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Deontay Wilder KOs Dominic Breazeale in Round 1 | SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING
WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder delivered the 40th knockout of his career in devastating fashion, sending mandatory challenger Dominic “Trouble” Breazeale flat on his back with a trademark right hand in front of a raucous crowd at Barclays Center.
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  • rian gaskinsxse
    rian gaskinsxse

    Where is Dominic Breazeale?

  • Hayabusa1340

    Craig and Dae dae, just the brothers I need to see!


    0:32 Brezeal:" dawg whatch countin for" 😂

  • Gio B
    Gio B

    I feel like ever since he fought Fury, he has improved

  • Darren Farley
    Darren Farley

    I swear I saw Dominic's soul leave his body with that punch. I always like seeing knockouts but then I see the boxer stumbling and then I feel like it can't be good for the brain.. Deontay has that it factor power wise.

  • dukecityspecialist

    Mauros the fuckin best LOL!


    Bruh that's a soul snatching knockout that gave me a headache 🤕

  • Brian caliwalker
    Brian caliwalker

    Ay yall when wilder connected Dominic. Face turned 8 different faces

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    The fact he even got up inside of 1000 is impressive to me. That was a perfect right hand.

  • Alex Pennie
    Alex Pennie

    @1:10 The fuck did he say???

  • Young G
    Young G

    I felt that

  • leo limas
    leo limas

    Wow that was awesome 👏

  • MediaM5

    wilder hit him so fkn hard i felt the bass thump in my fkn subwoofer. this guy hits with power like tyson. matter of fact, wilder is very young and has massive potential to be the next "tyson" of boxing so to speak as far as his power and knockouts..

  • Josiah Paz
    Josiah Paz

    Wilder set the bar pretty high for KO of the year

  • Hulisesc3

    :47 Cameraman gets terrified and has to be protected by security!

  • Nate Joy
    Nate Joy

    Came in two defence ...can't best wilder without to Mayweather

  • Theodore Clinch
    Theodore Clinch

    He called it he sayed it was not gon be pretty😳



  • NoxDeadly

    Sounded like a gunshot

  • Kevin

    Are we just gonna ignore Mauro Ranallos amazing call here

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy

    Ok wilder stop ducking whyte the number one contender just like you did with Klitschko.


      Whyte ducked Ortiz. Whyte could of been fighting Wilder next if he defeated Ortiz.

    • Diamuut Leeu
      Diamuut Leeu

      AJ got put in the hospital by ruiz

  • kakarot songoku
    kakarot songoku

    all I could do after that man talked all that shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😲😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 years later 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • mohawktaint

    I haven't seen a hit that hard since Rocky 4

  • LaRon Elliott
    LaRon Elliott

    Paulie ”credit to Breazeale for having the character to throw with him and OH! ”

  • Creative Rod
    Creative Rod

    I’ve watched this 2000 times

  • Stiff Jabzz
    Stiff Jabzz

    Anybody heard from Brezeal???

  • BLID Valentino
    BLID Valentino

    My booooooooyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Arm D
    Arm D


  • Sadiq •
    Sadiq •

    Next time, stay to your left (his right), he made sure to stay to your left. And through a left (windup) right knockout. A "two piece", with only one piece.

  • Gio B
    Gio B

    Lol people talking about wilder fighting nobodies but who tf did fury fight😂?

  • great vengeance
    great vengeance

    He ko'd a manufactured heavyweight!!!!! Gets no respect here!!!!

  • Alton Houlsen
    Alton Houlsen

    Boy looka here he knocked brealze into the closest Retirement Home 😂

  • Neon Lotus
    Neon Lotus

    1 round what a disgrace trash Breazeale let his fam down

  • Abbott Castello
    Abbott Castello

    Deontay might be the greatest puncher in the history of boxing ever wow

  • Ben Thomas
    Ben Thomas

    0:48 scared the poor little cameraman there deontay! lol

  • Sami

    “Wilder hit Breazeal so hard, they’re feeling it in Brazil mamma mia what a KO”

  • Sheperd Johnson
    Sheperd Johnson


  • Forest Whitaker's Eye
    Forest Whitaker's Eye

    Like a young Eddie Chambers lol

  • Stylo 4 Plus
    Stylo 4 Plus

    Not FAIR ... Deadly

  • McDonald's Big Mac
    McDonald's Big Mac

    Nasty !

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams

    The definition of knocking someones ass into next week.

  • Greg Jones
    Greg Jones

    👑 King Wilder 👑

  • king cyrus the great
    king cyrus the great

    Dynamite in his hands

  • Johnny Cheese
    Johnny Cheese

    Bruh the sound of that hit

  • Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe
    Get this man shaving kit Or get this man a hoe

    Im starting to doubt Mike Tyson beating this guy

  • m a s s a c r e
    m a s s a c r e

    This shit is so rigged man

  • Dee Simmons
    Dee Simmons

    I love see him young Mike Tyson too knock out kings someone gone go down

  • mr. JDP P
    mr. JDP P

    I'd bet alot of sest holders didnt even see the hit. Most were probably just getting comfortable in their seats. A

  • James Souza
    James Souza


    • James Souza
      James Souza

      @The Mad Leprechaun lol your link showed 0...and no fury didnt say that..keep the meantime fury ducked wilder for the ESPN contract. Lol your link showed nothing to prove anything 😂😂 And u put on sporting icons 😂😂a known UK bitch who has a bias view and isnt respected within the world boxing community aside from the UK 😂😂no wonder u dont know your info...u get your news from sporting icon 😂😂😂

    • The Mad Leprechaun
      The Mad Leprechaun

      @James Souza what are you that delusional. Only takes 10 mins to see Wilder is a liar. Frank Warren Bob Arum and Fury said that it never happend.

    • James Souza
      James Souza

      @The Mad Leprechaunyes stupid...I know the he took the money and ducked wilder...u can twist it however...fury ducked the immediate rematch

    • The Mad Leprechaun
      The Mad Leprechaun

      @James Souza lol after looking into it i was right. 80 million Espn deal. And you talk about casual nobody is ducking. The fight will happen its business

    • The Mad Leprechaun
      The Mad Leprechaun

      @James Souza boxing is dead. Its only fighters like Loma Wilder Fury Ruiz and a hand full of others. If it wasnt for them itd be dead. So when ya say casual of a dying sport i get it. Speaking of boxing Pauli is gonna get his ass whooped Saturday. No way is Fury ducking him. What was the offer on the espn deal? Everyone is going to ESPN. Ufc and Fury. Its the future. I have no doubt they will fight again and Fury will win again. Just like every pro boxer said that watched that fight

  • Ryan Daugherty
    Ryan Daugherty

    Oh my god

  • YMN TY
    YMN TY

    He say Wilder hit Breazale so hard they feeling it in Brazil😂😂😂😂

    • Marvin washington
      Marvin washington

      He got hit so hard my TV moved


    Wilder does not come to fight he comes to fuck his opponent up.

  • Goob Gooby
    Goob Gooby

    Hit him on the back of the head he deserved the k.o

  • Mike More
    Mike More

    The closest thing to Tyson since Tyson. Heavyweight boxing is back.

  • Trevis Martin
    Trevis Martin

    Thumbs Up And Comment If You Think That Punch From Deontay Wilder Was Attempted Murder

  • MomentofTruth666 tom Bronski
    MomentofTruth666 tom Bronski

    We need to unleash one of the fat boys on Wilder: Ruiz or Kownacki. I need to justify my weight to my wife. Can't be Joshua my whole life.

  • John Chege
    John Chege

    Ok.. its so quick.. Which hand did he use..

  • Jordan Cooke
    Jordan Cooke

    Lol did yall notice Wilder scared the cameraman when he yelled?

  • TheBulldog DaddyOf2
    TheBulldog DaddyOf2

    Doctor: Whats 2+2 ? Breazeale: rice and beans

  • Adam Padilla
    Adam Padilla

    Why is boxing starting to sound like wrestling 😂😂

  • Möccus Däzbog
    Möccus Däzbog

    didn't he already beat this bum? how did the ref get to 5 as he comes over from putting Wilder in his corner?? was he counting in his head before he even knelt down beside him?

    • Jordan Lyles
      Jordan Lyles

      Möccus Däzbog no, they didn’t fight before and a professional ring side starts counting for the ref as soon as he hits the ground.

  • Turok duels
    Turok duels

    Deontay Wilder punched Dominic Breazeale's soul to another dimension.

  • Randolph Privott
    Randolph Privott

    The velocity on that right hand is lightening

  • Aramistan Stone
    Aramistan Stone

    Who is Deontay Wilder??

  • Flora Edwards
    Flora Edwards

    I wonder if the sports broadcaster comes up with these lines knowing before the fight that wilders opponent doesn't stand a bloody chance.

  • Jeffery Jackson
    Jeffery Jackson

    Charlie Zelenoff landed more than Breazeale and Charlie’s a fucking internet troll LMAOO the fight statistics with Charlie was 2/3 total strikes and Deontay 6/6 with 2 knockdowns! Basically Charlie beat the count unlike Breazeale 🤣🤣🤣 I hope this embarrassment of a stat made people laugh 🤣🤣 have a blessed day -Deontay Wilder

  • King Jesus Forever YHWH
    King Jesus Forever YHWH

    That boy got starched

  • E Judd
    E Judd

    Was I the only one that was breathing heavy after that ko

    • E Judd
      E Judd

      @Leaping Cat Productions 👍👍

    • Leaping Cat Productions
      Leaping Cat Productions

      No, because Breazeale's astral projection was knocked out of his body, through the TV cams and out to our monitors. Some powerful shit happened, E.

  • pejpm

    He didn’t ‘get his respect’ against Fury, because it was very fucking obvious that he lost that fight.

  • Paul Jimenez
    Paul Jimenez

    Wilder will not be able to do this to Fury

  • Johnathan Lopez
    Johnathan Lopez

    Fuck wilder hes a terrible boxer to wild Joshua would still whoop you and ruiz hes another level

  • shockalocka hockafocka
    shockalocka hockafocka


  • Averagestoner

    Goodnight mufucka

  • TheeJeffrocco

    booooooo show the whole round!

  • Erik Williams
    Erik Williams

    This is what made me love Mike Tyson so much, he was so humble in his victories.

  • Miguel tvid
    Miguel tvid

    Chicken legs with another win

  • Noel Rodriquez
    Noel Rodriquez

    I love jousha...but he has no chance against wilder

    • b spoon
      b spoon

      Noel Rodriquez facts

  • Sumo Wrestler
    Sumo Wrestler

    In Foreman's day he was known as a man with no technique telegraphed all his punches and only had power, he's a legend now. Emmanuel steward said before he died that wilder would be the best heavyweight. I see similarities to foreman in wilder

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez

    New era heavyweight champ

  • Nomad Kickbox
    Nomad Kickbox

    Joshua got brain damage watching Wilder on FR-my TKO Breazeale with one kill shot punch to the Head!

  • Ryan DeFranco
    Ryan DeFranco

    0:20 - Deontay's making sure that right is locked and loaded.

    • Ryan DeFranco
      Ryan DeFranco

      @Kakashi Sensei Outstanding.

    • Kakashi Sensei
      Kakashi Sensei

      Notice he simultaneously throws his so that the right hand is not telegraphed

  • Ricardo Beggs
    Ricardo Beggs

    I want to see him fight the Mexican 🤔

  • 97ferre

    Wilder hit his face like he was hitting a arcade punch machine

  • Eddie Murphy
    Eddie Murphy

    Ruiz would be beat Wilder.

  • Justin Stevens
    Justin Stevens

    *Suspect is a black man, 30 years old, 6 feet 5, believed to be unarmed but very, very dangerous*

    • Isaac Diakité
      Isaac Diakité

      6'7 and 33 years old, and he is very very armed.

  • Wayne Cockerham
    Wayne Cockerham

    Anyone else catch him scare the camerman hahhaha

  • TheLibra926

    Watson was so scared when wilder screamed he didn't know whar to do he's like phuck it throw his hands up! He thought he was gonna die lml 0:48

    • Fredo Gee
      Fredo Gee

      Just peeped that ha

  • The Appliance Guru
    The Appliance Guru

    AJ saw this and was like "man why yall even bring me out here yall know im not trynna fight this man"

  • Gio B
    Gio B

    What is that commentator’s name he is so funny

  • RealDjToddThunder

    if you really look at it,,,it looks like a fake hit,and setup before the punch...its like wrestling

    • Kakashi Sensei
      Kakashi Sensei

      If you really look at it he threw the jab simultaneously to him setting up the right hand so that the right hand would not be telegraphed

  • James Souza
    James Souza

    Imagine what he would do to wonder Joshua never wanted to fight Wilder

  • G T
    G T

    Anyone hear from Breazeale? 🤣🤣

  • rashad neal
    rashad neal

    Whos here cuz joshua got his ass whooped and you want to see another knock out😂

  • Black Santa
    Black Santa

    Imagine paying thousands of dollars ringside to watch a 1 round fight.

  • Fertil Bendjy
    Fertil Bendjy

    That punch sounded like the fighter jets hitting a Sonic boom

  • Frog 9
    Frog 9

    Can they maybe find someone slower and more lethargic next time? Or maybe a weaker game ??

  • Merciless Moose
    Merciless Moose

    He had a 12 second count and he still didn't make it.

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores

    The camera man got scared when Wilder yelled into the camera 😂 0:48

  • Joe schmoe
    Joe schmoe

    Dumb ass announcer " Despite Brazealle getting up to his feet he's in no condition to continue"... Duh he was fucking counted OUT, His knee was still on the canvas when ref reached 10 count, him getting up after was a moot point.

  • josh j
    josh j

    I like Ruiz I don’t want him to get beat up.. I want him to defend his title but if he fights Wilder smh

    • josh j
      josh j

      Fredo Gee Ruiz speed+power is insane I agree that it will give them both problems but I don’t think he will win by decision but if anything by knockout

    • Fredo Gee
      Fredo Gee

      His stamina and work rate will give Wilder problems same goes for Fury .