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Madonna, Quavo - Eurovision Song Contest 2019
You’re watching Madonna and Quavo’s performance of “Future” and Madonna’s performance of “Like A Prayer/Dark Ballet” from Eurovision.
Listen to ‘Madame X’:
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  • Black Bird
    Black Bird

    all fans will die in hell forever, dont idol, pray jesus.everydays

  • Hansatios

    Audio guy: Madonna, how much autotune? Madonna; yes. Audio guy: okay.. How mu- Madonna; *YES*

  • Хитрый Лис
    Хитрый Лис

    Деградация и воспевание культа смерти.

  • Guido Detti
    Guido Detti

    Everyone criticizes the way he sang but no one understood the real meaning of the performance ... It was true at the beginning he was out of tune a little but I would like to hear those who criticized him wearing a cloak that weighed a ton and go down a steep staircase with narrow steps ... However, for those who have not yet understood the meaning of the performance and of the album Madame X listen to everything well again and then talk.

  • Manuel Dpmingo Perez Navales
    Manuel Dpmingo Perez Navales

    Like a prayer was exactly 30 years ago. The past. And then, she petforms Future. I find it a message quite coherent, although the song doesn't allow some spectacular live performance. A song to listen and think, about it, not to dance.

  • Emmy L
    Emmy L


  • Abdullah Bozkurt
    Abdullah Bozkurt

    Gözüme görükme Madonna zaten 1. olamadın (Türkler çıldırıyor yabancılar translate'den çevirip ne diyo bu aq diyo)

  • Mary O
    Mary O

    Song dedicated to Lucifer.. Let's see where Lucifer will take you in the afterlife you witch

  • Maicom Lima
    Maicom Lima

    Icônico 🙌🏻

  • Kenji Udema
    Kenji Udema

    Nederlands i com uit dat land

  • E G
    E G

    You found Susan Lol What a magnificent show Not to forget to mention The best part The Message You are so talented and gifted and very knowledgeable 😘💄 A TRUE ⭐️

  • Uykucu Yoongı1 /Army
    Uykucu Yoongı1 /Army

    🇹🇷🇹🇷Umarım Allahu Teala bi gün belanızı verir!!!Gençliğin beynini iğrenç kurgularınızla yıkamaya çalıştığınız için...!!!🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • שרון לוי
    שרון לוי

    Netta with Nana Banana was better

  • Joe Danache
    Joe Danache

    Lady Ga Ga is a Madonna wanna-be.

  • Elisa A
    Elisa A

    This is awesome show, i love it

  • Adam Collingham
    Adam Collingham

    How dare she so blatantly upload this? Anyone who watched her live performance on the day witnessed how awful she sounded. Either she has a rather twisted view of herself or takes piss out of the general public thinking they'd buy this(and sadly they do). No pride, self respect or dignity. It's not even funny now. She must retire straight away.

  • AnitaCock

    Guys & gals, GIVE HER A FREAKIN BREAK! She about the same age as moi' & she's been singing for about 40 years!! Hate to break it to you, but as we age, THINGS DON'T GET BETTER'! Like the loss of our original voice! Last year, I had to wait for almost HALF A FREAKIN YEAR FOR MY CATARACTS TO FULLY DEVELOPE! I was legally blind & was totally helpless! But I realized I wouldn't be blind permentantely. So give her a break! She's a freakin living legend who WROTE HER OWN CLASSICS! Cher & Diana Ross cant make that claim.

  • fer lopez
    fer lopez

    WAKE UP !!!

  • Avitzedek Yitzhak
    Avitzedek Yitzhak

    #1 with Madame X

  • Romukim Sawa
    Romukim Sawa

    Better than the flopped skank and piece of shit Mariah Carey

  • Pixies Corner
    Pixies Corner


  • Margarita Smirnova
    Margarita Smirnova

    Какой ужас,,рассказала что мы овцы которые здохнут скоро

  • Esteban Riquelme
    Esteban Riquelme

    vieja kl rica 😍🤭♥️

  • Thomas 27
    Thomas 27

    I'm sorry. zero points

    • Aaron Ramos
      Aaron Ramos

      Thanks for your stupid comment ❤️✌🏻

  • Simone Reis
    Simone Reis

    🎶🎵"We can light up the dark, *everyone has a spark* , don't tell me to stop 'cause you said so..." 🎶🎵

  • mel grant
    mel grant


  • Piotr Mielczarek
    Piotr Mielczarek

    Thx Maddie for this! X

  • Игорь Рыбаков 21
    Игорь Рыбаков 21

    Что , То мне кажется Что Это Все не просто так почитайте текст песни и поймёте

  • Stella Dominguez
    Stella Dominguez

    Congratulations Madonna: #1 on Billboard 200 Chart for Dance Club Songs. Madonna👸✌❤💃💃💃

  • Ale Bet
    Ale Bet

    Te extrañamos Michael Jackson, no estas mamadas, esto completamente ritual stanico, masoneria, iluminati jajajaja ademas canta feo.

  • landry spektor
    landry spektor the most idiot singer in the World

  • Lukas

    They are religious and think they are prophets and close to God or representing him. Basicly they're saying the end times are closing in, wake up now and become religious before it's too late, it's a warning, your time is running out. Dno i just think they have become so famous they are believing they are more important than they really are. Alot of really famous people become like this.

  • Наталья Морозова
    Наталья Морозова

    Мадонна суперзвезда 💞. Талантливая, красивая, молодая 💖💖💖👍👍👍

  • Cinmartz u
    Cinmartz u


  • Muhtullah Tarhan
    Muhtullah Tarhan

    Tek kelimeyle İNSİ ŞEYTANLAR İLMİNATİ SEBASTİYENLER. Köstümün üzerinde derisini tazeleyen yılan ve gözündeki sembol; sahnenin üçgen olması sütunlar ve merdivenler acaba Süleyman mabedi mi Kudüs ünü yıkacaksınız ateş o gaz maskesi mi belki de kötülük tanrısını simgeleyen eşek kafası. Kadın da görünüşüyle şeytanı simgeler gibi. Dünyaya şeytan dini mi yayıyorlar

  • marianna mist
    marianna mist


  • sammimitsu

    The horned demon mask behind her is no accident. Carefully placed for Satanic programming.

  • Stella Dominguez
    Stella Dominguez

    Congratulations Madonna...Madame X #1 200 Billboard Charts. Madonna👸✌

  • Harel Israel
    Harel Israel

    The bitch is over 60, let her sing badly if she want

  • FireBoyOfficiall

    Read lyrics for this song. It's very satanic...

  • Basri E.
    Basri E.

    aynen atom bombasıyla dünyayı yok ettiniz IUWREGHUWR8IYHBWRHUYW

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini

    hello beautiful want meet you

  • Sadagat Tahmazova
    Sadagat Tahmazova

    Devil will NEVER win. ALLAH is with us. ALHAMDULILLAH ☝🏻🕋🕌

  • ioannis 227
    ioannis 227

    Props to Quavo, but Madonna... you shouldnt further make any kind of music

  • Віталій Українець
    Віталій Українець

    unsuccessful song!

  • MintroraxDoesGachaYT


  • contenido iconic
    contenido iconic


  • Fuck me Please
    Fuck me Please

    Madonna is more bigger star than Aretha in the worldwide

  • Marlin Qose
    Marlin Qose

    Madonna is wery wery big artist. Madonna merton titullin artiste e notes. Broavo Madonna .👑👑👑☺

  • Dylan Suriany
    Dylan Suriany

    0:21 ehhh😅

  • Gökhan Bakar
    Gökhan Bakar

    🇹🇷❤️🇮🇸❤️🇵🇸 Love your Madonna and Hatarı Fuck you Israel

  • Marcsi Mlado
    Marcsi Mlado


  • vanillamasterblaster

    So Madonna did a Bohemian Grove performance at Eurovision.

  • King Yonis
    King Yonis

    You can see satan and his horns on top of her with red color absolutely satanic ritual wake up.

  • G. G.
    G. G.

    I just realized that she did a piece of dark ballet at the met...and here she did another piece. Love it.

  • Kirk

    Disgusting old demon witch.

  • Halil Sahin
    Halil Sahin

    This is a message to the World from Illuminaties! #Illuminati Ritual 👁️‍🗨️

    • FireBoyOfficiall

      @killerplautze174 read lyrics to the "future"

    • killerplautze174

      @FireBoyOfficiall which message?

    • FireBoyOfficiall


  • Vinicius Erk
    Vinicius Erk

    She has like 47 number 1 hits???

  • Vinicius Erk
    Vinicius Erk

    She looks hot!!!!

  • Vinicius Erk
    Vinicius Erk


  • m4kkillottu

    Darling you didn't sound like this! lmao

  • Ανθη Ανθουλα
    Ανθη Ανθουλα


  • Shaleh Rais
    Shaleh Rais

    Simbol Dajjal, yahudi, pemuja setan

  • Jaz Lopez
    Jaz Lopez

    Pinche vieja satanica y sera quemada en el infierno no sera inmortal nunca esta llena de demonios

  • Kemal Ozbey
    Kemal Ozbey

    One of the worst performance ever!! wouldn't pass America got talent auditions......

  • Anya S
    Anya S

    Madonna is a liar who can't own her shit. Oh well. Let her live in illusion she still can sing live 😂

  • Facts Over Emotions
    Facts Over Emotions

    Auto tune is for scrubs. 5/10.

  • Simmon Beresford
    Simmon Beresford

    Are they just hoping that noone remembers the live performance???

  • Falgorn A
    Falgorn A

    Welcome to the comments section, which is 50%: about the autotune 45%: about the so-called 'Satanism' in this video 5%: about random stuff

    • Falgorn A
      Falgorn A

      @Joseph Cann idk the American grade but I'm in 5th year of secondary school

    • Joseph Cann
      Joseph Cann

      Falgorn A What math class are you in?

  • Саша Ралдугин
    Саша Ралдугин

    Полная хуйня.

  • Bailey Crawly
    Bailey Crawly

    It was a rough live performance but at the same time, given the age of the original recording we can’t expect a verbatim performance. And we need to keep in mind she’s a human being, she was probably nervous for this which absolutely has an effect on your voice.

  • pipi mumi
    pipi mumi

    Oh yes! Cher is really an icon! madonna is only slightly better as Sabrina from 80s.....

  • bananana niffo
    bananana niffo

    No wonder why my country won. It was actually a good one instead of this crap 😂😂😂🤢🤢🤢

  • Mats Monrad
    Mats Monrad

    Satnic illuminatti ritual

  • Mo D
    Mo D

    That was sooo bad...her worst performance ever.

  • William Assandri
    William Assandri

    blood of jesus have power



  • hajar bourkia
    hajar bourkia

    6:12 Palestine ! 8:56 Israel and palestine ❌ ...hv a message ;)

  • PB dz
    PB dz

    Satanic Ritual, for fame and money she does anything..

  • Angélica Petit
    Angélica Petit

    I like her 😍 so much!

  • jack Zuidweg
    jack Zuidweg

    Germeny 100 points Madonna 0 points

    • Antonio Marruecos
      Antonio Marruecos

      jack Zuidweg Actually the other way round lol.

  • Jonathan Aisel
    Jonathan Aisel

    It’s odd that a song about giving fellatio could sound so terribly painful.

  • Yorumcu Turk
    Yorumcu Turk

    She is giving message that they will develop the kuddus in the future. She is acting horus and the people with mask are acting osiris and isis. Horus is son of the osiris and isis. (isis also used in syria as islamic state. But in reality the name came from old egypt history). Horus is depicted with a falcon head, and in some depictions the pharaohs are symbolized in the arms of Isis. After a.c. 300, the constantine(east roman empire) said that there are too many different bibel and we have to tidy them up and make it single bible. They tidy it up with some changes. One of the change is that the jesus sleeping in marry arms. But thats not true. In reality, constantine added the horus symbol where horus sleeping in the isis arms. (you can see the picture of isis with horus on the internet). Thereafter the vatican said there are so many satan symbols added to their religion and vatican tried to destroy them. In 1453, Turkish ottoman empire (the guy on my profile picture) were destroyed knock down east roman empire constantinapole because of these satans. There were some normal christians in contantinapole who helped to ottomans to knock down the constantinapole. In last 1000 years, satan jewish people(illimunati) developed the some christians in america and the world and told them that they are normally together and they have to create and develop the kuddus again. These christians are called evangelist in america. Donald trump is evangelist and supported with evangelist in america. There are 100 millions of them. Adolf hitler has exactly same background with donald trump. In russia, stalin and lenin has same background. In turkey we had exactly similar guy called mustafa kemal ataturk(jewish sabatayist). In italy, Benito Mussolini. In china Mao. If you check their date of birth and when they became a leader in their countries, you will see that they all became a leader in same time and killed millions of people in first and second world war. Satan jewish controling the world. Wake up christians, muslims and jewish(normal jewish, religionist not satans).

  • Anabela Vinhas
    Anabela Vinhas


  • Ольга Васильевна
    Ольга Васильевна

    Скоро Америку блудницу великую Вавилона разрушит антихрист из России с помощью десяти стран союзниц см. Библия книга Откровение17гл. Он восстановит новый мировой порядок см.Отк13гл.затем грядет Христос!!))) 2Фес2:2-12.Матфея 24гл:28-34стихи.

  • Mittelmeer Zauber
    Mittelmeer Zauber

    satanic ritual 🤢 and worst performance ever 👎 JESUS our lord is comming soon 🙏💕

  • Howard Neely
    Howard Neely

    Embarrassing, time to act your age.

  • Hans Meiser
    Hans Meiser

    It's Paganizm

  • tumarfa

    Ole Dammegaard sent me here.

  • Milorad Ljubinac
    Milorad Ljubinac

    Madonna is under illuminati control...they want to take control on our minds...and where is better chance for wide watched show....STOP THE ILLUMINATI!!!

  • מיתר חן
    מיתר חן

    You stoupat for Israel

  • Mizurri P.
    Mizurri P.

    What a shit ...

  • Kendall Falk
    Kendall Falk

    Well now humans do you understand what will happen to your world? Then.. after, how we will make it better?

  • Anna Katerina Nekrylova
    Anna Katerina Nekrylova

    A Dutch journalist has tried to interrogate Madonna about the sound. No success. Personally, I think it's a technical mistake with auto-tune switching her to the wrong notes (left from the previous performance). Because Madonna is using vocoder on her "Future", not autotune. Madonna was so unlucky with her recent performances: bird from MIA at SuperBowl in 2012, fall at Brits in 2015, and now this. And many people are so happy about her fails. Madonna's cosplayed Wagner's Wotan (The Ring - operas) FAMOUS appearance and they didn't even get it. Madame X character is a female version of Wotan, and Joan of Arc story is just a cover up in order to sound more mainstream. Go and watch "Valkyrie" at TheatreHD (MET is broadcasting it all around the world) to understand Madonna performance.

  • Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman
    Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman

    The woman in white is ridiculous with that long opened leg dress...

  • Carlo Zollinger
    Carlo Zollinger

    I really thought I was about to witness a demonic cult ceremony

  • Ma Hp
    Ma Hp

    I love you Bitch, you are my favorite Illuminati 💃🌈❤

  • The Killer Fox 13
    The Killer Fox 13

    Holy shit, 81k dislikes that's crazy and why?

  • Alexandre Santos
    Alexandre Santos

    Desperte pra jesus pq o inimigo está a solta, não só mais nas entrelinhas... mas com sua mensagem escancarada! Tenha misericórdia de nós Jesus!!! ele vive, ele reina... ressuscitou e é vencedor!!!

  • Gabriel Roldán
    Gabriel Roldán

    Horribleeeeeee Madonna