Disneyland Secrets Scavenger Hunt!!!
Team Edge
Hey guys! In this challenge, we race against the clock in a Disney filled scavenger hunt! There are riddles and clues that lead us to our goal! Come along with us to see who completes all their tasks first!
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  • James Wal2008
    James Wal2008

    are they at paris???

  • Jill Landis
    Jill Landis

    OMG I live in esthamton and it is thunderstorm ⛈ out

  • Makeout Hill
    Makeout Hill

    Lol do more stuff like this

  • Pugpocalypse 505
    Pugpocalypse 505

    I liked this just because Bobby said you kids better like this video

  • Chocotube

    18:02 Darth Daver😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • CutePandaXD333

    Darth Daver

  • Brittany Lang
    Brittany Lang

    I think the next video. You guys should go to universal Hollywood. That would be coool.

  • Atlas_

    12:26 bro I was playing panini while he was dancing Panini by lil nas x I really recommend it

  • xX Gacha_Galaxy Xx
    xX Gacha_Galaxy Xx

    Family and I were planning to go to Disneyland but then my mom got sick. Worst part is that we were gonna be there at the time of this video.

  • Muffin Mandatory
    Muffin Mandatory

    You should do one in universal

  • GrizzlyGamingHD

    16:05 I LOVE darth daver

  • Exclusive HQ
    Exclusive HQ

    16:04 - “meet Darth Daver”

  • Julia Gee
    Julia Gee

    My co worker met Joey at red rose tavern and I’m so jelious right now 😭

  • matthew mondragon
    matthew mondragon

    I feel like Whitney should be in more videos

  • Keira Imamovic
    Keira Imamovic

    One of my favourite moments was when Bobby gave the toy to that kid.It’s nice to see that some people still have a heart cause honestly i wouldn’t have given that toy to anyone.😘😁

  • Yoshira S L
    Yoshira S L

    O went the next day it rained a lot

  • Quang Banh
    Quang Banh

    Team J-FRED also

  • Roaring Relic
    Roaring Relic

    darth daver?

  • ultra prime
    ultra prime

    On the cover of the vidio the map j Fred is holding is the fortnite map

  • Kolin no last name
    Kolin no last name

    Dual Weird Blasters (bad spelling) 9:14

  • Quang Banh
    Quang Banh

    Team BOBBY

  • Core

    16:05 Darth Daver


    Bobby is my favorite

  • Robin Lee
    Robin Lee

    LOL I’ve bin on I'ts a small world And I sang it

  • VioletChan The Hybrid
    VioletChan The Hybrid

    Wish i could have gone to disney land and meet tean edge BUT I COULDN'T

  • Juliette Gregath
    Juliette Gregath

    Bobby: we are going to see VaDeR Vader: ***comes in walking like a teenager boy Bobby: oh hi! 😬

  • Gabriel Monserrate
    Gabriel Monserrate

    16:03 I’m meeting Vader walks into Vader oh hi I’m dying 😂😂😂🤣😂

  • Fire Speedy
    Fire Speedy

    Do they live In Florida

  • AnnaMarie

    im from texas to

  • AnnaMarie

    i am going to disneyworld in august 12 through 19

  • Jason Griffin
    Jason Griffin

    16:05 did anybody notice it said Daver not Vader

  • Fernando Gaming
    Fernando Gaming

    Joey looks dope with that backpack.

  • cardverse

    I love churrers

  • myka sharp
    myka sharp

    wtf i was there the same day and i never saw you guys :((

  • 1jmaster

    come to Disney world next time if there is a next time

  • puppy chow rabbits
    puppy chow rabbits

    I dare ya'll to do in a pool with snakes >:3

  • Cookie_Girl64

    Death Vader be like...... *Hi how are ya!?*

  • Rae Flores
    Rae Flores

    I absolutely love Bryan 😭

  • taylor derosette
    taylor derosette

    i went to disney world for my first time with a friend o nthe fourth of july it was so much fun and i love you guys so much 💖💖💖❤❤💕

  • Gaming And Friends Bulldog Lover
    Gaming And Friends Bulldog Lover

    17:30 Me when I realised J-Fred won YESSSS!!! My fav is J-Fred BTW so that's why

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B

    Is there a downloadable version of this scavenger hunt? I want to do something similar with some friends!

  • Da'Rell MARTIN
    Da'Rell MARTIN

    only liked this video because it started to pour down with rain and thunder started to hit.

  • Jonathan Wilkins
    Jonathan Wilkins

    Do this again!

  • Chloe and beyond🐾🐾🐾
    Chloe and beyond🐾🐾🐾

    I literally just went to Disney World like two weeks ago

  • WolvezzBud

    16:04 "Meet Darth *DAVER*"

  • Tristen Tobin
    Tristen Tobin

    Love your Disney vids keep up the good work

  • Wally Mac
    Wally Mac

    They used the Fortnite pirate map in he thumbnail

  • ShadoLely

    You should explore george washingtons house at friendship hill (he stayed there idk if he owned it or anything) he has i think 3 houses ive been to the 1st house there all over place the only reason i know this is because my family wanted cheaper gas and we ended up stopping to take pictures of my mom and dads wedding area and george washingtons house.

  • Isaiah Juan
    Isaiah Juan

    How to win: keep taking sefies with fans over and over


    The fan are ugly


    I wanna go to Hollywood!

  • Boston Bruins Fan
    Boston Bruins Fan

    16:05 darth daver

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof


  • lifeis crazy24
    lifeis crazy24

    This was on TV!! On Right This Minute!! Congrats!💕💕


    Who loves team adge make this blue 💜 👇

  • Avery Sobek
    Avery Sobek


  • - DragzDan -
    - DragzDan -

    where are your kids... your just gonna ditch them like that!!?

  • Brooks Walker
    Brooks Walker


  • 1-UP STORIES Mikki
    1-UP STORIES Mikki


  • Dejalie Santiago
    Dejalie Santiago

    16:05 "Meet Darth Daver" 😂

  • Ashlynn Youngerman
    Ashlynn Youngerman

    It’s a super small world for J - Fred 😂

  • Ashlynn Youngerman
    Ashlynn Youngerman

    My dad worked at Disney land for a while

  • Ashlynn Youngerman
    Ashlynn Youngerman

    I have not been to Disney World ever and have not been to Disney land sense I was 6 and I’m 11

  • Ashlynn Youngerman
    Ashlynn Youngerman

    I wish I can go to Disneyland or world 😩😢

  • Baby_Joel 52
    Baby_Joel 52

    I remember that day I was at knott's berry farm which was not that far from Disneyland and it started to POUR!!

  • DÂRK WØŁF 000
    DÂRK WØŁF 000

    12:25 detective:how’d he die Bobby:FLOsiN

  • George Clooney
    George Clooney

    It said darth daver

  • Stail Butter
    Stail Butter

    u guys made it in a show! Look up Right this Minute team edge!

  • SlasherMania 13
    SlasherMania 13

    Yeah I just watched the Right this Minute episode and you guys are so awesome, you deserve to be on there.

  • Anatalia Morris
    Anatalia Morris

    you're on right this minute