Benny No
In this video: LUMPY STRIKES OUT BIG KIDS!, we get to experience Lumpy's 2nd game with kid pitching, as he pitches against kids way older than he is.
Artwork done by: Jared Jollymore
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Awesome home run/intro music provided by Sam Hale.
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About this video: LUMPY STRIKES OUT BIG KIDS!, come along for the ride, as I document my son's 4th time playing organized baseball. From practices to games, get ready for multiple fun adventures, with kids from ages 5-10 playing Minor B Baseball!
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  • Easyclap Z
    Easyclap Z

    Ha for screaming

  • Rhutch’s Nightbot
    Rhutch’s Nightbot

    Man if lumpy threw me those pitches I would bomb it over the fence Not to brag

  • Sports Seb
    Sports Seb

    Lol she ran out of the base path

  • Sports Seb
    Sports Seb

    Of this loss lol

  • Diego Pulido
    Diego Pulido

    yo Lumpy throws a nasty euphus pitch

  • Diego Pulido
    Diego Pulido

    you and Benny’s bromance is the epitome of bros. 😂

  • Jose luis Gonzalez batista
    Jose luis Gonzalez batista


  • Sheila Ory
    Sheila Ory

    $700 and 88,000

  • Ya Boi Cruzy
    Ya Boi Cruzy

    9:26 : the reason why women don’t umpire

  • Liam Devanney
    Liam Devanney

    I have the same bat as lumpy

  • Danielle Wagers
    Danielle Wagers

    make a video of the 2nd game

    • William Warren
      William Warren


  • Charlie Kingsley
    Charlie Kingsley

    Is #3 coming or did you give up

  • Chris Long
    Chris Long

    Where dose lumpy play

  • theplant5


  • SintinTsai

    Lumpy is a pro

  • TTVGrozaYT14

    This is how much the umbrella costed | |

  • Peter Gomez
    Peter Gomez

    Have u guys played at will Bruce

  • Levi Kvachkoff
    Levi Kvachkoff

    Kurtz your a stupid

  • Levi Kvachkoff
    Levi Kvachkoff


  • FranzyBo

    "I ain't swinging" Lumpy 2019

  • JaLeeyah Alford
    JaLeeyah Alford

    Lumpy swing the bat you idiot

  • FranzyBo

    5:04 one of the Tigers players was trying to avoid Icebox's tag

    • Carmelita Restauro
      Carmelita Restauro

      If one of the Tigers players avoided Icebox’s tag and Icebox got hit by the face by that player’s shoulder

  • Trex Gamez
    Trex Gamez

    That first baseman

  • Walter R
    Walter R


  • EthanD R
    EthanD R


  • Chase Miller
    Chase Miller

    How come there hasn’t Been a game on This

  • Kale Stew 4
    Kale Stew 4

    I think he needs to swing more

  • Zac Petersen
    Zac Petersen

    Bro I'm 13 and he five and they play on nicer fields than us😂

  • Kent Graves
    Kent Graves

    Good job lumpy

  • Jaime Davalos
    Jaime Davalos

    At 1:35 Lumpy falls down in the dogout

  • Stephen Bryce
    Stephen Bryce

    I got him by the 1st baseman when I was pitching one time

  • Jack Berry
    Jack Berry

    Are ciaria and red shorts dating

  • Douglas Fleshman
    Douglas Fleshman

    Lumpy is better than his cousin lol😝

  • Rob Kinsella
    Rob Kinsella


  • Alex and Matthew D Nicholas AND Julian
    Alex and Matthew D Nicholas AND Julian


  • Tina Eldridge
    Tina Eldridge

    Gooooooo lompyyyyy

  • Darlene Klemm
    Darlene Klemm

    I never knew 5 year Olds play with fat 17 year olds

  • ChAnGo_8117 PRIME
    ChAnGo_8117 PRIME

    75 or 50 for the umbrella

  • Vickie Moberg
    Vickie Moberg

    Let lumpy pitch in softball

  • Z Money
    Z Money

    Lumpy has a wild eephus pitch

  • Marcus Celestine
    Marcus Celestine

    This is when lumpy trys hard so he can strike out

  • John Lennon Fan 05
    John Lennon Fan 05

    I'm in 13u and are feels are way worse than these

  • Mike McDeid
    Mike McDeid


  • K gaming and animating
    K gaming and animating

    It is about 75 dollers

  • exoticnoise420

    I know they are young. But why are all the pitchers lobbing the ball to home plate? Is it a rule the ball must start over the batters head and then drop in? My 5 year old niece throws harder than this.

  • Judge Tate III
    Judge Tate III

    Lumpy got that 12-6 😂😂😂

  • Danny Z
    Danny Z

    This makes me miss playing baseball. I would love to be a batter here

  • Cole Pesek
    Cole Pesek

    35 but if you have someone hold it for you it would be65

  • Carrissa Bell
    Carrissa Bell


  • Mark Schloss
    Mark Schloss

    I could take him 450

  • Bill Steinbach
    Bill Steinbach

    Lumpy is the most amazing

  • Joe J Herrington
    Joe J Herrington

    What’s lumpy real name?

  • X -tina
    X -tina

    Those umbrellas are 40 bucks're welcome😂👍🏼

  • [Mist] Mystic
    [Mist] Mystic

    Lumpy’s umpire: *does not do anything on a strikeout* My umpire: HUUHHH THREE

  • ye ye
    ye ye

    Where is Lumpy’s No Days Off Special at?!

  • Wanda Butts
    Wanda Butts


  • jose ontiveros
    jose ontiveros

    Big boy ... Mountin....160 pounds less wath the heck

  • Aden Aukland
    Aden Aukland

    I think the orioles should call up lumpy. They could use him

  • Kendan Da Savage
    Kendan Da Savage

    What grade is he playing on?

  • Ital1x

    I’ve never seen lumpy swing

  • Solomon Chomolongu
    Solomon Chomolongu

    Can we talk about how underrated the voice-over is?

  • lil troop17
    lil troop17

    For five years old lumpy is like an mlb player your coach is awesome keep on listening to him

  • phanny pack
    phanny pack

    Wtf is this.

  • Emmett Hawthorne
    Emmett Hawthorne

    Is there a video in between the vid

  • josepumodx1

    Big boi got some wheels getting a triple

  • LCV Football
    LCV Football

    Lumpy, can u just swing the bat pls?

  • Joshua Geisler
    Joshua Geisler

    7:47 The nastiest curveball ever in the history of the whole world is right there! #dodgerfilms P.S. Lumpy is an amazing baseball player!

    • Nicolai Cañamar
      Nicolai Cañamar


  • Rexy

    “lumpy looks for the sign” catcher- aM i A jOkE tO yOu?

  • U Stank
    U Stank

    Lumpy = baby 🐐

  • Elite Savages
    Elite Savages

    So cringey but gg