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Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - I Don't Care [Official Video]
Ed Sheeran
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  • azlan khan
    azlan khan

    3:06 LOL

  • Motif HEN
    Motif HEN

    John Mayer's idea it is

  • Kristie Perry
    Kristie Perry

    Is this to your babe

  • Sherly Lim
    Sherly Lim

    .Liked.. 👍

  • Ema Queirós
    Ema Queirós

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #sheeranandbieberforever💜 #idontcare💙

  • Ioulita's Channel
    Ioulita's Channel

    what the heck? This is the only thing I can say after watching this.

  • Tik Tok Girl xing
    Tik Tok Girl xing

    Ai VN xem thì điểm danh

  • proste ja
    proste ja


  • Minion Boss
    Minion Boss

    I dont care... About the video im here for Ed.

  • 의적바람

    0:16 shwo......w...e..d..a..n.s!!....

  • Brejanae Pickens
    Brejanae Pickens


  • Emisia Jurasz
    Emisia Jurasz

    Kto z polski ??

  • Mr. Die
    Mr. Die

    I mean the title is good for haters i guess :) 😊

  • laura14166

    Ellen should make a cover of this song, nobody would notice the edits

  • תהילה חצות
    תהילה חצות


  • Choccy Marshmallo Kat
    Choccy Marshmallo Kat

    This makes people see Justin Bieber in a new way. Buy it that just what Justin wants?

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber

    I am From south Iraq I love Justin Bieber ❤️ Any one love Iraq comment here

  • Anna Vrúdna
    Anna Vrúdna


  • Choccy Marshmallo Kat
    Choccy Marshmallo Kat

    Ed looks petrified. Probably because Justin Bieber is scaring him

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez

    I'm going to sleep to this song lol super great. Makes me feel like I can be myself with my baby 😇💞

  • Erni Shey
    Erni Shey


  • Ratanak Norak
    Ratanak Norak

    No drug No sex No money just listen to your song😍

  • skullmate 101
    skullmate 101

    Hey look... Ed Sheeran's still UGLY....

  • Gamze Cetin
    Gamze Cetin

    Is that the old Justin???!!!

  • Cepy Helali
    Cepy Helali

    sick and funny

  • gaurav mishra
    gaurav mishra


  • Ikano Tuccu
    Ikano Tuccu

    EQUAL to watching Cartoon network...

  • abby kemp
    abby kemp

    surprise! ed sheeran and justin beiber are dating

  • Naraa Nar
    Naraa Nar


  • Mike Jizzwalker
    Mike Jizzwalker

    It seem this video literally hired a 10 years old to do the job. BUT IT WENT PERFECTLY!

  • Hrithik singh
    Hrithik singh

    What's better way to fit in than a 'Green screen'?

  • Lilly Coates
    Lilly Coates

    I really can’t stop listining to it

  • Michel Perron
    Michel Perron

    0:36 yes im gona take this ass down the m6 road im gona ride thil this ass is mine

  • Linetz Ortiz
    Linetz Ortiz

    5 stars

  • Ida Nielsen
    Ida Nielsen

    Only Justin Bieber looks hella cute as a icecone


    3:06 omg I died 💀❤️

  • Klea Alcani
    Klea Alcani

    Who love this song? 😍😍😍😍😍(I yes) 👇👍👍👍👍

  • ßasically 4verage
    ßasically 4verage

    3:14 yo wtf

  • Lisa jane
    Lisa jane

    Its full of it that one


    ....Is this legit.... I think i died inside a bit.... I'm sorry Ed your great but.... Wow. I've kinda just like.... *braincells are toasted

  • Kowalskaa

    Director: What effects boyssss? Justin: Maybe... Hmm... I don't-- Ed: CAREEEEEEEEEE!!!


    Who came back to watch this video ⬇️

  • Reza Akbar
    Reza Akbar

    great good channel... plis subscribe and klick like my channell.. thanks

  • Zooden Soonders
    Zooden Soonders

    Well this what happens when you put 2 of the best artists together Wow

  • DJ Langley
    DJ Langley

    They copied "New Light" by John Mayer with this vid lowkey haha

  • 토토 메이저
    토토 메이저

    Korean bikini show : Let's get it now!

  • Shantanu Singh
    Shantanu Singh

    Ed Sheeran : like Justin Bieber : comment

  • brillianka irly
    brillianka irly

    I think they dont care with, them video

  • Tanishq Agarwal
    Tanishq Agarwal

    I love you!! ❤️❤️

  • Go Zeppo
    Go Zeppo

    everywhere have eyes i hate illuminati

  • Alessandro Mancini
    Alessandro Mancini

    -Ed, how much is the budget for the video? -No.

  • Elizabete Bete
    Elizabete Bete

    Esta eu coando me ponho ouvir estas vozes Linda que me fazem lembrar uma pessoa elisabete matos aaa elisabete matos aaa

  • 3Dimensional

    (Link) Hey guys! my brother and i just dropped our first music video on FR-my and we are getting a lot of love for it. Would mean a lot if you could check it out and if you want to hear more hit that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! Lets us know in the comment section where you are from. Thank you all who take the time out to listen and give feedback!

  • ArianaTaehyung

    director: how random do you want this editing to be? ed sheeran: *i don't care*

  • MSDawng liana
    MSDawng liana

    "I can deal with the bad nights when i'm with my baby"😌

  • Yash Chaudhary
    Yash Chaudhary

    The sing is good but can anyone tell me what was the budget....

  • Samuel Pardede
    Samuel Pardede

    John mayer:hey you copy my song Ed and justin :i dont care

  • Natalka Tomczyk
    Natalka Tomczyk

    Proszę was oglądajcie mój film na kanale Natalka Tomczyk please

  • yusuf red
    yusuf red

    Ed is the bananaman

  • Winter is almost here
    Winter is almost here

    Ooooh now I get it, they don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ملاك _ سان
    ملاك _ سان


    • ملاك _ سان
      ملاك _ سان

      @Ricardo Ramirez ˋ_ˊ ؟؟؟

    • Ricardo Ramirez ˋ_ˊ
      Ricardo Ramirez ˋ_ˊ


  • lillie buchanan
    lillie buchanan

    I like the song, not the music video

  • alwayswannasad

    justin bieber is COMEBACK

  • Aisya Najwa Sahla
    Aisya Najwa Sahla

    Green screen? I dont care

  • ravinder kaur gill
    ravinder kaur gill Check "I don't care" latest remix

  • seavor .c
    seavor .c

    I felt like I was on LSD

  • Ella .S
    Ella .S

    I forgot how fun and cuteEd Sheeran was🙃

  • Franciis Luque
    Franciis Luque


  • csodade

    Schlimmer geht nicht

  • Make Out Hill XXX
    Make Out Hill XXX

    Director: i don't know how to edit well Ed sheeran and JB: I don't care.



  • Tia Ramdani
    Tia Ramdani


  • Sobahn Khan
    Sobahn Khan

    Ed Sheeran inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with him some day. Mark my words!

  • sri bet
    sri bet

    I don’t remember taking any drugs but ok.

  • Celestine Groleau
    Celestine Groleau

    I'm so *confused*

  • Ellie Crabbe
    Ellie Crabbe

    Manager to dancer: you just booked a Justin Bieber music video Dancer: omg I can’t wait to meet him 😭 Manager: well....

  • Mimie Izhar
    Mimie Izhar

    OMG!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!

  • B E
    B E

    Noobe video this time

  • G. Shwartzer
    G. Shwartzer

    I stan this song but the video is iconic.

  • DK22

    Cóa Ai Việt Nam k nhỉ Việt Nam đâu ht rùi

  • Alejandro Mendez
    Alejandro Mendez

    Wooo Justin Bieber is ugly and old

  • Mariona Vilà Sagué
    Mariona Vilà Sagué

    lola fina soc tonta

  • The Cherry Girls
    The Cherry Girls

    I love this so much 👍👍👍

  • Allison Blais
    Allison Blais

    Try watching this while you're high.

  • Bella Faye
    Bella Faye

    Love how the green part of the corn blends in with the green screen 😂

  • Rocío Colán
    Rocío Colán

    I love it ❤❤

  • اTempest ا
    اTempest ا

    Producers:How do you want it to be Ed & Justin:Yes,I don’t care

  • Alyssa Ramirez
    Alyssa Ramirez

    I vibe with this video i LOOOVE it

  • siam islam
    siam islam

    It should get more view

  • Sitar Ashgrove
    Sitar Ashgrove

    that editing tho.

  • Natalya Irianti
    Natalya Irianti

    Good 👌👏👍👍👍

  • ramesh khanna math
    ramesh khanna math

    I love you guys but bat hair cut and beared

  • Aspen Smith
    Aspen Smith

    Crystal meth is a good look for this video (impressed actually)

  • Amegan vlog
    Amegan vlog like 👍

  • Destiny Bigstone
    Destiny Bigstone

    Justin Bieber your voice is so good

  • Ahmad Fouda
    Ahmad Fouda

    عاش إيديت + اسم البرنامج

  • Nikelly Meirelles
    Nikelly Meirelles

    Ouvindo Milhares de vezes.. Amo Ed.

  • Ahmad Fouda
    Ahmad Fouda

    إيديتنج ليڤل المسلسلات المصريه في السبعينات

  • Maria Paz Largo M.
    Maria Paz Largo M.

    Amo esta cancion😍😘😗. No la dejo de escuchar🇪🇨


    How can someone like this music video goddammit