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Twix. They’ve been at the heart of a debate that goes back more than five decades. Lines have been drawn so intractable that friendships, relationships, even nations have been ruined. Who could forget the Great Twix Battle between the UK and Finland in 1984? No, we’re not speaking of the Left vs. Right debate. We’re talking about the Conflict of Classification that rages to this day. The age old debate: is Twix candy or cookie? Out of respect for those who came before, we will not take a position. Instead, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Twix that can hopefully bring peace to this conflict.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Twix | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Elizabeth Ayres
    Elizabeth Ayres

    Oh God, why am I enjoying this so much right now? ! 1) Claire. 2) The Gin.

  • Blackdragon6

    Peanut Butter twix is delicious you knobs!!!!

  • Salocinist

    29:00 Claire's face when Brad came in was just like 20 emotions in half a second lmao

  • Leen Attia
    Leen Attia

    15:18 Brad: Can I smell it? *shoves face inside pan*

  • Bryce Webster
    Bryce Webster

    30:06 honey!?!?!? are they dating

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C

    the holes in the cookie are so that they cook all the way through.

  • Amber Webb
    Amber Webb

    i enjoyed the "righty tighty, lefty loosey" moment lol

  • Shion Akiyama
    Shion Akiyama

    Its kar-mol

  • Gommie

    You're not putting a cookie on the Caramel though. You're putting a biscuit on it.

  • deavle3

    Ideas for more candies. Try odd Asian snacks.

  • Grace Zentmeyer
    Grace Zentmeyer

    The "righty-tighty" thing to me, is which ever way is the top you spin to the right or left.

  • Chris Caron
    Chris Caron

    I agree with Christina about the Twix commercials, they always remind me of the into of the original Willy Wonka movie and i love it

  • Snapshots XOXO
    Snapshots XOXO

    Actually it is a biscuit bar...

  • pct87

    They’ve officially done my three favorite Halloween candies. Twix, almond joy and kit kat. If I was good at baking, I’d make all of them for Halloween.

  • D Kelly
    D Kelly

    Can’t wait for payday or chewy bar, those don’t seem easy with the raisins in each square

  • Rikitikisiki

    Fun fact related to the description of this video: Twix was originally "Raider" in Finland. It is called Twix now though.

  • Kassidy Nelson
    Kassidy Nelson

    You should do either Milky Way or 3 Musketeers (Just for you Claire, you won't temper chocolate for these, no matter what Chris says)

  • natty rey
    natty rey

    Claire is just phenomenally relentless. Mad respect!

  • Matt y
    Matt y

    I love twix

  • Therealmichaela

    21:43 the amount of joy on her face is life saving

  • Alex Haduch
    Alex Haduch

    Claire (and anyone else who struggles with the right/left to clockwise/counter-clockwise conversion): Envision you're driving a car and someone tells you to turn left. The direction you'd turn the steering wheel is what you would consider "lefty loosey." Think of it that way.

  • Ruby Jackson
    Ruby Jackson

    Claire is the only other person I’ve seen that shares my opinion on the “righty tighty” rhyme

  • Hawkface7

    CLAIRE! I used to have that exact same confusion with the lefty loosey righty tighty stuff! My boyfriend explained it to me. Say you are turning a circular knob, or opening a bottle, look at the TOP half of the knob/cap only! This is the part that goes left and right! And if you are looking at it from various angles, still look at the top half from your perspective.

    • Ruby Jackson
      Ruby Jackson

      That explains the rhyme, but I’d like to argue that the rhyme doesn’t include that instruction and is thus wrong.

  • Lily Fleming
    Lily Fleming

    You should make Andy’s mints

  • brizzleyoh

    You should remake airheads

  • xDnB Raven
    xDnB Raven

    Idk man if i was there with Claire id tell her it was perfect cuz they're amazing I'm so proud of her

  • lily


  • gorillaau

    "No after breakfast dessert! That's inappropriate."

  • RammC RammC
    RammC RammC

    They taste like plastic now.

  • Bekah Hunt
    Bekah Hunt

    I never liked the cookie when you eat it alone. cause I used to take all the layers apart. I do the same with milky ways.

  • eMo Miscellaneous
    eMo Miscellaneous


  • Emma D'Amico
    Emma D'Amico

    Do pop tarts!!

  • Lily Z
    Lily Z

    36:24 the way they pulled the caramel apart and all cheered and ate basically the exact same way, . . . . . This is what “boys will be boys” should be. It’s so endearing to see how happy that made Clair and how she smile in between them. Nice job 👍🏼

  • XxNoellxX Lane
    XxNoellxX Lane

    Adam: " There cookies not candy. It's a cookie bar!" 0:08sec. Claire: " Every person here disagrees with you". 0:15sec. Twix Box: " Cookie bar ". 0:56sec.

  • ParenteGrande

    Dear Claire, righty righty, lefty loosy basically means clockwise (righty) tightens (tighty) , counter-clockwise (lefty) loosens (loosy).

  • Alex P
    Alex P

    Hate Twix. Super sweet and unnatural mass market garbage.

  • Schrader

    36:24 I wanna see a movie with these two guys in the main roles.

  • Selene'sRachetChannel

    Claire: thank god for the heat guns. I wouldn’t be able to do the shows without them Dehydrator: why must you do this to me. Am I a joke to you

  • Aubrey Tyson
    Aubrey Tyson


  • aureliomanalo

    Adam Rapoport is a gigantic dickhole and I'm sorry for anyone who has to work for him.

  • J Brink
    J Brink

    Star crunch would be a good one

  • Anp

    Do Girl Scout Cookies next!

  • K D
    K D

    She gives me anxiety lol dang girl have some fun

  • Obsidian Butterfly
    Obsidian Butterfly

    Mercury is in Retrograde right now though! Be safe y'all

  • xGunmetal

    Her twix is "Clairely" superior.

  • C R
    C R

    So the chef was right that they are cookie bars right?

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    when someone says twix....i just think chocolate bar.. but can it not be a mix of both candy and biscuit

  • yodave1

    Please please stop stating recipes with cups and sticks (they grow on trees, right why add them to cookies?) and use real measurements!

  • Imani Maldonado
    Imani Maldonado

    27:39 "Maybe I should do freezer..." _Famous last words_ *-Claire*

  • mafmatics luv
    mafmatics luv

    how did i watch the full 40 mins it felt like 5 oops

  • mafmatics luv
    mafmatics luv

    i’m confused by her age does she have real grey hair?

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill

    the character development of chocolate tempering is amazing

  • isis simmons
    isis simmons

    The women at 12:41 has big gay Mom friend energy, can someone tell me her name pls?

    • RexTheDinosaur1

      Christina Chaey I know she does to me as well. I've been shipping her and Claire ever since the Cheez-Its episode. And that really cute part at the end of the peeps episode.

  • Katie K
    Katie K

    The intense music when shes trying to put the pattern on the too-cold cookies

  • Niva Saravana
    Niva Saravana

    Gaby is my spirit animal!!

  • Daniel Chmiel
    Daniel Chmiel

    Christina's outfit at 5:28 looks strange colour-wise. Like iridescent glow or something

  • Maritza Mercado
    Maritza Mercado

    Claire radiates Pam Beesly energy,, that’s why we love her so much.

  • mtugglet

    If you turn it upside down it's still right.

  • Mik Plays
    Mik Plays

    Excuse you it’s caramel not ceremel

  • Michael Sgarioto
    Michael Sgarioto

    Are we going to just ignore the fact that Claire made millionaire shortbread and called it a gourmet Twix? Just saying. Love the series Claire. In another life, I would aim to be your apprentice.

  • Brian

    I love this show! First time seeing it, it's like arts, crafts, cooking, science and CLAIRE!

  • Brian

    What is the guy behind you making at the other cooking station? @ 25:47?

  • Brian

    Omg 😂 whoever edits these is amazing.. the tempered chocolate part where they cut to the almond joy fail in black and white 😂💀

  • gabrielle smith
    gabrielle smith

    i love how they always include how to make it as if we would push ourselves to make twix after seeing a professional struggle

  • Brian

    "You guys need to taste this, something went wrong, see! He spit it out!" 😂 first time watching one of these Bon Appetit videos, I love her personality, she's great!

  • Violet Grey
    Violet Grey

    I swear to God there's an alternate reality where Brad and Claire get married and grow old making each other laugh

  • Maria

    What are they actually doing in this kitchen? Are they a restaurant or?

  • kacytron

    Also, who edits this? It’s amazing.

  • kacytron

    Something tells me Claire has never worked under a car.

  • Marianne Josefsson
    Marianne Josefsson

    Make toffifee!