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Polo G - Deep Wounds Official Video 🎥By Ryan Lynch
Polo G
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  • Polo G
    Polo G

    “We aint Neva Duckin Beef🙅🏾‍♂️Bitch We Not Vegan”🗣‼️

    • Blenda De Hart
      Blenda De Hart

      Ahh polog i had ulc a polo G my uncle almost died today and I had heartbroken news I felt the song so bad I almost cried literally I almost cried and I like your song Through The Storm

    • Camron Jones
      Camron Jones

      You are the goat polo g I listened to all of your songs in one day

    • Kathy Young
      Kathy Young

      You is a goat Polo g

    • Brepz Zaxter
      Brepz Zaxter

      Very basic bar but ok

    • KurenaiSenseiTv

      Why u blur the Gucci belt

  • Mr. Ros
    Mr. Ros

    Damm I felt 4 diferente typa vibe I ain’t even cappin 🔥🔥🔥 😮

  • lorenzo radi
    lorenzo radi

    I think that is face is so similar to 2012 chief keef

  • Cayden Pearce
    Cayden Pearce

    nice car did your mum get it for you :)

  • Francisco Villasenor
    Francisco Villasenor

    Why he blur the gucci belt tho💔💤💯

  • Smile Agario
    Smile Agario

    Why polo g dressed like he gonna take pearl to prom?

  • Michael jovany
    Michael jovany

    Most of the comments are for u to like but dang that's makes me get worried about what can happen to my friends and what choices we choose to make

  • Blenda De Hart
    Blenda De Hart

    So true

  • Xavier Izyk
    Xavier Izyk

    I been scared by ya love

  • Thamud Eldridge
    Thamud Eldridge

    I fuck with this🤐🤯

  • john doe
    john doe

    “Member high speeds in the hawk tryna loose the Jakes, you got yo life in your hands till you loose the case” 🙏🏾 BEST SONG OF 2019 ⬇️

  • Almighty 1k
    Almighty 1k

    Everything could change, depend on what you do today 💯💯

  • Polaroid Louise
    Polaroid Louise

    “My soul posted in da shadows wit some dark demons” 💔🔉0:00 🥶🌹

  • S.E.P. AVERY
    S.E.P. AVERY

    I feel that lyrics😭

  • Izealous Callaway
    Izealous Callaway

    We not vegan

  • Jatarious Allen
    Jatarious Allen

    This 🔥🔥 hope whoever read this be successful

  • nigel burns
    nigel burns

    Amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Johnny Tapia
    Johnny Tapia


  • Aaron

    He reminds me of LA Capone

  • Ray Allen
    Ray Allen

    Bodypart unidentified them hollows chewed his face😬😬🔥🔥

  • Trevon Hines
    Trevon Hines

    00:42 “friends got killed on the same block were we used to play”🗣👨🏽👦🏾🔫Danm that speaks a lot

  • Kmoney Loven
    Kmoney Loven

    I feel as Polo G and J Cole would kill a track together🔥🔥

  • Erin Osmond
    Erin Osmond

    Real life damn

  • Ashley francios
    Ashley francios

    This song is fire

  • EA 5WAG
    EA 5WAG


  • Connor Morris
    Connor Morris

    It’s the same fucking beat every rap song you

  • Evan Zermeno
    Evan Zermeno

    Bro this has to be the best song I’ve heard this year

  • Rift Salty
    Rift Salty

    any trapper going through it feels this

  • Antonio Foster
    Antonio Foster

    I totally understand this jam cause I been thru all of those pain #FLA850

  • Anthony Irizarry
    Anthony Irizarry

    them 3.6k ppl who disliked are haters,keep making them fire song and u will make it to the top🤟🔥💯💯

  • ISOD Beats
    ISOD Beats


  • Jason Collazo
    Jason Collazo


  • Andrew Lelii-Merlo
    Andrew Lelii-Merlo

    I swear this man is the greatest inspiration I have ever seen, and he has facts and stories in his raps, keep doing you polo you the greatest artist we will see in a long time💯

  • 666 A1
    666 A1

    666 Polo g 666

  • 666 A1
    666 A1

    666 Niyabingy 666

  • Amanda Stroup
    Amanda Stroup

    If you love polo g turn this blue 👇🏽

  • kaayda slat
    kaayda slat


  • Dre Dzah
    Dre Dzah

    You gotta live with every decision that you choose 2 kap 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Kenneth Hooks
    Kenneth Hooks

    I wish YB could do a remix to this 💚.

  • Komarie

    staying on replay

  • Cbm Chinaboy
    Cbm Chinaboy

    We Will Do a Song 1️⃣Day❗️ U Hard My Nigga 🔥🔥🔥

  • Camron Jones
    Camron Jones

    My brother hair is like polo g


    Polo g should’ve made xxl

    • aaron thomas
      aaron thomas

      But he is in a whole different class then those people

  • tatt oo sticker
    tatt oo sticker

    Straight facts he saying

  • Tuke Visuals
    Tuke Visuals

    Shoutout Ryan Lynch that prolly was annoying as hell to blur out the belt. Visuals were crazy as well.

  • louis kelly
    louis kelly

    The goat 🔥🔥💯

  • lil bro2332
    lil bro2332


  • Dsean Martin
    Dsean Martin

    This shit go hard🔥🔥

  • Zackrey Brown
    Zackrey Brown

    Wonder why his belt blured out is it fake?

  • Abdiwahab fitness
    Abdiwahab fitness

    Polo G ft Mozzy 2020. #hopefully

  • Nylou Zayas
    Nylou Zayas

    Keep up the good work bro. You doing your thing god bless.

  • Sal Young
    Sal Young

    Keep doing ya thing braa braa you from a different cloth that's a dyin breed 💯 I get a lot of my music inspiration from listening to your music

  • Corey Cid
    Corey Cid

    The song sound way better when u speed it up

  • Iovany Martinez
    Iovany Martinez

    Best rapper

  • Blaze R
    Blaze R

    So what’s y’all favorite polo g song

  • JaCarl Norman
    JaCarl Norman

    “So much potential in the live these niggas threw away🤦🏾‍♀️”

  • jeremiah Sawbo
    jeremiah Sawbo

    Wit all dem niggas in jail dis nigga took advantage n blew up fr💯

  • Goat God
    Goat God


  • Madison Lesel
    Madison Lesel

    Love 💖👍💋

  • _Preciou3_

    The knew FR-my uptaded got me trippin. I'm so uses to scrolling down

  • Miguel Ruiz
    Miguel Ruiz

    If you listen closely you can hear him take a breath after every verse😂

    • richard andrews
      richard andrews

      Miguel Ruiz yo man why you gotta say that, that’s all I’m hearing now 🤣

  • iRunTilted


  • Solution.

    Straight facts he saying



  • Vibes MUSIV3
    Vibes MUSIV3

    He snappin💯 - Palm Beach

  • Marcus Lambert
    Marcus Lambert

    One min life was so hard shit had me losing faith🔥🔥🔥

  • J&B Reactions
    J&B Reactions

    we see it’s a Gucci belt I don’t know why blur it out

    • caleb guy
      caleb guy

      J&B Reactions copyright nigga learn somethin

  • OhhYouu MICHELLE!!!
    OhhYouu MICHELLE!!!

    The fact that this baby rapping in dress clothes, Lets me know he coming different and he talking that shit 💯💯💯

  • Lil Bill
    Lil Bill

    Long live my fucking boy Aaron❤️🤞🏾

  • sean petrey
    sean petrey

    Mann these lyrics hit fr 💯🔥

  • Lil Capalot
    Lil Capalot

    Best in the rap game rn no cap 🧢

  • Quinn Gostyla
    Quinn Gostyla

    I felt this

  • G50 Bands
    G50 Bands

    So how many scene jumps you want polo? Polo: Yes

  • limesha swanson
    limesha swanson

    Red beams on his head now his top leaking 🔥🔥🔥🔥gang shit

  • Zachary Sherouse
    Zachary Sherouse

    Flow smooth asf, pure video no hoes to get in da way speaking wat he feels

  • dennis Windes
    dennis Windes

    Somebody who wrote this is pretty fuckimg talented for sure no doubt legit


    I love dude artistry artistry, versatility, and word play it smooth but yet deathly bro a genius

  • MKK

    Capalot reminds me of Camelot he's definitely a knight he's a g🔥🔥🔥

  • I Blade
    I Blade

    When he said "I know death come unexpected, you can't choose a day". That hurt

  • Kayla Prier
    Kayla Prier

    this is my song

  • KurenaiSenseiTv

    Why did he blur the Gucci belt?

  • JG artist Subscribe
    JG artist Subscribe

    Dam deep

  • John Rodriguez
    John Rodriguez

    This man got schemes

  • Scary James
    Scary James

    Half of his songs are either talking bout how he made it out the hood and how his friends died

    • Scary James
      Scary James

      TheMoose Jose Good cuz he a OG

    • TheMoose Jose
      TheMoose Jose

      Is that bad?

  • Everything Trending
    Everything Trending

    Your crush will ask you out Like to activate

    • Ben

      People like you are so fucking cringy, kill yourself.

    • Everything Trending
      Everything Trending

      @Sub Scribe yes it does

    • Sub Scribe
      Sub Scribe

      Didn’t even work 🥺

    • cs9 cs9
      cs9 cs9


  • deep wounds
    deep wounds

    POLO g and xxxtentacion would be good together make this blue if you think so

    • Guap Getta
      Guap Getta

      Snow Gaze xxxtentacion is only listened to by suicidal white kids while polo g makes music for the streets they’re incompatible💯🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Alexis_ EL palito
    Alexis_ EL palito

    My top 5 favorite songs this is one of them This gives mw Summer vibes 🤤

    • Alexis_ EL palito
      Alexis_ EL palito

      @David Rial " Jesus Honcho Infatuated. Lil tjay bad to the bone. Ozuna ibiza. Ali Gatie it's you

    • David Rial
      David Rial

      Alexis_ EL palito what are your other favourite songs?

  • Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson


  • BVG_ Menace
    BVG_ Menace

    This song is deep I feel this

  • chaosninja

    Shit really gets you in your thoughts polo g always comin with the shit that hit the soul keep working hard bro🔥🙏

  • Scott Day
    Scott Day

    To sick

  • Joshua Lyden
    Joshua Lyden

    ive never listened to polo g but damn loose the autotune

    • fir bpaze
      fir bpaze

      Joshua Lyden is that sarcasm??

  • LowkeyyDababyy

    Like he said Ian never Duckin beefin I'm not vegan

  • Jamira.

    "If i could be with you give all the money and the fame up" 💔💯

  • metro help
    metro help

    U slide that bit bro 100 kip

  • RIP George Smith
    RIP George Smith

    *Wise Young Man*

  • maurice benton
    maurice benton

    Success is a state of mind you be rich and still a unhappy and a shitty person. Food for thought.... I put that on da G🔯

  • ShadowClone Jutsu
    ShadowClone Jutsu

    Fuxk the lyrics that beat thooo😍😍😍

  • Ashraf Raheem
    Ashraf Raheem

    Bro no cap polo g best rapper alive pray to god he stays alive i love u polo g no cap no homo

  • John Hinsely
    John Hinsely

    Long as you stay real like this don't go main stream bro I hope you have enough money for more than 5 generations. You doing it big keeping it real. I love you for that bro straight up