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BUILDING A House and LIVING In It For A Day
Dolan twins

  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart

    I truly apologize for the lack of content lately! I’ve been super stressed with trying to make this move out to LA again! Once I’m settled in completely I will be creating more often! Thank you for understanding and joining this journey with me! I love you all ❤️

    • Heydy Ortega
      Heydy Ortega

      You should move to Florida

    • Adriana Luisa
      Adriana Luisa

      Do more Arnold impressions:)) 😘

    • Charley Munger
      Charley Munger

      Lance stewart I miss the la vlogs keep up the good work

    • JayeJaye Locke
      JayeJaye Locke

      Hey Lance hope you have a wonderful day. Take your time and please don't hurt yourself. You are awesome. My son and I watch you all the time. There is alot of stuff you do help me with. Thank you a bunch. Love you keep up the good work ❤❤❤

    • TMRRyan

      Bro Lance you gotta check out Primal Nutrition South Jersey

  • ThiccTiger 456
    ThiccTiger 456

    The girl with the green shirt had some nice tittys *the one that was surprised*

  • stephen verasammy
    stephen verasammy

    4:03 songg plzz

  • Dominique Granville
    Dominique Granville

    What about your dog

  • the nards
    the nards

    Yo lance go to ocean colony hotel tonight we have so many people playing man hunt we would like you to join us

  • Int Ace
    Int Ace

    Ocean city New Jersey

  • FriedWire420

    15:53 lance is that a m on yo forehead??

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    When you were on the boardwalk i knew exactly where you were at all times because I basically live in Ocean City New Jersey in the summer

  • Aliana Barnes
    Aliana Barnes

    You are awesome

  • Herc O
    Herc O

    Roomate will be Aiden. Vlogs are not the same without Lizzy. That is why I unsubscribed when they broke up.

  • Paul Park wiffleball
    Paul Park wiffleball

    I live in New Jersey


    Finally you back in LA, the old videos were the best man.

  • Mariana • _•Banda
    Mariana • _•Banda

    Weres your gf

  • Douglas Nagel
    Douglas Nagel


  • Ravonik

    I love how your apartment living room is smaller then your Jersey house bedroom

  • Fog Boat
    Fog Boat

    When Jesse said, the cars 6 thousand pounds, these guys are 6 thousand pounds. I couldn’t stop laughing I was crying

  • Esmi Unknown
    Esmi Unknown

    So what happened James? He literally just move in with you

  • Casey Strickland
    Casey Strickland

    Amazing apartment lance !!! Don't start with that oujia crap agian !! I remember the stuff in the og apartment the stuff with Chris and you, but anyways great vedio.

  • Prince J
    Prince J

    Yep and that's when jack doherty be an asshole and try sneaking into your apartment

  • Recommended By Mia
    Recommended By Mia

    I bet the ghost of Roger will be coming over to your house lance! 🤣 and when he does you gotta get ahold of Cris!!!! 😁😍

  • Olivia Davis
    Olivia Davis

    fr tho y does Jessie look like he is going on a date

  • Lit Chris
    Lit Chris

    Tell spencer to live with you because if you tell adan then he lives wit the guy

  • Lit Chris
    Lit Chris

    Live with spencer

  • keirra Leggins
    keirra Leggins

    Love the new apartment lance ❤

  • SDSM_ Ice Cap
    SDSM_ Ice Cap

    bro i feel like its kinda staged when you be with mcjuggernuggets

  • Schleich Vlogs
    Schleich Vlogs

    9:10 sounds like when you talk into a fan😂

  • Ruff Bark
    Ruff Bark

    14:26 my friend x100

  • Boyjustgaming0817

    PS4 is way better like in u agree

  • Tyler Snakovsky
    Tyler Snakovsky

    I watch you when I’m felling down

  • xd_Powerful64

    210 squad

  • MaddenMobile415

    you should atleast be consistant with the mcjuggernuggets series lol your being awkward about mcjuggernuggets but not boogie...

  • Dovie White
    Dovie White


  • Dorian Burnell
    Dorian Burnell

    Brooo boogie lost some weight!!

  • Dorian Burnell
    Dorian Burnell

    Damn mikes ripped!!

  • Dorian Burnell
    Dorian Burnell

    Damn mikes ripped!!

  • PinkPotatoIvy 360
    PinkPotatoIvy 360


  • pewdiepie fan 2
    pewdiepie fan 2

    They need Traxxas RC cars not Redcat junk. Traxxas are tough AF!!!

  • Amir Mascol
    Amir Mascol

    Lance is that 1 white kid who hung around all the black kids just because he did stupid and funny shit

  • Spec Agent 6
    Spec Agent 6

    21:20 😂 good vibes

  • toni Robinson
    toni Robinson

    My son is your biggest fan we live in Houston texas

  • Carolina B
    Carolina B


  • L Ol
    L Ol

    Where is that like the beach area

  • St3b0rn_Kay

    32:05 is when the video starts Thank me by clicking this button! 👇

    • Kesner Jacques
      Kesner Jacques

      Nobody thanked you

  • Henry

    If u actually bought a house not lived in an apartment you would most likely never get noise complaints

  • bap

    What new roommate is he gonna fuck over next.

  • King Jay
    King Jay

    I turned on your post notfications yeooooooooo

  • King Jay
    King Jay


  • Ghost Reaper
    Ghost Reaper

    Date lizzy

  • Jakes Life
    Jakes Life

    Jack Doherty snuck in

  • TS pikachu
    TS pikachu

    Yo lance visit Chris/stefano

  • Trevor Nicholson
    Trevor Nicholson

    Didn’t buy a house you rented an apartment.

  • Elijah linder
    Elijah linder

    R u gonna keep the house in Jersey?

  • Human 8845
    Human 8845

    Come on michael take care of ur health😒

  • Autumn Burnstein
    Autumn Burnstein

    What happened to spark

  • wwe lover
    wwe lover

    21:20 to 21:24 HIS FACE 😂😂😂😂

  • Lexi __.01
    Lexi __.01

    Video the Dolan twins??🤷🏽‍♀️ bc u and the Dolan twins would be mad funny together🤣🤣🤣and I watch you and them so to watch those 2 collab videos would be so dope!!😭

  • Lexi __.01
    Lexi __.01

    The FR-my community looks so cool😭 and I know it's not all fun and games and can be pretty dark and hard work but you also get to meet so many different people and you get to go to so many different places that it's just so cool🤩🤩

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White

    Go hang out with adin and Chris again these new dudes are weird

  • Jules Jacques
    Jules Jacques

    Imagine living in an apartment like that?!? 🙌🏼

  • Freese Morley
    Freese Morley

    What did you do with your candy you had?

  • •BeyondTheScene •
    •BeyondTheScene •

    Ahh i’m so happy for u!!!! and ahh i missed you & Adin together

  • Ji Ann Domingo
    Ji Ann Domingo

    Please don't make videos with that "Jesse" he is so arrogant so full of himself I HATE HIM!!!!

  • Kit_Kat

    What happened to your wrist


    Somewhere lizzy wurst is taking a pregnancy test, while drunk, kicking herself, and saying fuck a lot, trying to be relevant, because she done fucked up : ) #210 strong baby!

  • Ashton Kelleher
    Ashton Kelleher

    Don’t move house again otherwise jack Doherty will do another 24 hour challenge

  • Juan PInzon
    Juan PInzon

    Where is Spark?

  • Crunchy

    And then Jack Doherty snuck in.

  • Victoria Castro
    Victoria Castro

    God damn Lance 😍

  • ironfist30

    What if u shre the room with jessy.. he will act more weird😂😂😂😂

  • Savion Johnson
    Savion Johnson

    Careful at Vid con of what day you go like today because Pz9 is hacking vid con