Eating At The Best Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New Jersey (5 Star)
Brennen Taylor
Today we arrived at the home of the original Taco Pizza, this one is like no other. ONE STAR PIZZA NYC coming next ;P
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Tony Boloney's
263 1st St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
Shot by Jake:
Check out :
Family friendly pg clean
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PO BOX: 3844 Chatsworth CA 91313-3844
Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series

  • Grand Moff Tarkin
    Grand Moff Tarkin

    Heart disease 101

  • band mc
    band mc

    You should go to the Taco Bell hotel

  • No content subscribers challenge
    No content subscribers challenge

    This one got me hungry really quick🐸

  • Manati Playz
    Manati Playz

    There going to be shitting out there stomachs

  • black rose
    black rose

    Don’t offend me by saying those tacos r better, TRY OTHER TACO PLACES.

  • Charisse Lewis
    Charisse Lewis

    I can go for a slice of nj/ ny pizza

  • Charisse Lewis
    Charisse Lewis

    Those garlic knots . mmmmm.

  • Lydia Santana
    Lydia Santana

    I live in Atlantic city we have a Tony's and I did not like the taco pizza , too much going on On it.

  • SweetVibez

    New Jersey baby!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about pure home loving food. They put loooovee in they food!!💯❤️😋👌🏽🔥


    I’m loving the bnha shirt

  • Karina Vallejo
    Karina Vallejo

    I want a taco pizza 🤩😍😍

  • JC xJC_DaShooter_2x
    JC xJC_DaShooter_2x

    Brennan, I dont know if I can trust you. You think burger kings nuggets were fire. They are not!

  • Crystal Ramos
    Crystal Ramos

    I live in Hoboken omg I hope you come back!!!

  • deeprose4

    Taco pizza from Happy Joe’s is what I remember. It had taco meat on top of a normal pizza then lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa and crushed tortilla chips. That was in 1978. They invented the taco pizza.

  • TheViper0146

    Don’t ever say that in yo life Mexicans restaurant are the best

  • Jaclynn Jones
    Jaclynn Jones


  • Hellmuth Sangri
    Hellmuth Sangri

    Las pizzas del perro negro en CDMX ya habian hecho esto pero con tacos de canasta

  • Alyssa Kelly
    Alyssa Kelly

    I miss new jersey I lived there for 12 years oof now in Texas oof

  • Hannah Hamilton
    Hannah Hamilton

    No gauc is too much

  • Lexii Perry
    Lexii Perry

    you should go down to South Jersey and try out some of the Italian restaurants and pizzerias, so much better down south. J.S

  • Inlove Sk
    Inlove Sk

    Pizza witch is not made on wood is shit ... every Italian knows it

  • Dbrown Plays
    Dbrown Plays

    stoners RULE

  • Aidan Sandoval
    Aidan Sandoval

    their is never to much ghach

  • James

    I live in Jersey and I have to try this now! This looks delicious!!!

  • trojan718

    Those tacos r trash. Tacos at a pizzeria? Really? It like going to a Chinese restaurant and eating a cheeseburger

  • Shifting Pheonix
    Shifting Pheonix

    I want that in my pumpkin hole😍

  • calimadeboi

    "Better then a Mexican restaurant" lol dude is fuckin dumb as fuck. Just let's me kno mexican restaurants suck ass out in the east coast lol

  • Ren zo
    Ren zo

    I want this shit so bad 😞

  • Nouf Ken
    Nouf Ken

    Does anyone know the song that was playing at the beginning of the video? Thanks x

  • Funny vids
    Funny vids

    This video makes me hungry

  • Emma White
    Emma White

    Shout out to my uncle, in new jersey!!!!!

  • K.R.B.C CLUB
    K.R.B.C CLUB

    It not a pizza from the prince of pizza from thriller

  • Franky Chavez
    Franky Chavez

    Bro!!!! This is the best mixture of the two best foods ever!!! And this restaurant is 40 min away deff going by there one weekend. Thanks man

  • Eladio Victor
    Eladio Victor

    "Im a half Mexican half white guy" bruh Mexicans are basically half white half indian

  • BROWZE ForestrEEZ
    BROWZE ForestrEEZ

    Get the fuck outta here man, pizza or fuckn tacos 🌮, I dab all day, and rather just have tacos in Tijuana-

  • Cruv - Games And Edits
    Cruv - Games And Edits

    Wow lol nice vid

  • Davide Ceccarelli
    Davide Ceccarelli

    Don't call that pizza!! Call that american bread with tacos.. 🤢🤮

    • Jonah Sandoval13
      Jonah Sandoval13

      Davide Ceccarelli shut yo bitch ass up nigga I’ll beat yo ass

  • Funkytrip73

    That is some seriously offensive amount of sauce though.

  • Lee Mal
    Lee Mal

    Song title please 0:30 🔥

  • Gumnaam Hu bhai
    Gumnaam Hu bhai

    Look gross and shit

  • Ally Ruiz
    Ally Ruiz

    thats only a 20 min drive from where i live yet i’ve never had 😂

  • Marcos Puebla
    Marcos Puebla

    5:28 I wanna slap the fuck outta this dumbass blond hair white boy for saying that those tacos are better then the Mexican tacos

  • Ethan Cohen
    Ethan Cohen

    Go to hillstones New York City. Best ribs in the world

  • Panda Coolin
    Panda Coolin

    Man you really suck at this

  • David that's me
    David that's me

    Thank God for stoners which I am Haha but damn food is big different when you are medicated just roll a joint it won't hurt jk dont do that If you never smoked continue doing good and I will be over here rolling.

  • Aleksei Maksimov
    Aleksei Maksimov

    I feel like if I eat that I will instantly die

  • Gamesandeverythingelse

    This is deff a must holy shit im going there next week!

  • Ava Dobbels
    Ava Dobbels

    Usually a taco pizza is like pizza with pizza toppings and chips

  • Brian Goldberg
    Brian Goldberg

    Well Done.

  • Leticia Ruelas
    Leticia Ruelas

    Om-GOD.. That look amazing.. Tacos and pizza!! That must of been a party in your mouth of deliciousness...

  • Max Bautista
    Max Bautista

    Better than Mexican tacos? WTF

  • Cameron Zep
    Cameron Zep

    I’m vegan but I’d still like to try this one time it looks delicious!🤯

  • oscar perez
    oscar perez

    You didn’t make shit you just moved it around .......

  • jeat

    American pizza abomination. If I was high asf, I’d eat it. Looks like an abortion of the original food tho

  • The Random Maker
    The Random Maker

    Proof that taylor is a foor scientice

  • Brianna Munoz
    Brianna Munoz

    "These tacos are better than the ones you get at Mexican restaurants"... did anyone else who is Mexican feel a little triggered 😂😂


      Brianna Munoz yeah definitely not better especially from a place called Tony Boloney 😂😂😂

  • tibnb

    He should add burritos to.

  • yo tom my boy eoosh
    yo tom my boy eoosh

    I’m currently on a diet and this makes me want to shuvel food In my mouth

  • Nessa Dahiroc
    Nessa Dahiroc

    im hungry

  • musikjunkie 93
    musikjunkie 93

    Looks good... Except I don't like guac :(

  • Rita Mandujano
    Rita Mandujano

    Just looking at the video I gained 10 lbs. named it the the #heartattackpizza 🍕

  • Jules C
    Jules C

    I am happy because I live in NJ. So yay!😊🙃

  • Huiya Yuan
    Huiya Yuan

    I shouldn't watch the my fortunate life choices videos…it's bad for my diet. I'm going to watch the my unfortunate life choices ones.

  • B L
    B L

    I want a joint and one of these taco pizzas!

  • Tiffany Markgraf
    Tiffany Markgraf

    I'm watching this and I'm drooling. I want one so bad

  • Cheryl Browning
    Cheryl Browning

    Also, $80 is CHEAP!!!! We get 2 pizzas, wings, & drinks and we pay $60 😕 AND nothing is fresh, it’s all packaged and even the dough is premade!!

  • Cheryl Browning
    Cheryl Browning

    How long ago did he start doing this? Pizza Hut in Knox IN has been making taco pizzas for about 30 yrs! Granted no quite like this. Theirs is pizza dough, refried beans, taco meat lettuce cheese & tomatoes.

  • amaris Garcia
    amaris Garcia

    Great video brennen taylor loved this video so much it was cool that you could make your own pizza

  • Lula Mia
    Lula Mia

    Have your 5 stars buffet Chinese food trust me. Jake would thank you for it

  • XxxTOROxxX

    Can you make different vids I stopped watching you because you always make the same vids pls make different vids