NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019: Blues vs. Bruins | Game 7 Extended Highlights | NBC Sports
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Thanks to 32 saves from Jordan Binnington, the Blues took down the Bruins in Game 7 to win their first-ever Stanley Cup. #NBCSports #NHL #StanleyCupFinal
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NHL Stanley Cup Final 2019: Blues vs. Bruins | Game 7 Extended Highlights | NBC Sports

  • Martin Adamo
    Martin Adamo

    I keep coming back to watch this LOL . Love that the Blues one their first cup! Great series and there is NOTHING like NHL HOCKEY PLAYOFFS!!!

  • Carlington Mascara
    Carlington Mascara

    11:18 Hold up!! That's too many men on the ice!! Oh noes!

  • Jim Rossi
    Jim Rossi

    I just don’t get tired of watching the last few seconds, it still brings smiles and tears, the only thing I ever asked the good Lord for was to see the Stanley Cup come to St Louis via the Blues ! I’m 59 and think of all the Blues who built the foundation for this ! Especially Bob Gassoff !!



  • gerald miller
    gerald miller

    all i can say is. the blues wanted to win. the bruins just thought they would win. it's all mental. and a lot of skill.

  • Linus G
    Linus G

    Nåo åo skitt

  • Jeffrey Jones
    Jeffrey Jones

    Beautiful blonde behind Berube at 10:25

  • richard kaye
    richard kaye

    Nice change by marchand😆😆😆😆

  • Ernestas Turkinas
    Ernestas Turkinas

    .................... interesting....................

  • Zetoria

    Thank you Blues for making Marchand cry in the national TV

  • Kelly Nicholson
    Kelly Nicholson


  • Travis Juch
    Travis Juch

    Best Team & Best Fans in hockey 🙏 LGB

  • Zicky Kane
    Zicky Kane

    STL had WAY too many men on the ice at one point...

  • Mr Defy
    Mr Defy

    Lets go blues!!!!!!! 💥💥

  • Majky1212

    Florida Panthers Stanley Cup Champs 2020

  • Steve H.
    Steve H.

    The NBC announcer clearly favored Boston in how they called the game by highlighting their players and play making. They might as well have been wearing Boston jerseys. Some of the games I just listened on the radio to hear the St. Louis announcers give a Blues play by play description. Thank you Blues for winning the cup regardless of all the negativity and favoritism against you as a team. You deserve to have your names engraved on it forever!

  • Alexander Wilkey
    Alexander Wilkey

    Stanley meet Gloria 6:42 binnington’s best save of the season 7:47 better look at the save

  • mrbanana

    Congratulations Blues on your first cup win!

  • Conner Stewart
    Conner Stewart

    Way to go blues!

  • Jack Winton
    Jack Winton

    I hate the Blues On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate the Blues a 3 because they formerly had Boston Bruin players!!!

  • Jack Winton
    Jack Winton

    The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history!!!! FIRST EVER ST LOUIS BLUES STANLEY CUP WIN!!!!!

  • Jack Winton
    Jack Winton

    11:19, The face of Agony and Defeat!!!

  • Jaker Boss
    Jaker Boss

    There should’ve been a too many men on the ice call at 0.9 seconds remaining in the 3rd period against the Blues

  • evan  twoyoungmen
    evan twoyoungmen

    In a lot of ways st.louis reminds me of the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 ...and congrats to st.louis Missouri 🍻🏒🥇🏆

  • aggy nyam
    aggy nyam

    Amazingly just don't wanna go in at all,

  • Patricia Vespereny
    Patricia Vespereny

    GLORIA, screw pride l g b is now Let's Go Blues🏒🏅

  • Connor Ruestman
    Connor Ruestman

    Crying Marchand

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson

    Total respect for Chara humble man

  • Nicholaus Bell
    Nicholaus Bell

    Jesus Christ saved you guys

  • Teagan B
    Teagan B

    I’m so glad that the blues won

  • Raul Ferro
    Raul Ferro

    Jordan Binnington you are the "Benji Price" of Ice Hockey...impressive performance *HE* is the *main* reason why they won this game. After long years of not watching hockey, this is a pleasant surprise love when the underdog wins it all.

  • Kuzey Kaya
    Kuzey Kaya


  • igotanM16

    I hope the Blues suck for the next 33 years and don't win a single playoff game. Yes: I'm a Bruins fan Yes: I'm bitter. Fight me!

    • Nicholaus Bell
      Nicholaus Bell

      I agree with you this is the worst Stanley cup ever but the REVENGE TOUR IS COMING

  • Brandon Schwarzen
    Brandon Schwarzen

    Gloria!!!! Bruins are cry babies

    • Nicholaus Bell
      Nicholaus Bell

      Took 7 games to beat us The revenge tour is coming

  • Steve H.
    Steve H.

    St. Louis has and is known to be a baseball town in view of all the World Series Championships that the baseball Cardinals have won. In 2011 when they last won the World Series the parade in downtown St. Louis was celebrated by approximately 150,000 fans. In 2000 when the Rams won the Super Bowl competing against the Tennessee Titans approximately 100,000 fans were at the parade. This year in celebrating the St. Louis Blues win of the Stanley Cup the parade was attended by approximately 390,000 fans. Needless to say, but I will anyway, the St. Louis Blues win has added a new face to our national identity. We have a GREAT hockey team! GO BLUES!😊👍

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope

    I was so waiting for Pietrangelo or Schenn to do the bobby orr dive 😂 I wonder how salty Boston would have been. They would have rioted I’m sure

  • Steve H.
    Steve H.

    Makes me cry to see such joy expressed by the Blues right after the clock runs out! We love you St. Louis Blues!

  • Gerce Goda
    Gerce Goda

    Pauvre bruis

  • michel madaire
    michel madaire


  • Dale Dalton
    Dale Dalton

    Marchand tears are sweet as candy.

  • AlexanderGiants

    Extended highlights without one goal? 🤔

  • crunk bunk
    crunk bunk

    this game couldn't have gone any better.

  • Maximilian Feldhoff
    Maximilian Feldhoff

    10:18-10:48 “WOO WOO WOOO WOOO WOOO WOOO” 🥳🥳🥳

  • Ashley Lineis
    Ashley Lineis


  • Paula Houlden
    Paula Houlden

    My favorite part other than zero was at 07:51-08:03, the crowds back in STL cheering at the last goal!

  • Shh Shh
    Shh Shh

    Wow, Marchand is a lazy rat.

  • Drew Martin
    Drew Martin

    blues suck

  • raytheater

    They better name a street after Binnington in St Louis, and it better be a dead end.

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M

      It's just gonna be called "Binnington Way" and it's gonna be an arrow pointing to a brick wall

  • Dan Musec
    Dan Musec

    "The Blues at the bench are realizing that they're going to be champions." Chills...

  • Zak Nelson
    Zak Nelson

    I wanted bruins to win

  • michael_anthony

    Love my Blues...Disliked because of the garbage editing, what no 3rd goal?? @nbc, btw, the parade was fantastic!

  • Jacob Conell
    Jacob Conell

    The commentator sounds pissed off

  • Jon Jon
    Jon Jon

    Better be paying that goalie good money

  • YoBoyChunky

    What song is at the start?

  • ghbutler

    Pathetic the Blues had to cheat to win.


    anthony j=

  • caron the scary baller
    caron the scary baller

    They sound like little girls win they won

  • алексей можаев
    алексей можаев

    Там где русские,там всегда победа. Сент луиз с победой!!!

  • Blue Stone
    Blue Stone

    hearing Boston grow progressively silent and then leave in the 2nd period is so awesome

  • Paul Simon
    Paul Simon

    I love the fact that what would eventually be the game winner is on Marchand. Getting off the ice was more important than helping out on defense.

  • Microwave Man
    Microwave Man

    only Jesus can save more than binnington

    • Nicholaus Bell
      Nicholaus Bell


  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    Boston fan here: Congratulations St. Louis! Enjoy!!

  • bob smith
    bob smith

    I know a goalie can't possibly cover the entire net by himself, but why don't teams just throw MULTIPLE PLAYERS in the goal to possibly create a 100% fullproof wall that can't be scored on??? I mean, you see players all the time go in behind or besides their goalie to help stop a shot, why don't just IMMEDIATELY make a wall with 4 or 5 players after your team gets a lead??? THIS IS THE MOST BRILLIANT PLAN EVER WHY DON'T PEOPLE DO THIS

    • bob smith
      bob smith

      I guaranfuckingtee 1 goalie plus 2, maybe 3 skaters tops, can make a fullproof goal wall

  • Marc Bertke
    Marc Bertke

    Bruns should have never been this far they didnt play like they wanted to be there sad

  • Danse Macabre
    Danse Macabre

    The sustain on this note will last a lifetime.🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵

  • JosephConcerned

    I have been a Blues fan since 1967-1968 and have always wondered how it would feel for them to win the cup. Now I know!!! This is why when 2 teams play for the championship in any sport and I have no reason to root for a team, my first question is "Which team has not won it before?" Then I root for that team so that their fans can experience the feeling.

  • william Horton
    william Horton

    woot finally!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Magic Man
    The Magic Man

    Boston fans are saying how they dominated and we won because we were lucky. Boston had more shots and chances but the blues had more hits, killed off power plays, blocked shots, and great goaltending. The better team won

  • The Magic Man
    The Magic Man

    Remember how Boston fans were talking about how it was going to be a sweep after game 1. Well the blues did it and Boston choked

  • f60sweet1

    We’ll deserved 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Congrats St-Louis.