Eating At The Best Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New Jersey (5 Star)
Brennen Taylor
Today we arrived at the home of the original Taco Pizza, this one is like no other. ONE STAR PIZZA NYC coming next ;P
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Tony Boloney's
263 1st St
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Hi I'm Brennen. I've been eating food for 23 years. I'm basically a professional. Here is my Food Review:
Shot by Jake:
Check out :
Family friendly pg clean
Intro/Outro song by:
PO BOX: 3844 Chatsworth CA 91313-3844
Brennen Taylor best/worst reviewed videos of 1 star yelp restaurants and businesses series

  • Nessa Dahiroc
    Nessa Dahiroc

    im hungry

  • musikjunkie 93
    musikjunkie 93

    Looks good... Except I don't like guac :(

  • Rita Mandujano
    Rita Mandujano

    Just looking at the video I gained 10 lbs. named it the the #heartattackpizza 🍕

  • Jules C
    Jules C

    I am happy because I live in NJ. So yay!😊🙃

  • Lan Feng
    Lan Feng

    I shouldn't watch the my fortunate life choices videos…it's bad for my diet. I'm going to watch the my unfortunate life choices ones.

  • B L
    B L

    I want a joint and one of these taco pizzas!

  • Tiffany Markgraf
    Tiffany Markgraf

    I'm watching this and I'm drooling. I want one so bad

  • Cheryl Browning
    Cheryl Browning

    Also, $80 is CHEAP!!!! We get 2 pizzas, wings, & drinks and we pay $60 😕 AND nothing is fresh, it’s all packaged and even the dough is premade!!

  • Cheryl Browning
    Cheryl Browning

    How long ago did he start doing this? Pizza Hut in Knox IN has been making taco pizzas for about 30 yrs! Granted no quite like this. Theirs is pizza dough, refried beans, taco meat lettuce cheese & tomatoes.

  • Alyssa Garcia
    Alyssa Garcia

    Great video brennen taylor loved this video so much it was cool that you could make your own pizza

  • Lula Mia
    Lula Mia

    Have your 5 stars buffet Chinese food trust me. Jake would thank you for it

  • XxxTOROxxX

    Can you make different vids I stopped watching you because you always make the same vids pls make different vids

  • spencer Ladd
    spencer Ladd

    I Did any body else look at brennen hands when he was eating

  • Casey Brown
    Casey Brown

    Wait do you still know Kim or are you still updated with her

  • ginger psycho
    ginger psycho

    The taco pizza really is a stoners wet dream

  • The Golden tiger delacruz
    The Golden tiger delacruz

    i like how the guy said just a little bit then putts like a bound of it

  • Joshua Yassin
    Joshua Yassin

    Watching this in Ramadan was a bad idea

  • Gary Gallegos
    Gary Gallegos

    420 everyday shoutout to mike he seem cool asf sorry for the faul language 💀

  • lentrell smith
    lentrell smith

    how much?

  • Mr_K3vin R
    Mr_K3vin R

    HOT DAMN! Yummmmmmmm

  • torri609

    Yess. I went here over the weekend and completely forgot I seen this video beforehand! The pizza was to die for!!!! 😋

  • Andy Leal
    Andy Leal

    That pizza made me hungry

  • Connor Morgan
    Connor Morgan

    Nah bro joes rotisserie is the best in nj

  • Susan Dunn
    Susan Dunn

    This is beautiful

  • eli

    I wanna eat this taco pizza while listening to kid cudi, sorry not sorry

  • Aesthetic Moonlight
    Aesthetic Moonlight

    Bro why they do tacos like that you don’t eat them like that 🤭😑😩🥴😂💀

  • MalachiGoCrazy

    I live 35 minutes from there!! I guess its time to find a new pizza spot

  • Rim

    My mouth is watering!!

  • El Mocro
    El Mocro


  • Tammy

    You should hand out the the leftovers to the homeless. That's a fuck ton of pizzaco!

  • alice gill
    alice gill

    My goal is to go here, next time I go to jersey 😌

  • D3rpy Hooves
    D3rpy Hooves

    I live in New Jersey! There is a tony boloneys downtown right next to me. Can’t wait to try it

  • ظاهريههـ - عيناويههـ
    ظاهريههـ - عيناويههـ

    I'm fasting while watching the vid 🤤🙂

  • eduardo galarza
    eduardo galarza

    It's not even the best pizza in Hoboken lol

  • MzT Hunt
    MzT Hunt

    This is my two favorite meals pizza and tacos I'm going to try this

  • Anna McKinlay
    Anna McKinlay

    I love you so much *Brennen!*

  • YoungSupreme236 Lit
    YoungSupreme236 Lit

    Woah woah there buddy your white friend has prolly been to some white ass Mexican shops or Taco Bell bc there’s no way that taco is better then an og taco shop, I’m not gonna lie they look good and they probably are good but no way it’s better then an og Mexican taco shop, don’t disrespect my people g

  • Mike Ky
    Mike Ky

    I am definitely going there when I head up there later this year... YUM!!! Mega Drooool!!! And of course its my dinner time when I watch this... Growling Stomach!!! :D

  • Suzi & Baylee
    Suzi & Baylee

    yo the shirt billy has on is everything😂❤️

  • Ali U
    Ali U

    What’s the song name with the singer? I can’t find it :(

  • brett

    80$ is a rip off and i live in NY not just a rip off its robbery

  • Bebe yep Bebe Ramirez
    Bebe yep Bebe Ramirez

    First bite at 5:20

  • RiceDIY

    I live in Atlantic City NJ and we have a tony Baloney’s too! But this tony baloneys you visited looks different where in Jersey?

  • Gabriela Carmona
    Gabriela Carmona

    Omg! This is so weird/funny to watch because I’ve been watching you for a while now. I never expected you to come to Hoboken and I literally pass by there everyday! Lol

  • Rocky47

    5:31 thats cap i don’t agree

  • Chloe Mummery
    Chloe Mummery

    this makes me want pizza now

  • Elite saVage
    Elite saVage

    5:30 u fkn Australian nigga commit suicide never disrespect the Mexican culture again u worthless piece of shit ur brennen bitch sum weird unknown nigga in the background fkn headass nigga kys

  • Ronald Cabanban
    Ronald Cabanban

    What's the title of the song please?

  • Joanna Jimenez
    Joanna Jimenez

    Poor jake had to watch y’all eating it for a long ass time lol

  • Safal Purohit
    Safal Purohit

    Yeah, that looks good, but....I don't like it cause I m a Vegetarian.

  • Arianna Ingle
    Arianna Ingle

    Brennens so cute lol

  • Ash Xx
    Ash Xx

    My mind is blown. I really would love to try it 😍😄

  • Tiger_Bite_ Jay's_Eye
    Tiger_Bite_ Jay's_Eye

    0.28 song please?

  • Nicole Alexandria
    Nicole Alexandria

    BITCHHH! You were in Hoboken?!

  • Isabella Marie
    Isabella Marie

    Now y'all needa get high asf and then go back and have the pizza

  • Fawazz

    80 bucks!! 😭

  • Fawazz

    Bidos shirt is so hard

  • morgan O'Neill
    morgan O'Neill

    Looks delicious omg I need some

  • Lily Dejesus
    Lily Dejesus

    I got jealous when they were beasting on that food😂

  • jessicarenee.

    great video!

  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube

    Its quality and quantity

  • Pooqua

    I don't see you pumping out 300 of those a night whatsoever.

  • byek

    that pizza is way too much maybe for like a party or sumn

  • Nick Wieder
    Nick Wieder

    Leave a like if you live in new Jersey I do

  • Abraham 7
    Abraham 7

    So unhealthy

  • Valerie Palacios
    Valerie Palacios

    this made me hungry

  • Best Lyrics
    Best Lyrics

    In Mexico the tortillas are always handmade

  • Slowed Hits
    Slowed Hits

    Man I would've been so sad if I got ripped off or hustled uuufff

  • Fortnite_ Pro
    Fortnite_ Pro

    This nigga just said there tacos are better then Mexican restaurants tacos 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ this nigga stupid🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Isolated whispers
    Isolated whispers

    I see my hero academia shirt 👀👀

  • Swisscheese16 Wyles 2
    Swisscheese16 Wyles 2

    That pizza looks amazing!!!!

  • mist

    Looks like death😉

  • Nic Martin
    Nic Martin

    Has no one realized the guy eating with Brennen has a my hero academia shirt?😂

  • cuesta samantha
    cuesta samantha

    “British tacos better than Mexican tacos” ok British dude I don’t think you’ve ever tried actual Mexican tacos, he probably talking about chipotle😭😂😂😂

  • Mentally Stable
    Mentally Stable

    You should come over to Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. There is a locally owned restaurant named Kaleo's that is absolutely amazing! If you do end up coming I'd love to come along. Dm on ig

  • Tim Ouyang
    Tim Ouyang

    idk why but this guy sorta looks like Julian Newman

  • Alexandria Powell
    Alexandria Powell

    Talk to the camera 😂😂😂brennen your smile kills me in a good way

  • xtqz_grizz23

    Did my guy say they are better then Mexican ones

  • George Castillo
    George Castillo

    I craved chipotle while watching this lmao

  • Zena Shaban
    Zena Shaban

    Here I am again, watching food videos on Ramadan😩

  • GamingWithJ

    I live in Hoboken 🤔

  • Tanya CV
    Tanya CV

    Hoboken...why u didn't go to buddies??

  • Javier Paz
    Javier Paz

    I’m jealous bc you’re eating this & I’m now :(

  • Sweetlifeluna

    This is such an American dish!


    I live in AC New Jersey sooooo come on down brennen

  • Pandi Unic0rn P00P
    Pandi Unic0rn P00P

    I live in Elizabeth New Jersey!!!


    5:16 *when it falls out the mouth* lol

  • mohammad d
    mohammad d

    I feel hangery :// i want one pffff

  • Faith Rankin
    Faith Rankin

    Ugh I just went to ny and now a figure out about his after I’m gone??

  • Gat Drex
    Gat Drex


  • KillerQueen msp
    KillerQueen msp

    Lol yummy 😋

  • Amelia Aguilar
    Amelia Aguilar

    Omg this made my mouth water! This looks sooo good

  • Brian Baldwin
    Brian Baldwin

    That’s shizzzz looks good

  • Mel B
    Mel B

    This is my favorite episode of 5 star review because you got to help make it! Super cool! ❤❤

  • Barbara Tarrant
    Barbara Tarrant

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