my rescue dog gets a makeover!
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in this vlog my new rescue dog spock gets a makeover, i assisted my friend's photoshoot and then had a photoshoot of our own!!!
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F A Q s
how old are you? 18
what camera do you use? canon g7x, canon m5 with 11-22mm lens. canon 80d
what do you use to edit? final cut pro
what ethnicity are you? half vietnamese half white

  • Ion Diamanti
    Ion Diamanti

    hey can someone please explain to me why i cannot comment on the newest videos??

    • Bailee McMillin
      Bailee McMillin

      Yt disabled them and she’s trying to get them back up but yah🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Julia Gruen
    Julia Gruen

    doggo got me like💓🥺💞💗

  • Freya thorpe
    Freya thorpe

    When is she going to get that cute dog from two vids ago

  • amal abdulla
    amal abdulla

    What breed is Spock

  • little boi who likes Minecraft
    little boi who likes Minecraft

    here is a tip for the earings. spread the chunky ones out with the small ones so that you can see all of them.

  • Millie.x

    i want my own spock

  • Electra kitty
    Electra kitty


  • Olivia Sauer
    Olivia Sauer

    What type of breed is Spock. plz answer

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie

    seeing only 50 comments jarred me so I'm making it 51

  • Awesome Dragonz
    Awesome Dragonz

    Haley: Somebody started crying cuz I wasn’t paying attention to him... Me: Ryan! (Haley’s bf)

  • Piper Warfield
    Piper Warfield

    Yay the comments are back

  • Sydney Timme
    Sydney Timme


  • Amuntung Sisters
    Amuntung Sisters

    You two are goals

  • Joselyn Diaz
    Joselyn Diaz

    Love your channel and your pup! But please don’t try to sneak him into the theaters 😅 pets don’t have public access rights, and if a service dog team happened to be there it would be problematic for them and you can get into serious trouble 🤧 I wanna see influencers show their dogs in pet friendly places tho! 🤗 Keep up your great work on vids 👍🏻 I just got leggings from fabletics cuz of you 🙃🥰

  • yeehaw

    hey haley, i saw this cool thing for spock on instagram! it’s like a soggy camera so when you’re gone you can see what he’s doing and speak to him through your phone if he knows tricks you can say sit and stuff and it gives them treats through a little hole it’s so cool!

  • itsAberry


  • Malaiqa and Monali
    Malaiqa and Monali

    Wait does Spock stay at home by him self when u and ur mom r busy?

    • Complete Cathy
      Complete Cathy


  • Elizabeth Warren
    Elizabeth Warren

    4:20 nice lip injections

  • lanelle

    yay comments!!!!!!

  • Maria Eduarda Silva
    Maria Eduarda Silva

    for your jewellery you can buy a cork board and hang the necklaces and bracelets on the pins (I also paint the borders to make it cute but that’s personal preference)

    • ???? The Bernedoodle
      ???? The Bernedoodle


  • Leann Menist
    Leann Menist

    I love you💗💕💓

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    rahav ivgi


  • Gracie Gilmartin
    Gracie Gilmartin

    yay there open again!

  • TinyNerd

    Hi doggo

  • Ella Casey
    Ella Casey

    Only 30 comments??

  • Tamara Clarke
    Tamara Clarke

    i also call my dog poopie

  • Miitali

    what type of dog is he?

  • cayden

    why are there only 26 comments? it’s been a week

    • Cat Dog or both
      Cat Dog or both

      Maybe people are used to the comments being gone

  • Heidi Esperanza Campbell
    Heidi Esperanza Campbell

    ahhhhh!! "Poopy" is so cuteeeee 😻🤣

  • Sophia Edwards
    Sophia Edwards

    Spock is so cute!!!!💘🥰

  • Esther Brightbard
    Esther Brightbard

    Ok so ily but um yeah LOVE THAT ACENT THO I spelt that wrong sorry I don’t care aha

  • Sneeze Hole
    Sneeze Hole

    The Ryan’ it

    • Bella Rae Ellen
      Bella Rae Ellen


  • Lady Dog lover
    Lady Dog lover

    i love ur dog he is sooo cute

  • Help my taco fell on the floor and I’m sad now
    Help my taco fell on the floor and I’m sad now

    Hey can we start a chain? I will start. 1

  • Help my taco fell on the floor and I’m sad now
    Help my taco fell on the floor and I’m sad now

    First (just kidding I’m 17th

  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia

    Oopsie I did a real big poopsie like if you want to smell it 🤤💩💩💩💩💩💩🥴 it smells sooooooooooooo sssoooooooooooo goooooood like corn gravy and fried chicken oh and also green beans

    • Claire Grace
      Claire Grace

      Daniela Garcia what’s wrong with you?😂

    • Sophia Cray Cray
      Sophia Cray Cray


    • Daniela Garcia
      Daniela Garcia

      Hehe 😜I am so funny

  • Dalia Basha
    Dalia Basha

    What was the makeover?

  • Stephanie Ramirez
    Stephanie Ramirez

    only 14 comments, weirdd

  • Niobi Murray
    Niobi Murray

    Omg comments

  • Sarah G
    Sarah G

    comments are back !!!!!

  • m a c i e
    m a c i e

    Theres only 11 comments.. 🤔🤠😁 hiiiiiiiiiii

  • Joy Dyrenforth
    Joy Dyrenforth

    Haley the comments on this video are back!! That’s some improvement

  • Erika Hunter
    Erika Hunter

    hey haley❤

  • Jumanauwu

    “ is that a pee pee I see see “ LMAO 😂😂😂😭💔

  • jocelyn Nolasea
    jocelyn Nolasea

    Omg he's so cute😭

  • Liz Marie
    Liz Marie

    I love your channel so much btw he looks so cute. 💗

  • Stasja Beijeman
    Stasja Beijeman

    The comments are here! Haley I love you and you make great videos!! I always thought that “vloggers” are lame and now I can’t stop watching your videos lmao. I love youuuu :)

  • Hannah The cowboy yee haw
    Hannah The cowboy yee haw

    You are the best person to ever be on the face of this planet 👼🏻🌸

  • Hannah Paterick
    Hannah Paterick

    Hola I’m actually failing Spanish but if she answered this I might try in Spanish!

    • Erika Hunter
      Erika Hunter

      hola its hAleY pHaM

  • katherine kelly
    katherine kelly

    oh wow hello comments again

    • Complete Cathy
      Complete Cathy

      I’m called Catherine too

  • Allie McNeely
    Allie McNeely

    Omg I think the comments are open again! Hey Haley!