  • Soobin Park
    Soobin Park

    Thiem looks so upset during the award ceremony. He cannot hide his facial expressions lol. But, Nadal as usual well done and you always deserve to get a trophy from French Open and Roland Garros!!

  • Rusdayati Idrus
    Rusdayati Idrus

    Thiem looks so very formidable when beating Jokoweak. But why does he wilt vs Nadal???

  • Sohan Khan
    Sohan Khan

    GO LIVE LINK >>watchinghqtv.com/Squash-PSA-2019/ GO LIVE LINK >>watchinghqtv.com/Squash-PSA-2019/

  • Raheel Aamir
    Raheel Aamir

    Clay and Rafael are made for each other and no one can separate them fro each other. Good fought game.

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark

    Congrats to Rafa! Just so amazing his accomplishments at this slam. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was that Thiem's level dropped off in the last two sets, especially after such a spectacular first two. But his time will come. :)

  • 原元美


  • imagrandpa

    Nadal is not the only clay court player. Thiem gave him a good go and almost got him!

  • Faeez Fuaddin
    Faeez Fuaddin

    Nadal the King of clay forever.

  • Cảnh Phạm
    Cảnh Phạm

    Dominic thiem đánh cũng rat tốt nhung sét về thể lực và ki thuat o bao gio bằng nadal dc.

  • M DR
    M DR

    Better to rename Court Philippe Chatrier to Court Rafael Nadal

  • Luis Cadahia Sanchez
    Luis Cadahia Sanchez

    El más grande

  • Fontsman

    Theim was at a distinct disadvantage due to the poor scheduling with his previous match. After the first two sets, he eventually ran out of steam.

  • muhamad ijam
    muhamad ijam

    King of clay in history

  • beldjoudi mehdi
    beldjoudi mehdi

    Nadal the best player in the worth

  • Ricardo Sanchez
    Ricardo Sanchez

    Que grande que eres Rafa Nadal 🏆👏🏼

  • joeh tom
    joeh tom

    Ver jugar a Nadal es un tanto mejor que un partido del Barça...........

  • redronl

    This is great, but how can you miss the set point of the second set?

  • Toreador

    Rafal, the relentless......

  • Kort Kleinman
    Kort Kleinman

    I challenge some of these younglings to grow a pair and challenge Nadal, fed and Djoker. There is no way these guys should be dominating in their 30s......... To Tsitsipas, Tiafoe, Minaur, Shapo, Felix, and all other young players, show some backbone and step up and beat these guys. Its ridiculous.

    • Kort Kleinman
      Kort Kleinman

      @ss555 555 Actually I m a Nadal fan. I hope he breaks feds grand slam record. My point, if you can read or comprehend, is that it would be good for tennis for some of the next gen to step up. They have the talent and athleticism. Maybe take a course on reading comprehension. It would do you a world of good.

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      KK ... the younglins would make mince meat of you ... we are all sure of that.

    • ss555 555
      ss555 555

      I smell a Fedtard who is scared of Rafa at 18 slams compared to Roger's 20 slams.

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Famous family of champions

  • Young Entreprenuer Networks
    Young Entreprenuer Networks

    Such a fighter...

  • BroDoYouEvenMovies

    That 3rd set was brutal!

  • Ophir Ophir
    Ophir Ophir


    • ss555 555
      ss555 555


  • Arush Iyer
    Arush Iyer

    The instant Nadal retires, Thiem is going to win the French open

  • Thutmosis7

    One of the Greatest. The best ever clay court Champion.

  • 15

    RAFA NADAL is the Best!!! 💯🔥🔥🔥



  • سالم العنزي
    سالم العنزي

    Rafael Nadal 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✌️

  • خالد مدريد
    خالد مدريد


  • Axel Foley
    Axel Foley

    El REY.

  • LyricsVids247

    anyone else noticed that richard mille watch he got on while playing? lol

  • ナンジェー民


  • ナンジェー民


  • Ddss Nn
    Ddss Nn

    A aaa aaa a aaa aaa


    What Next Nadal 👑👏 The best in this game and King of Roland garros💪💪🔝

  • Candi Medel
    Candi Medel

    Ver jugar a Nadal es un tanto mejor que un partido del Barça...........

  • Diego Rojas Sebastian
    Diego Rojas Sebastian

    Not too far-fetched to say that there will never be as dominant a player on a single court type as Nadal is on clay. It will never happen!

  • Voldymyr Gordiienko
    Voldymyr Gordiienko

    I think that he could beat every single person in the world on clay. If you selected anyone from the world no matter who that is rafa would always win

  • Mustapha Troqui
    Mustapha Troqui

    Dominic was not tired from his match with djokovic . Djoker didn't play the first set he didn't want to.be there at all playing in those conditions mentally I agree it was tough to be 2 sets 2 and up against djoker and then rollercoaster ride then winning it then having to face another big match player in the calibre of RN I thought he threw the kitchen sink at him in.the final every shot is being hit as hard as he could .

    • Duarua Tolu
      Duarua Tolu

      Mussie ... wrong, scheduling was clearly against him.

  • Iorwuese Ali
    Iorwuese Ali

    Rafa Nasal undergoes mutation every year in his RG genes so that no one can use his previous experience to beat him in RG arena. He keep changing yearly..Latest Medical Discovery😂😂😂

  • Rokaya 3asr
    Rokaya 3asr


  • Arias

    Groundbreaking achievement from Nadal. Truelly the king of clay!

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio

    watch. thiem's backhands are glorious, and forehands brutal.needs more variation in his game though..

  • Taichi Kimura
    Taichi Kimura

    Wow he's a tennis player!?Here I was thinking he was just a guy who holds up the trophy at the end so everyone can look at it and take pictures. I mean, he does it every year. Don't be hatin' RaFans. He's truly the King of Clay👍

  • SNSD Sunny
    SNSD Sunny

    One of toughest sport in the world. Respect goes out to this players and their hard work.

  • America Burguillo
    America Burguillo

    Nadal :moitaaaa (ya tienes 12)

  • Hersh Shorsh
    Hersh Shorsh

    At matchpoint, Nadal still celebrates like it's his first ever Slam !

    • Steven Hartlaub
      Steven Hartlaub

      Hersh Shorsh He’s relieved since everybody expected him to win. Can’t imagine what it’s like to have that much pressure every year at this event.

  • Triek Ps4
    Triek Ps4

    Bradley Castleberry would own Nadal..

  • Giuseppe Le Fosse
    Giuseppe Le Fosse

    ma quanto e' gay nadal il pupillo di fuentes??

  • isaac yawchan
    isaac yawchan

    Win the title and grinning :D

  • Aquilina Montero Ruiz
    Aquilina Montero Ruiz


  • Sai Droid
    Sai Droid

    Anyone seeing what i am seeing? Previous streaks Nadal won RG 05 - 08 = 4 in a row. 10 - 14 = 5 in a row. Current streak 17 - 19 is at 3 but looking at the pattern it is very likely he'll win from 17 - 22 = 6 in a row. I think he will achieve that feat and stops trying at the Nadal Open and lets someone else win 😂😂😂