Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

  • Kauê Pereira
    Kauê Pereira

    Why?? Why did you rush 3 or 4 seasons in 6 episodes?? Why D&D? Why are you this selfish?

  • StahliBoi

    Is this an out of season April Fools joke

  • Dionis Leev
    Dionis Leev

    Did Drogon realize that Jon killed Dani? If so, how? Why did he torch the Throne and not Jon?

  • Bhoomika Kataria
    Bhoomika Kataria

    They did not show,that how The Night King was made 🙄

  • panggop jio
    panggop jio

    What a shit show finale........ I need my refund

  • K Jensen Mathews
    K Jensen Mathews


  • K Jensen Mathews
    K Jensen Mathews

    For me this is "Lost" all over again. Remember that pile of steaming turd, well now you are right up there! Well done for screwing up one of the 'could have been' greatest stories ever

  • Wafaduck

    Anyone here after Game Of Thrones ended 😭😭😭

  • minimalismu

    you GoT to be kidding me

  • Alexey Severin
    Alexey Severin

    So, the best choice was a ruler that can know everything... about anyone... at any given time? Nice message guys. Welcome to GOT 1984!


    Worst finale for the best Serie of all times. Worst ending ever. Like is feel me!

  • Test Account
    Test Account

    Feels like Rian Johnson helped write season 8.

  • ETA THETA trolls
    ETA THETA trolls

    What a shitty ending : I have a better ending ;Jon Snow frees Tyr-Jonon ;DANY gets mad and sentence Jon death by fire ;At the scene whole world wants to see Jon executed ;DANY says Dracarys to BURN Jon ;Jon lives through the fire because of legendary blood ;At that moment everybody finds out he is the rightful heir ; DANY goes mad and orders greyworm to kill Jon ;Looking at greyworm as threat Drogon burns him into ashes ;The war is over . DANY is furious and Then Sansa arrives and she wants the mad queen to die ;But then Jon snow steps in and saves DANY ;And sails off with her with the dragon ;He gives the throne to BRAN STARK In the end scene you see both them between DROGONS tail happy . And in the king's landing stark dynasty rules the seven kingdom That's how they should have ended it

    • Cathal

      I'd rather see Homer Simpson sit the throne then watch that fucking abomination of an ending I just read

  • emil posselt
    emil posselt

    So in summary, Arya went west, Jon went north, Drogon went east, and the show went south.

  • Farhod Sameev
    Farhod Sameev


  • Макс Воробьёв
    Макс Воробьёв

    With the end of Game of Thrones it's like we all loose our best friend...heartbroken

  • Lord Satanas
    Lord Satanas

    Fuck this episode! Fuck off!

  • Al Dali
    Al Dali

    season 9 ... counting

  • spartan kick
    spartan kick

    I would rather watch dragonball evolution to this shit

  • Hendra Setiawan
    Hendra Setiawan

    Game Of Thrones season 8 episode 1-6 is full of shit

  • Nafisah Mohamed
    Nafisah Mohamed

    Goodbye GoT. It was fun and absurd. Let the Six Kingdoms mess up again with Bran as King, Tyrion as Hand, petty lords still around, and Council members squabbling in the status quo. Only Jon, Arya and Sansa forging ahead towards something new and away from the mess Dany left but the noble houses caused.

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi

    It’s over, angry incels, yes the writing was shit, but it’s over. Boycott the arrogant actors and the incompetent writers. Dont watch any movies theyre involved with. Unsub from HBO. Done.

  • Vishnu

    I want more seasons😭😢

  • Alaan Ismail
    Alaan Ismail

    Still think anime is better

  • Brian Tchuwa
    Brian Tchuwa

    What a shit show finale........ I need my refund

  • aKayy677

    I watched this series for this? 8 fuckin seasons for this shit? Waited so long for this fuckin end? The whole series is bullshit. If there comes a spin-off, u can be sure i will never watch a second of your shit.

  • Diego H.
    Diego H.

    Reagan la serie con un guionista profesional

  • Doxil vik
    Doxil vik

    Vote to remake game of throne! Plz.. final episode was epic failed by HBO

  • Flora

    Drogon is alone now


    I waited nearly a decade for this rushed pos.

  • kajcsapapa

    shit ending

  • Kiei Luahi
    Kiei Luahi

    Bringing Jon back to life meant nothing. Him being Aegon meant nothing. Varys sending ravens all over Westeros about Aegon, meant nothing. Yara wanting independence from Westeros in S7 and now she's okay with the North splitting up and forgetting what she wanted for the Iron Islands, lol. Dorne always wanting to be independent also forgetting that. What a mess lol. And these are just a few things. There's so much more left unresolved. This is like Walter White not caring about the whole Jesse plotline and we never see him again. What happened to him? Doesn't matter! Walter forgot about him! GRRM gave D&D major plotpoints for the ending, but they forgot that there should also be minor plotpoints in between. Dany becomes mad, sure I can live with that. But there has to be a solid development towards that madness. I didnt't really see that gradual development because D&D declined more episodes. Not to create a nicely tightly written package and to not draw things out, nope. It was just to quickly rush it to get to Star Wars. That's it. GRRM himself said that this should've been done up to 13 seasons and GRRM knows what he's talking about. Next to being the writer of these books it was based on, the guy was and is also a screenwriter. HBO wanted to give them more seasons and more budget, even more episodes in this season but D&D always declined. All for their new Star Wars job.

  • mashiloa

    I'm probably the only one who liked the final season and the ending. It wasnt a happy season but it made a lot of sense to me. Things happen even if they're not right and even if they dont make sense; that's how it had always been since season 1 so I think the last season remained true to the show. My idea of dragons is that they're wise so I was really happy to see Drogon be that kind of dragon in the end and not just some fire-breathing mindless beast. He was in so much pain and while he burned the throne, it was like I could hear him scream "All this for a chair?!? Stupid humans!" Oh and the way he looked at Jon... Drogon could have just burned Jon but he didnt and I dont think because Jon was a Targaryen but because sparing Jon's life was a harsher punishment. I can just imagine being loyal all my life yet betraying someone I love - I dont think I can live with that. Anyway, that was my fave scene and it was the most emotional for me. The burning of kingslanding reminded me of Code Geass - sigh... I just cant get used to tragedies. The only thing I wished that was different was Cersei's ending. Wish she had a more horrible end but it only shows (and this is true even in real life) that even wicked people can get lucky when they have someone who truly loves them. This season made me feel and think so much so thank you, GOT cast and crew. It must have been so tough deciding on the ending. Well, you guys did great!

  • Eddy DeVille Lowks
    Eddy DeVille Lowks


  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Sign for the petition game of thrones remake season 8

  • Jimi strøm
    Jimi strøm A true warrior song!

  • iva2x

    it was the biggest show in history. now it is the bigest disappointed of my life

  • svn mock
    svn mock

    Whats the soundtrack used in here called?

  • Martin Angev
    Martin Angev

    Lo pobre que se ve y lo mucho que lo queren

  • EndZiiel

    Ending was disappointing so everyone turns on the show calling it the shittest show of all time now lolll. Entitled wankers

  • Thales Schuster
    Thales Schuster


  • EndZiiel

    I'm glad it ended poorly. Band of brothers still the greatest show of all time

  • Alexandr Orlov
    Alexandr Orlov

    It would be better given to shoot the last season to the creators of The Witcher(( ...So many years of excellent work, serious and strong history and atmosphere, dialogues, listening to which you didn't want to fall asleep or go further, because they are deep and enters your mind ... I have been walking to this end for so long. And then two "dudes" came with their 8th season, and when the credits of the last episode began, I felt nothing. I was so tired of the fall of the last season that I probably didn’t expect anything, and just wanted it to end as soon as possible. ...I respect the work of the film crew, the actors and make-up artists of the series, they did their job perfectly well. But no one will ever have the right to say that I have to respect what they did with the history of the series in that season. Because to respect the one who made the furniture that collapsed in my house just because someone who does not know how to do it decided to take on this business - disrespect the very concept of word "quality". And myself, for such a scolding. ...Essentially, in my opinion, if you like.

  • Ryan Rax
    Ryan Rax

    Looks like cercei had a (king's landing) too, as well as tommen 😂

  • OneTwentyOver80

    Writers: ah well, you can't please everyone. Everyone: correct.

  • XoX

    i love the butthurt

  • linda bradley
    linda bradley

    And they lived happily ever after...., fuck off

    • XoX

      kys imbecile

  • BARACUDA : Very Budget Gamer
    BARACUDA : Very Budget Gamer


  • Mujtaba Gul
    Mujtaba Gul

    Hail Game of Thrones 💐

  • Jeromotos24

    La concha de tu madre HBO!

  • Martin

    sitting on the iron throne now, be like 🔥🌋

  • José Ferreira
    José Ferreira

    Where the f went Kinvara, the red woman who appeared to be serving Daenerys in season 6? She never reappeared. I thought that she would be the one killing Varys in episode 5 because of what she told him. Major flaw to have a character vanishing like that.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    After a few years Bran dies cause someone gives him a hook throw the staires. Jon comes back from Nights watch and gets the new king of westeros end.

  • Pele Gacinovic
    Pele Gacinovic

    you people are MENTALLY ILL get a fucking life!!!

  • woodchuckcider1

    The unsullied and dothraki respawn ability is way OP.

  • Vishal Yadav
    Vishal Yadav

    You wasted our time

  • Full Of Brick
    Full Of Brick

    Hot garbage

  • Mạnh Tùng Chu
    Mạnh Tùng Chu

    JonSnow: Know nothing,does everything BranStark: Know everything,does nothing. Bran The Broken

  • Kristijan Bernsic
    Kristijan Bernsic

    John Snou still did nothing. We make it: John is the embodiment of a noble, brave and good man. To be sure, his heroism, humility and sincerity make him better than all of us. But his path, like Nedov, has the habit of sending him to stupid places. He is a man who has all the characteristics of a classic hero - the same characteristics that people killed in the Throne Games. He died once, but our constant reminders of how great he is - now bigger than Danny, if you take into account its burning of the city - the ruler. This ignores the fact that John is unsuccessful, from the script to the script, until a woman - Arja, Deneris, Sansa, Igrite or Melisandra - does not save his ass. What did we actually get from his "superman of status"? He did not kill the Night King. He did not kill Sersea. He won no battle thanks to military plans he designed. What is the path of his character?

  • Kristian

    Wie schafft man es eine so geile Serie so zu verkacken????? Idioten

    • Kristian

      +BDY DX ich finde es scheiße dass fast alle das bekommen haben was sie wollten außer Jon Schnee der wurde wieder bestraft und Bran dachte ich dass er eine größere Rolle spielt da eine zurück in die Zukunft konnte und den Lauf der Dinge hätte auch ändern können es kam ein vor als ob die letzte Folge nur da warum um es schnell zu beenden

    • BDY DX
      BDY DX

      +Kristian naja Bran wird der weiseste König werden . Und er hätte drogon zwar kontrollieren können und deneres Dann den Kopf anbeißen können aber naja . Hätte bei der vorletzten Folge nicht gedacht das mein Ende besser ist als das echte haha ^^ . Die größte Emotion war von drogon als er den Thron verbrannt ansonsten stimme ich dir zu

    • Kristian

      +BDY DX es ist einfach zu schlecht keine Bernd wäre nicht schlimm aber Bran König voll der Schwachsinn nicht eine richtige Emotion eingebaut

    • BDY DX
      BDY DX

      Man sollte absichtlich kein Happy end

  • loli doli
    loli doli


  • devil HUNTER
    devil HUNTER

    The final season was very bad, especially part 6

  • Nicky Garcia
    Nicky Garcia

    I just wasted 8 years of my find out that neither Danny nor Jon were ever going to attain the throne. Instead, I find out a master manipulator, a 3 eyed whatever, used absolutely everyone in the series to make him King. If I knew that the most beloved main characters on this show...were just used to distract us from the hogwash/propaganda the show & it's creators were selling, I would've never started watching the show in the first place. Thanks for NOTHING!!!

  • Θεοδωρος Θανος
    Θεοδωρος Θανος

    People : What was the whole point of the night king if he died in a single episode Also people after a prequel is announced where the night king is the actual villain and it isn't about the damn Throne since season fucking 1: why watch it. Only mistake is that the prequel comes 2nd which makes the night king's death pointless because he was only teased as a threat. The prequel will make him an actual threat since that will propably be the main focus.

  • Emmet 2018
    Emmet 2018

    Biggest let down in TV series history 🤦

  • Matěj Fiala
    Matěj Fiala

    I will never watch this episode. I just can't bring myself to do it. I hate what you did to our beloved characters and I always will.

  • Matěj Fiala
    Matěj Fiala

    I will never watch this episode. I just can't bring myself to do it. I hate what you did to our beloved characters and I always will.

  • Satan Claus
    Satan Claus

    166k bots upvoted this video.

  • Mahen Abeyratne
    Mahen Abeyratne

    They can make this right.. They just need one more season with 4 or 5 episodes...

  • luong thi lan anh
    luong thi lan anh

    This is anti fan made, isn’t it? Okay, I am waiting for the real one.

  • pembe panjur
    pembe panjur

    Fuck you senarist

  • Tapan Agrawal
    Tapan Agrawal

    Danny become a night queen

  • Filippo Arancio
    Filippo Arancio

    L.O.T.R forever. .....

    • serenading Bee
      serenading Bee

      I was searching for this comment Lmao

  • Alaa Nassr
    Alaa Nassr


  • Dazed2006

    Well, that was awful. At least it's stopped now. A bit like putting a dying animal out of it's misery. A once epic, intelligent, entertaining show ruined by Dunning-Kruger hacks.

  • หน่วยข่าวกรอง ทางยุทธศาสตร์
    หน่วยข่าวกรอง ทางยุทธศาสตร์

    Ep5 = 3/10 Ep6 = -99/10

  • Inquisitor Trevelyan
    Inquisitor Trevelyan

    Thanks to D&D and George, really great job here... I'm glad none of you were involved with LOTR or Aragorn would have been exiled instead of king. Who needs a good ending right? F***ing morons...

  • gem A
    gem A

    진짜 장난하는것도 아니고 이것도 드라마라고 내놓은거냐? 지금까지 결말이 어떻게 될지 떨리는 마음으로 기다려온 팬들을 다 배신하고 본인들 마음대로 이 지랄 염병을 해 놓으면 팬들은 아 그렇구나 역시 왕좌의 게임이야 하면서 좋아할것 같냐? 이건 그냥 니들이 팬들을 우롱하고 무시하고 배신한거다 시즌 8 만들라고 해봤자 이딴식으로 팬들 배신한 놈들이 뭐 해주지 않을건 알지만 니들은 그냥 쓰레기다 이 왕좌의 게임이라는 작품 처럼 내가 어렸을때부터 성인이 되기까지 가장 사랑했던 드라마를 쓰레기라고 부르고 있다. 니들이 이런 팬들에 마음을 아냐 어차피 한국어로 읽지도 못하겠지 잘가라 왕좌의 게임...

  • Lokiii Odin
    Lokiii Odin

    کفتر کاکل بسر غار غار

  • ale system
    ale system

    🤢 Pésimo final.

  • Sachith Fernandopulle
    Sachith Fernandopulle

    All these years of character development and the finest piece of story telling just got vanished in to the thin air. Why did the writers had to rush this season? GoT of course never gave what we wanted, but it was filled with logic for every outcome except for season 8. Death of night king was rushed Everybody getting to know Jon is the true heir to the throne was rushed Dany starting to worry about her place as the queen was rushed After all Dany becoming mad queen was rushed though it was evident after many tragedies she faced. What if: Dragon riders Night King and Jon continued to have the fiery dog fight on Viserion and Rhaegal among clouds. Gusty Icy winds manipulated by Night King favors Viserion, but not Rhaegal. Gusty wind separates Dany from Jon. Dog fight lasts so long where Rhaegal and Jon can't hold on any longer. Battle torn Rhaegal and Viserion hits the Winterfel Castle grounds, where Night King manages to eject himself swiftly prior hitting the battle ground. Both dragons continue their fight for death while bringing down the castle walls and kills so many north men and army of the dead with their fiery fire. Neither Rhaegon and Viserion can control their fire nor they can fly with torn wings. But the fight for death continues and now even the dead starts to damage Rhaegal further. Meanwhile fallen Jon still believes he can end the war by killing the Night King. But now he realizes he is surrounded by the commanders of the Night King too. But Jon crawls towards Night King as one of his legs are being pierced by a commander making him crippled. As the icy storm starts to dissappear Dany finds fallen Jon surrounded by Night King and his Commanders. She sees thousands of dead north men, unsullied, dotgraki and other banner men. And also she sees Rhaegal drawing his final breath. As night King walks towards Jon, Dany takes her only and last shot by burning battlefield with Drogon. She keeps looking at Jon as he burns. Tears of Dany tells a story that a bystander cannot comprehend? Is it that she had no choice? She still believes she is the breaker of chains? But then she realize night king cannot be harmed with dragon fire as night King keeps staring at Dany. And so the episode 3 ends.... Leaving so many questions unanswered for all the fans. Is Jon dead? Killed by Dany? Can anyone place their trust on power hungry Danny?

  • YoSr

    this season SUCKS!!! ........... the writer must do "walk of shame" naked.. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!

  • Король Ночи
    Король Ночи

    Lost: I fucked up show ending GOT: Hold my beer

  • Bobby Kahlon
    Bobby Kahlon

    "You were the Chosen One. It was said that you would destroy the masters not join them. Bring balance to the realm not leave it in darkness! You were my queen Daenerys. I loved you." - Jon Snow

  • margo stepanova
    margo stepanova

    comedy show

  • Mary Planas
    Mary Planas

    Whoever thought and made this ate something bad.

  • Роман Демеш
    Роман Демеш

    GoT ended at season 6.

  • Nathaniel Jamison
    Nathaniel Jamison

    you screwed up the finale, u gave John Snows climax to arya. then u destroyed the iron throne for what? a message? a message no one will ever hear over the hate u have inspired for the finale.

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle

    Why didn't Melisadre just cast a spell and burned all the White Walkers and then Night king? Instead she let the fire lit on the weapons.

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle

    People waited to see Cersei getting killed by a Brick, Night King killed easily with just a knife, Golden Company didn't have an epic battle, people didn't give a fuck about Jon's true identity, and Bran being the King of the seven bloody kingdoms. NOW THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF EPICLY DISAPPOINTING.

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle

    People should've atleast know the truth about Jon's identity.

  • FinnishMafioso

    I farted after the episode and it gave me much more satisfaction than this clusterfuck..

  • Hoàng Anh Tuấn
    Hoàng Anh Tuấn

    in the end I don't understand jon snow revival for what. Kill dany? The lightest movie😞

  • Fantasmagoryco fantasmagoryco
    Fantasmagoryco fantasmagoryco

    tremendous production for such a bad ending really what a disappointment

  • # TBC
    # TBC

    When fan theories and youtube/reddit comments make more sense than things that wrote by two highly paid writers....





  • John Paul Medecilo
    John Paul Medecilo

    "when bran the shit became a king" season 8 episode 6

  • rako bran
    rako bran

    They can lie to Greyworm that Jon is going to join the nights watch but actually he is in winterfell

  • I Komang Wirayana
    I Komang Wirayana

    Jaime should have pushed Bran a bit harder in season 1

    • hermione granger
      hermione granger

      I Komang Wirayana in the first place who can live after that I mean there’s no way someone survive this in real life