GOTTA SEE IT: Fan Gets Ejected For Shoving Kyle Lowry In Game 3 Of NBA Finals
Watch as Kyle Lowry dives into the crowd for the ball and appears to be shoved by a fan in the seats.
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  • Muhammad

    Why would he get kicked just for slightly pushing a basketball player ?? Seriously it’s not like he punched him or anything. Sheesh NBA is overprotective.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan
    Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan

    Poor Kyle Lowry.


    dont push him/ you are going to make 2004 happen all over again -_-

  • Parker aka Name Family
    Parker aka Name Family

    He just wanted to touch a sweaty black man

  • Ni Meng
    Ni Meng

    Raptors Win. That's called Karma.

  • Greg Allen
    Greg Allen

    Is lowry a baby, a light push that wasn't aggresive?

  • Salman Zuberi
    Salman Zuberi

    The POS is likely a 100% MAGA supporter too.


    they need to put up a fence


    Was that the Pillsbury Doughboy that got ejected?


    He more than likely dont like blacks😕

  • Ace MacGruber
    Ace MacGruber

    When you're "entitled "

  • Joanna

    World, im CC!!!!

  • Mary Carter
    Mary Carter

    Did you all see the big pus*y attempt to draw himself up into himself? He was unsure if KYLE was going to react (Morgan Freeman voice) "it was at that moment he knew he had fu**ed up."

  • Need you now
    Need you now

    This is it. This is the height of news ladies and gentleman

  • chopper23269

    Can you really call that a shove? Lowry seems like a little sissy 😆😆😆

  • SupaFlyBoyZz699

    The Toronto Raptors show everyone " IT DOESNT HAVE TO TAKE A BANDWAGON SUPER TEAM TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP " Hard Work & Dedication.

  • Cassie

    THE GAME, it’s completely fine.

  • less kiss
    less kiss

    THE GAME, it’s completely fine.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    THE GAME, it’s completely fine.

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    THE GAME, it’s completely fine.

  • Wak3NBak3 420
    Wak3NBak3 420

    Player stood up like he was gonna do something😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • soldier2009

      Thats the thing you dont want to happen. You dont want another Malice in the Palace.



  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg

    I wish he did that to Ron arttest

  • Trav

    💎Diamond In The Trenches FR-my series out now 💎


    The chick in the Yellow took a elbow to the boob!😱....... I'm a doctor 😏

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado

    Why would you recklessly dive into a crowd like that? He didn’t even save the ball from going out of bounds. I say he did it on purpose.

  • Neil Dohi
    Neil Dohi

    He was just trying to show off to the lady by looking tough. Obviously he didn't follow the spectator rules they post on the screens before games.

  • charles mathis
    charles mathis

    This is how ALL white people feel(DEEP DOWN). NO? How many white people went to FLORI-DUH, and F'N protested when GEORGE ZIMMERMAN got off for STALKING AND KILLING a human being. hmm? And by the way, even though white COWARDLY POLICE ( based on their own statements,) have been killing UNARMED BLACK FOLKS, Tyisha miller comes to mind, I knew what that verdict would do to the collective mindset of the WHITE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY!! Really!

  • Rowsan Taaga
    Rowsan Taaga

    I'm a die hard dub fan, but that was not right. He should be banned for life. Smh

  • Dickcheese143

    Ha! White man - 0 Black NBA star - 1

  • Bryan Bree
    Bryan Bree

    That’s like a love tap compared to the Palace of Auburn Hills brawl

  • Chris Crum
    Chris Crum

    World, im CC!!!!

  • Onochie Afigbo
    Onochie Afigbo

    Uh-oh!!! That was unnecessary.

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug

    This is it. This is the height of news ladies and gentleman

  • SyprasKill

    "fan" He was part owner stfu

  • G White
    G White

    Lowry came in like a charging elephant with no regard for the public safety. Such jocks think they can do anything and everyone else has to take it. If it had been a white basketball player and a black spectator, the commentators and the blacks would have been charging the white player with assault and racism. There is no reason g with the racist and wining blacks.

  • charles pleshe
    charles pleshe

    Yeah they’ll eject a fan for putting his hand on a player when he threw his body into the crowd, but when Drake goes and turns the coach and starts shaking him up, DURING THE GAME, it’s completely fine.

  • XMarksthespot

    He was like you almost hurt my wife ahaba she was going for the ball too lol rich ppl smh

  • Jacob Monroe
    Jacob Monroe

    Negros are entertaining

  • the lion sleeps tonight
    the lion sleeps tonight

    A question from an European guy inexpert of basketball rules: can a player throw himself against the spectators sitting on their expensive seats in order to recuperate the ball? What if he broke the leg of that elderly spectator? Would that have been considered as just a possible risk of the game? Thank you

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover

    were to try to demolish my wife as Kyle almost did agaisnt the lady standing up...I would have been pissed off

  • WT Actual. . .
    WT Actual. . .

    And? Wtf is this channel about? So what he got ejected?

  • Franz Kafka
    Franz Kafka

    Why would you recklessly dive into a crowd like that? He didn’t even save the ball from going out of bounds. I say he did it on purpose.

    • WT Actual. . .
      WT Actual. . .

      I say you're an online white supremacist. I guess we both are entitled to our opinions.

  • Agent J
    Agent J

    Modern man, attacking another calling it helping....he had fears and concerns, he's not allowed to be wrong, just ask him.

  • Sam C.
    Sam C.

    Maybe a foolish question but, is it ok for the blonde woman to try to push the ball off from Lowry's hands when he is trying to catch it ?

  • Kpimmy10 YT
    Kpimmy10 YT

  • Will Mims
    Will Mims

    Replace those seats with spikes and lets see if they still dive into them like that. He only dove because he knew the people would break his fall. Like the poor lady in the 2nd row.

    • WT Actual. . .
      WT Actual. . .

      Who says people need to sit there is right but why would spikes be needed to prove your point again online white supremacist?

  • Shane Foster
    Shane Foster

    Lowry probably still crying

  • Simon Jordan
    Simon Jordan

    Lowry could have seriously hurt someone with that ridiculous save.. the guy should have punched him in the face!!

  • OnePieceWonPeace

    Can we get an x-ray to see the blunt trauma caused from this? Why is this a big deal? The guy was a dummy, Lowry hustled for a nice play, he's not injured, not even hurt other than his ego at most.

  • slicvm

    Lowry showing that Asian fetish by rushing into that Asian lady.

  • togair9

    I do not blame the fan- you should know better then run trying to save some dam ball knowing people and their wives are sitting there with your big ass body - and then some of these stupid players will land on your ass and just walk off without even saying a word of apology- negro did not have to save that damm ball and risk injuring women in the stands - get out of here !

  • Dan Delaney
    Dan Delaney

    This is it. This is the height of news ladies and gentleman

  • Josiah Payne
    Josiah Payne

    Did anyone apologize to the yellow shirt lady. She got some serious whiplash!

  • The War Mac88 Show
    The War Mac88 Show

    Tch, the guy was such a douche bag for being unsportsmanship!

  • harold altagracia
    harold altagracia

    Gotta See it? Would've been better if Lowry swung at him tbh

  • aviato287 x
    aviato287 x

    He looks like he purposefully tried to hurt someone in that dive though.

  • Emin Jonas Sulejmanov
    Emin Jonas Sulejmanov

    That investor is wrong and fines are reasonible, but am i the only person who thinks its not a big deal?

  • Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders

    NBA is for little girls

  • Coco Freedom
    Coco Freedom

    Idk i think kyle lowry was a bit irresponsable also. Those people...anyone of them...could have gotten seriously injured had they fallen to the floor and say hit their head. If a a guy were to try to demolish my wife as Kyle almost did agaisnt the lady standing up...I would have been pissed off

  • Celtic Jay
    Celtic Jay

    While thot puts her ass in face of old man

  • Xbankrobber !
    Xbankrobber !

    What a punk

  • Darryl Mcknight
    Darryl Mcknight

    How is that a shove you people need a better description of the word shoving cause where I'm from at isn't shoving

  • Princess ann
    Princess ann

    just saw a butt hurt fan lol

  • chris gilbreath
    chris gilbreath

    That was barely a pat. I would have pushed him to if he came in like a WWE wrestler

  • John Neville
    John Neville

    That woman who tried to touch the live ball shoulda been booted out too #dumbass

  • Nathan T.
    Nathan T.

    The woman in the yellow shirt was obviously hurt. But that Ey didnt mention that....

  • coulton bishop
    coulton bishop

    Baby herman from roger rabit lol big baby

  • KooKoo Bananas
    KooKoo Bananas

    Haha this WASN’T a fan it was a part owner of the warriors named mark stevens and barely anything happens to him. I guess if you’re rich rules and decency dont mater


    Racist alerttt