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    how can you be crippled with anxiety? You're JUSTIN BIEBER!

  • Mintho family CHannel official
    Mintho family CHannel official i like ...........the song

  • Утка

    Есть русские поставьте лайки чтоб амерекосы подумали что мы что-то умное написали

  • macy grace
    macy grace

    I just love the way they sing "somebody" ❤

    CHORUS Chorus Loop .🎧

  • Bharathi Shankar
    Bharathi Shankar

    Who have come here to read the comments ;)

    • Sarwat Siddiq
      Sarwat Siddiq

      Me lol

  • Alina Marie
    Alina Marie

    If anyone was to read dis just to let u know the song "Castle on the hill" has the same likes as dis not exact but they both have 1.7M

  • The Media Generator
    The Media Generator

    Black Panther VS Hawkeye be like:

  • Lynn Wallish
    Lynn Wallish

    It’s that summer song!

  • Franka Nikolli
    Franka Nikolli

    Hey everyone , can u watch my video on my channel It's very beautiful Thank u

  • Franka Nikolli
    Franka Nikolli

    Justin , my lifeeee❤❤❤

  • Merrill George
    Merrill George

    Shawn Mendez: if i cant have you. Justin and ed: I dont care

  • Shipra Saraf
    Shipra Saraf

    This song is going to be played in : Puma store Mufti store US polo store Flying machine store And all other clothing stores😎

  • PumgPlays

    Why do the people in my school think Justin Bieber is cringe and he has a voice crack like nOboDy hEAayeAYeAyEaYeayea

  • lunameowl


  • Judith Anderson
    Judith Anderson

    I appreciate this song

  • oopsi poopsie
    oopsi poopsie

    İ don't know what to comment but still i commented and i don't care .

  • Heidi Bentley
    Heidi Bentley

    Hi Ed Justin lads this is deadly I can't stop listening don't think I fit in anywere hahaha x

  • Levys RST
    Levys RST

    Brazilian. M

  • army girl
    army girl

    Justin sounds like Shawn Mendes

  • عائلة باركور العراق
    عائلة باركور العراق

  • 하루•나야


  • Brittney Ashmore
    Brittney Ashmore

    Just uploaded my first FR-my cover, would love it if you could all check it out? Thanks a lot if you do, means a lot! 😊

  • lotos hand family
    lotos hand family

  • i just wanna die
    i just wanna die

    Sorry but i really thought of something better... I dont like it.

  • Tia King
    Tia King

    U know what would sound great , Ed and Shawn Mendez like listening to this song I can just picture them colabing

  • Patata Frita
    Patata Frita

    This is better than the music video

  • Mohamed amine Ammari
    Mohamed amine Ammari


  • Mohamed amine Ammari
    Mohamed amine Ammari

    Justin bieber be like : - BABY -WHERE ARE U NOW -SORRY -I DONT CARE LOGIC

  • Cosmo Veras
    Cosmo Veras

    Ammmmmmoooooo esssa música!!!!

  • PotatoV24 IoI
    PotatoV24 IoI

    Ed: So, what should we call it? Justin: Anything, I don't care. Ed: Ok then. Justin: Wait, what?

  • Manisha Kumari
    Manisha Kumari

    Awesome 👌

  • Upender reddy Ammati
    Upender reddy Ammati

    This song is good I am watching this song also for *Good hand writing*

  • Carl Jewel Taas
    Carl Jewel Taas

    Taylor: stealing my ooh ohh ohh Ed: I don't care.

  • R-Khen{official}

    ~Love Song~

  • R-Khen{official}

    _Hello Everyone_

  • Sandhika Adityadharma
    Sandhika Adityadharma

    I felt they put more effort into the lyric video rather than the music video. Lol

  • 1 Million Subscribers without video
    1 Million Subscribers without video

    i think i am only here to like my own comment first😢😢👍

  • julius moktan
    julius moktan

    2019 anyone??

  • hehe

    Hello, I will be doing a cover of this song. You can check it out on instagram at - _ritika97_ Thank you 🖤

  • Saran videos official
    Saran videos official

  • Ashanti larose
    Ashanti larose

    Came out on my bd!😱 oh hell yea😂😍😭❤

  • sheetal kadvadkar
    sheetal kadvadkar

    Justin:Where are u now ? Someone:Coldwater Justin:I don't care.... 😂😂

  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog

    Shit song

  • Brishti Das
    Brishti Das


  • raju t.k
    raju t.k

    sheeran fan from india

  • Aloha ImElmo
    Aloha ImElmo

    search > i dont care 45M view proceed click the video i dont care 50M view

  • Shira Atias
    Shira Atias

    Hey :)

  • Agus Sastrawan
    Agus Sastrawan

    Come on make it 1 b views!!!!!!

  • queen_susie

    ehhhh is what my reaction is right now

  • Shyam Bahmani
    Shyam Bahmani

    Pretty Basic song

  • Baby Dragon
    Baby Dragon


  • Reymart Draws
    Reymart Draws

    wassap ma nigga

  • Mateo Sebastian Arcilla Lacson
    Mateo Sebastian Arcilla Lacson

    I love this song

  • Music lover
    Music lover

    I feel like when Shakira and Rihanna sang Can't remember to forget you back at 2014 So excited

  • Trung Tín Trần
    Trung Tín Trần

    When u play this song in 0.75 x10 better

  • Hijos del siglo XXI
    Hijos del siglo XXI

    I love this song

  • Priscila Santana de Moraes
    Priscila Santana de Moraes

    Love you

  • Debora Silvestri
    Debora Silvestri

    this song is fantastic. Ilove it

  • THC Chatswood
    THC Chatswood

    I love you guys

  • Da Nin
    Da Nin

    Idol នីន

  • Della Bakery
    Della Bakery

    Coz I don't care OR Cause I don't care ?

  • Debargha Malakar
    Debargha Malakar

    Ed Sheeran is the Arijit Singh of Hollywood

  • Bum Nulprang
    Bum Nulprang

    ชอบเพลงนี้มากๆๆๆๆๆ คนไทยขอไลหน่อย

  • じゅあん

    エドとジャスティンのコンビなんて!!サイコーじゃない♪二人の歌唱力は言うことないうえ、とてもCOOL!!(^O^)/ジムで聞くとノリノリになるの間違いなし♪二人にThanks!A combination of Ed and Justin! ! It's not Psycho ♪ I can not say the singing ability of two people, and it is very COOL! ! (^ O ^) / There is no doubt that it will be nori to hear in the gym ♪ Thanks to two people!

  • Fyah Blass
    Fyah Blass

    If u feel the Dancehall vibe,♡♡♡..Drop a like 2019..#stlucia #jamaica #Dancehall

  • Phomolo Rose Sekonyela
    Phomolo Rose Sekonyela

    This songs are totally perfect guys,keep it up!

  • Kofi Asiedu
    Kofi Asiedu

    I like you bro for sending positive energy

  • Kofi Asiedu
    Kofi Asiedu

    One ☝️ of my favorites stars ⭐️ in the world 🌍

  • D.André Mayta
    D.André Mayta

    I love this song....Se convertirá en un temazo en los siguiente años

  • Go Girl
    Go Girl

    Will be good to see if Justin can do a gospel song for Jesus and how Jesus saved him ❤️❤️❤️ @justinbieber

  • Anita Auti
    Anita Auti

    Amazing song Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran 👌👌 😍😘😘

  • Mz Ganteng
    Mz Ganteng

    Better than before :)

  • Abdullah Othman
    Abdullah Othman

    I'm in love with this song ❤️❤️🤭🤭🤭

  • 孫悟飯jr.



    oooohhhh my GOD... this is amazing awesome song collaboration..

  • karem toumsi
    karem toumsi

    listen & shared i like you

  • Fabulous Killjoy
    Fabulous Killjoy

    This is so cringeworthy…yeah Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran don't fit in at parties, sure. No one's *ever* looking at them, what you talking about?

  • Renee Isabel
    Renee Isabel

    I’ll love this song so much

  • Ashim Paudel
    Ashim Paudel

    Me:Which song to play? Friends:I don’t care 😂😂

  • Crashtown10 _
    Crashtown10 _

    Not trying to be negative but why the autotune.

  • Kelby Moore
    Kelby Moore


  • Matheus Luz
    Matheus Luz

    Mateo Messi xD

  • Matheus Luz
    Matheus Luz

    Only I who came here because of the messi's son?

  • Reflex Ninja
    Reflex Ninja

    Hi I am a baboon

  • patricia ferrari
    patricia ferrari

    I love you Ed... desde ARGENTINA saluda Patricia***

  • Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh


  • Ghost 270
    Ghost 270


  • GldnSptsnz

    Before Famous People :"We don't care about Justin" After Famous Justin :"I don't care about these peoples"

    • GldnSptsnz

  • Brayden Henderson
    Brayden Henderson

    I can hear this on repeat in JC PENNIES already


    Love this song ( I kinda feel the same way at a party lol)

  • Zino TV
    Zino TV

    best song 2019 yet

  • Dwight Crawford
    Dwight Crawford

    My class thought he said fuck instead of “sneak out the back” 😂

  • usama shakoor
    usama shakoor

    Very soon 1B. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Claudio Lima
    Claudio Lima


  • Yati Idiw
    Yati Idiw

    Ilike song

  • na Na
    na Na

    I can’t wait to see you again.

  • Ivelisse Santiago
    Ivelisse Santiago

    i love this song. its the best

  • الغريب في وطنه
    الغريب في وطنه

    what should you do to call a song i don t care perfect

  • Bea Silva
    Bea Silva

    REPLAY !