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“In this town, it can all change…like that.” Watch the new #OnceUponATimeInHollywood trailer - in theaters July 26.
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Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing, as TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.
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  • John McMahon
    John McMahon

    Quentin is a fucking genius. 😎

  • Adila Syuhada Ala
    Adila Syuhada Ala

    The stupid movie ever!! Boring & wasting time + money + brain !!!

  • Shipdacheese

    The people calling this Tarantino's best movie are fucked in the head. The whole movie is a troll and he wanted to see if people can actually criticize his movie or call it 'great' just because it has the Tarantino stamp on it! The movie is the worst i've seen by him but of course, having DiCaprio and Brad Pitt kind of saves it. They really can act in any movie!

  • Jeong Gyu Yong
    Jeong Gyu Yong

    The best movie in 2019. The movie is bit slow, if I am being honest, but it DOES NOT change the fact that this is a really great movie. Especially, if you like QT movies, this is must, because I find this movie as a great mixture of all QT movies like Inglorious basterd + Django +The heightful 8 with Pulp fiction style. I'm gonna watch it once again!

  • Oxeyy bra
    Oxeyy bra

    Shittest movie too date

  • Taj Khan
    Taj Khan

    worst tarantino movie ever ! very dissapointed. my wife fell asleep during the movie. i regret having to pay to see this trash.

  • sebastian

    i'm sure it's better than the preview looks

  • Daria F
    Daria F

    This movie was amazing ❤

  • High Guy
    High Guy

    this story is from Alternate Universe

  • Duggy

    I'm a big fan of Tarantino films. Django unchained is one of my favourites. But this one was a let down personally. It had no story to it and the only time it really got interesting was towards the end when the hippies broke in.

  • Lubo Nikolov
    Lubo Nikolov

    Do I smell Leo's second oscar?

  • Chilli Chilli
    Chilli Chilli

    Movie is just boring ok!!!

  • Chilli Chilli
    Chilli Chilli

    Movie is so boring!!!

  • Ken Free
    Ken Free

    The movie was incredibly boring. It is a waste of time and money because Q.Tarantino has done NOTHING. He just portrayed the story of actors and contributed nothing. I mean what kind of idiot would waste so much time, money, and talents to create the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen.

  • Colonial Waster
    Colonial Waster

    This movie has the saddest happy end I've ever seen.

  • Ken Free
    Ken Free

    It was a waste of time and money. I am shocked that this garbage movie has a score more than "Catch me if you can." I mean people scored the actors, but not the movie. The movie is a 2/10.

  • Saurabh Kambli
    Saurabh Kambli

    just realise that's actually Charles Manson for reals!!! damn!

  • blackrain FX
    blackrain FX

    Most boring Tarantino Movie ever. Sadly i was sleeping the last 30min, bc this story is not entertaining at all and to slow. But DiCaprio did a great job.

  • jonathan lee
    jonathan lee

    Say hell yeah!!! If you think this great film could have been longer. Haha. I didn't want it to end, but I loved the ending.

  • P Lund
    P Lund

    Name of the movie should have been "Never ending non story". The movie lacks any dramaturgy and nothing made me care about any of the characters. It felt like it never really got going. The silly ultra violence in the end just felt like a desperate attempt to wake me up. I should have left the theatre. Watching random life hack videos or commercials on youtube would have given me more content.

  • Aesir

    This movie sucks

  • Lethal Albatroz
    Lethal Albatroz

    One of the worst movies i've ever seen, it is so boring and has no plot.

  • irismaris

    i love this movie and i highly recommend it. its a masterpiece. i really cannot understand the critics. for me it wasnt boring for one second. for me its one of the best movies ive seen so far.

  • Christine Crockford
    Christine Crockford

    What a load of crap. Othere than the odd funny bit, this was worst movie I seen in ages. I kept thinking is this just me struggling to see the plot or story and an extreme vilont ending. All the friends I went with felt the same. Was really looking forward to this film. We stood in the loby laughing at how crap the new Rambo film looked, to be honist I'd rather of watched Rambo lol

  • M K
    M K

    It seemed like a totally non-violent movie unexpected from Tarantino but the last 20 mins changed it all :)

  • Alina Jenkins
    Alina Jenkins

    Best movie ever

  • Raja Lucah
    Raja Lucah

    Worst movie ever besides last 15 min. Al Pacino should retire, was terrible to watch him trying to act

  • Alejandra Bustamante
    Alejandra Bustamante

    Just came back from watching it, what did you guys think? ... Spoiler... I loved the movie, but didnt you have the feeling there were two movies in one? Specially after cliff and rick come back from Italy? Very satisfying ending though!

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson

    I'm impressed with how UGLY Dakota Fanning looked in this movie.

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson

    I was very satisfied that Tarantino stepped outside of his usual style and gave us something different. I think audiences had already had a healthy dose of his playful dialogue in previous films and were ready for something different.

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson

    I feel sorry for the people who didn't like the movie. Oh well, their loss.

    • Rishi Eastwood
      Rishi Eastwood

      Man I wanted to like it but i felt it dragged. Especially in the earlier scenes. I'm seeing again in 2 hours just to make my mind up.

  • Madonna Czarna Madonna
    Madonna Czarna Madonna

    Lets see how he sees manson s history

  • Foodie Trekker
    Foodie Trekker

    Love the way he filmed it. it felt like i was there. possible sequel coming.

  • SNL76years

    Best Picture 2019.

  • Jack Rajan
    Jack Rajan

    One of the most exhausting movies i ever watched.. really really regret watching this

  • shabab khan
    shabab khan

    Believe me such a shitty movie. Don’t watch it.

  • izz

    what song is it in the trailer

  • Michael Sias
    Michael Sias

    I dunno doesn’t really interest me at all

  • Latif Husseini
    Latif Husseini

    I just seen the movie yesterday and it is fucking great, it kinda gets boring cause its about 3h but the end is just emazing🙏

  • chelseabestclub

    Классно конечно Тарантино подъебал всех с этим фильмом.

  • Matt

    Was Bruce Lee really like that?

  • Techno Djole
    Techno Djole


  • Techno Djole
    Techno Djole

    I feel there is not enough killing for Tarantino movie.

  • XfaN 888
    XfaN 888

    The first 2 hours is not for everyone only for lovers of everything late 60s retro,great cinematography and outstanding acting.The last 45 minutes fasten your seatbelts because classic Tarantino kicks in.

  • Ogbe Gift
    Ogbe Gift

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  • Andrzej Załęcki
    Andrzej Załęcki

    Badziewie, szkoda wydawać pieniędzy, film jest beznadziejny.

  • Ahmed Al-Baz
    Ahmed Al-Baz


    • John Nault
      John Nault

      Suuuuuure they left...

  • Teodor Kuběna
    Teodor Kuběna

    Definitely in my top 10 Tarantino movies.

  • Omar Alghawaby
    Omar Alghawaby

    What is the female actor called at 0:45 ?

    • dream øn avatar
      dream øn avatar

      Margaret Qualley

  • Rebecca's studio
    Rebecca's studio

    Margo even here. 😄 I am in love with her.

  • ruhtra angatnom id elos
    ruhtra angatnom id elos

    This actually had a horribly boring storyline

  • CapitxlSalxzar

    The movie is 173 minutes long

  • CapitxlSalxzar

    They did a great job

  • Mario F Trujillo
    Mario F Trujillo

    It is usually expected that a movie has a plot or well-defined storyline. Apparently, in his attempt to break this norm, Tarantino has put together a loose connection of scenes mixed with a few Hollywood well-known actors and all of a sudden we are expected to love this movie. Save your money and time. Stay home or go watch something else.

  • francisco andres botero villegas
    francisco andres botero villegas

    no eh visto la pelicula pero la historia para mi es delicada que quentin tarantino muestra la histoia de manson con la esposa del director roman polasky, de mi parte no deberia presentar en los cines de colombia esta pelicula

  • Marie Canavan
    Marie Canavan

    I just went to see this film and I thought it was brilliant main actors are just fantastic I'd highly recommend everyone to see this film 😊

  • Cöck-ö-döödle-dö

    Only thing I want to say is, Rick's wife scared jump is the best part of this movie.

  • postersandstuff

    The cockiness of people like Bruce Lee , Arnold , Hulk Hogan etc is part of why they became stars

  • Sponsi

    I have no fucking idea what this movie is about. : /

  • Kopi Productions
    Kopi Productions

    Just watched the movie, i can say this was one of the best movies in history.

  • Trainhard

    If 80% think its great and u think it is bad ... maybe u must think why ur this 20% ? Bit "slow" but still great movie :) Ok if the best movie for you is Spiderman ... maybe its not for you ... same time ... i like Spiderman too :D

  • Simon H
    Simon H

    Best movie of the year as expected

  • i i
    i i

    Can anyone tell me what they their opinions was on this movie because idk if i wanna watch it

  • theo10008

    Song at 1:20?

  • Bilal Iq
    Bilal Iq

    Just saw this movie. One of the worst movis i have ever seen. Walked out of the cinema midway. Nothing happening. Such a bloody waste.

  • Triborn

    This movie is a masterpiece! Just watched it at cinema! In my top3-list of Tarantino-movies..

  • J 00
    J 00

    Watched this today and as a huge Tarantino fan this was a massive disappointment. It's like he's run out of ideas and wrote this in an afternoon

    • Rishi Eastwood
      Rishi Eastwood

      Can you elaborate

  • gigg11c

    A tour de force of acting. Pitt was exceptional, edge DiCaprio just. Goosebumps ending, if only eh. Film of the year. True masterpiece.

  • romakayak

    If these are the highlights then this film is Crap!

  • We Took Alpha
    We Took Alpha

    Watching tarantino movies like ''ok they're dying, humans have red stuff inside them, we get it'' ... I think he struggles with mortality.