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Chris Broussard reacts to Magic's remarks about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD's future | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss a variety of NBA topics. He reacts to Magic Johnson's comments about what led to his departure with the Los Angeles Lakers, also explains how the Golden State Warriors' recent success 'has to be tough' on Kevin Durant which could ensure his exit.
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Chris Broussard reacts to Magic's remarks about Pelinka & Lakers, talks KD's future | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    What are your thoughts on Magic Johnson's comments?

    • A.J. Hart
      A.J. Hart

      I think that everyone seems to be foregetting the other part of Magic's stint with the Lakers. Maybe he WAS up front about how little time he would be devoting to his job, but he ALSO seemed to still expect to be the one making the decisions. That little bit seems to be being neglected in today's "defend Magic" narrative.

    • bruce onlygoodvibes
      bruce onlygoodvibes

      Just thinking about that super sour face Magic used to make when a call went against him. Go look at some vintage photos. His comments reminded of that.

    • Doron Bond
      Doron Bond

      Well it only confirmed what everybody was so many words Magic was being absolutely transparent...and tellin' players, to Chris' point, to read between the lines.....if you want to play for the Lakers or any team for that matter, look at the owner and the front office......but Donald Sterling should've taught them that.....

    • steven hammond
      steven hammond

      Magic is two-faced and that's nothing new. He's always been about big smiles and loud celebrations to cover up his all consuming ego. Says one thing about wanting to support the Lakers, does another thing to sabotage them. It begins with Jeannie hiring him to do a job that brought out his incompetence; he followed the "Peter principle." They should've left him on the court and out of the office.

    • Marc Polo.Corleone
      Marc Polo.Corleone

      🤔🤭 this will never happen but if KD was tripping he would go to the Lakers and win 3 🏆in 3 years 😂 but I think he should stay with the warriors and go for 6 or 7 🏆 they would be considered the GOAT dynasty

  • Spencer Van Hauter
    Spencer Van Hauter

    Rob Pelinka is a sociopath

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page

    Lebron James out here recruiting Free Agents. 😀😀😀 Gonna find his own #2 Scoring Option.

  • SedaW LoL
    SedaW LoL

    How Bucks vs Warriors would go? I guess we'll never know 😂😂

  • Leon Karuranga
    Leon Karuranga


  • Greg Belcher
    Greg Belcher

    Owning or running a professional NBA franchise is like running a publicly traded company. Everyone can measure your success on a daily basis and compare it to others. It’s easy to fake success with private companies, just ask Donald Trump. I don’t think we should automatically assume Magic is good at business just bc he had the cash and an investor group to buy a bunch of franchises. I’m holding out judgement until I see his profitability compared to other Starbucks locations and comparable theaters.

  • takatoshi ikuta
    takatoshi ikuta

    what is the Magic actual time with Lakers. If less then 10% of his time I understand Pelinka's complaints. If Obama spent 90% of his time with other stuff and spent 10% of his time as president of the US , there is a problem there.

  • Patrick Lemire
    Patrick Lemire

    Asking "Where is Magic?" is not back stabbing, Ervin. It's a 1000% valid question regarding the GM of a once great franchise. Who actually runs Magic's empire? Must be someone else. He seems to have the intellectual capacity of casino greeter not a CEO.

  • Rene Valdez
    Rene Valdez

    Dr.Buss is rolling over in his grave...

  • A.J. Hart
    A.J. Hart

    I get the defense of Magic Johnson. I've been hearing all day about how honest he was with Jeanie Buss about how little time he'd be spending there, that he's a busy man, etc. There's just one problem: These defenses neglect to mention the fact that Magic still seemed to believe that even though he was an absentee executive, he should still be the one making the decisions.

  • MrKeysjimmy

    Do u really think chris brousard blazers are better than rockets ??

  • Sol_$@intGee

    I CAN'T LIE...I THINK CHRIS BROUSSARD IS USING A BRILLIANT "MANIPULATIVE" TACTIC TO GET K.D. TO JOIN THE KNICKS. He keeps saying the same things like it's a "go2NY" Mantra. "The warriors don't need K.D., he's a luxury!" "If they win without him, then he's gotta get out a there!" "Kevin's worst nightmare, is coming true!" "He should just go to New York and lead his own team. " ....K.D. is sadly the most sensitive superstar I've ever seen. He is taking the bait without question. And if K.D. does join the KNICKS during the offseason...then Chris BROUSSARD should take a bow, and receive a round of applause. Fascinating....🤔

  • bruce onlygoodvibes
    bruce onlygoodvibes

    Here's something to think about...if Lebron went to the Warriors they would lose, so KD is a better fit because they still win.

  • rorrante

    Lakers are a hot mess.

  • Doron Bond
    Doron Bond

    Well it only confirmed what everybody was so many words Magic was being absolutely transparent...and tellin' players, to Chris' point, to read between the lines.....if you want to play for the Lakers or any team for that matter, look at the owner and the front office......but Donald Sterling should've taught them that.....

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    #48 on trending street

  • Doron Bond
    Doron Bond

    The Lakers organization......what Chris said....smh

  • Doron Bond
    Doron Bond

    GS sweeps gets all this rest......TR/MB may go 7......hmmm ....rigged like a muhg

  • maaly8111

    Ain't no way gstate losing to no Bucks or Raptors.

  • erwin021777

    Lol. There is no way GSW could beat bucks without KD.


    Hire jerry Stackhouse!!

  • Norcal

    Here it is, if gsw can beat the bucks without kd i might finally put them right there with mjs bulls.

  • FinesseGAWD

    He's riding his nuts

  • SP 29
    SP 29

    Funny the series in even from east...

  • Jesse Cantu
    Jesse Cantu

    Thank god for the Spurs reference. We all know where Warriors got that “team basketball” concept from !

  • Ram Barlev
    Ram Barlev

    Cowherd remember what you a out Steph when he was drafted? Eat your words and apologize in public

  • President Fly
    President Fly

    Give Lavar Ball props.

  • President Fly
    President Fly

    5:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 0 1
    0 1

    Chris, you a clout chaser!!! You sound like Nick Wright !

  • Quamiek Prez
    Quamiek Prez

    Honestly i don't listen to the herd this is the same guy that said Kevin durant was going to be a role player when he got drafted look it up

  • R Lee
    R Lee

    the real test is not about kd getting hurt and seeing if gsw can still win. ITS SEEING STEPH OUT and if they can STILL win.

  • R Lee
    R Lee

    WAIT>>> WHAT??? "not about collection of talent" lol. -AFTER boogie got hurt. best collection of talent. -AFTER kd got hurt. best collection of talent. -AFTER IGGY got hurt. best collection of talent. LOSE an all star + a 2 time finals MVP + a finals MVP -STILL HAVE 3 ALL STARS

  • Ward McComiskey
    Ward McComiskey

    How about those Rapters Last night???

  • ShaggyNicholas

    Why does he look like formal eric andre

  • John Black
    John Black

    Magic should have fired Luke and Rob and told Jeannie after the fact what he had done as President of Basketball operations. It is likely she would have done nothing but look at him and move on to the next thing. Doing so would have been better than this. When someone gives you the title and you do not need the money, then you act like you have all the power that comes with the job. Magic should have used the title to assume the power he wanted. A senior manager once said that if a certain manager needed to ask him for approval then that manager was not ready for a promotion.

  • John Black
    John Black

    Lakers should sell the team and LeBron should trade himself out of there. Jeannie Buss is the problem.

  • samslick90

    Magic was Polinka's boss. If Polinka was backstabbing, Magic could fire him

  • Dogen70

    KD always them to not play as hard and tire themselves out. So if he out. They are fresh enough to play and win long stretches.

  • Drew Bravo
    Drew Bravo

    Chris had me until he goes and says teams G.S. plays in the later rounds are better. 🤣 Portland is now better than Houston? 🤣

  • rob bonner
    rob bonner

    Killin it CB

  • J Quanzy ThaGoat
    J Quanzy ThaGoat

    Get Kurt rambis tf outta there, nobody likes him and they all say he's a bad guy to work with

  • J Quanzy ThaGoat
    J Quanzy ThaGoat


  • J Quanzy ThaGoat
    J Quanzy ThaGoat

    Bucks just need to start Giannis at center, put Mirotic at pf and put Middleton at sf, put Brogdon at sg

  • Donde Degamo
    Donde Degamo

    Jeanie sees Kawhi would be the best fit for the Lakers, not LeBron. that's why She is considering trading LeBron. LeBron is old now and Kawhi is on his Prime now and would give Lakers more championships. She was disappointed with Magic because he was the one recruiting LeBron and not considering Kawhi who wants to be a Laker...

  • About Time
    About Time

    It is really apparent that Magic cannot be trusted. Why would he go full frontal and blast the Laker's organization like this ? The answer: He wants to create such instability that Jeanie Buss and the other owners will want to sell and walk. Magic is getting older and he and his henchmen are pushing the time table forward to get their paws on the Lakers. It is one of the most valuable sports empires in the world. Watch for Kobe and LeBron to get in on the action as well.

  • MrScans1

    I was thinking the same thing about Magic, he's a business man first. So how is he incompetent with a position for a company? The waters are murky in L.A. I think he was hired for mass appeal. She never intended to give him the keys.

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones

    Magic was hired as the face to get players to come LA

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones

    Warriors are more fun and entertaining without KD

  • Kenyata Jones
    Kenyata Jones

    Magic spoke his truth and kept it real

  • James Bingham
    James Bingham

    Chris Broussard never shares the following scenario with us: Kevin Durant goes to New York Knicks. Kawhi goes to the Clippers. LeBron gets no major free agent. Meanwhile, the Warriors go to a sixth straight finals against either Miwaukee or Philiadelphia. What will that do to Durant's legacy? They'll start making comparisons between LeBron's Lakers and Durant's Knicks. And will superstars want to "join" KD and help him win?

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Magic wanted that job and didn’t make a true commitment. Also he was the one who hired Rob Pelinka.

  • Red Boy
    Red Boy

    Please check my channel🙏

  • Marlon Dieguez
    Marlon Dieguez

    1st round harder than WCF only because teams are closer to 100% in the early rounds

  • Juniorii Jr
    Juniorii Jr

    These playoffs have proved to me that with or without KD, the gap between GSW and the Western Conference is just too big it's crazy

  • KD BurnerAccount
    KD BurnerAccount

    Oof bucks won’t even pass raptors

  • Sebastian Truth
    Sebastian Truth

    Watched bucks ws raptors. The only question existing about finals: Warriors will win 4:0 or 4:1?

    • Brian Collins
      Brian Collins

      5 games tops

  • Atij Mahesh
    Atij Mahesh

    “Kawhi turned the celtics into a one man show.”

  • Brian Guzman
    Brian Guzman

    Minute 7:50 starts the magic talk Your welcome.

  • King Cola
    King Cola

    I thought that was Eric Andre

  • William Ellis
    William Ellis

    KD is riding the backs of Warrior success/Draymond is the Dennis Rodman of the league now/Lebron with Kyrie and an old style NBA defense beat the Warriors/Milwaukee and the Big Guy can defeat the Warriors because he neutralizes Draymond/but Igodala and the team has two first fives that play well together/They won without KD who takes shots from Curry/tough and my man the other guard/are you kidding me /Thompson can rip you anytime

  • Gin Li
    Gin Li

    Why does everyone seem to forget Golden State won without KD before..

  • 5abivt

    KD a great scorer. Clearly chemistry wise GSW aren’t the same team with him on the floor.

  • Gregg Jacobs
    Gregg Jacobs

    Raptors will win the championship

  • The Future Is Here
    The Future Is Here

    Regarding the Lakers vs Magic's statement, notice how the Lakers haven't refuted anything Magic said.

  • K DC
    K DC

  • 1ZosoLZ

    Bruh I swear Chris works more than Stephen A

  • Hey Herc
    Hey Herc


  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    KD, LeBron, Harden, Paul, Davis, Kawhi, and Zion need to form a team!

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    KD is great!

  • Mut -
    Mut -

    LeBron is old and the front office is a nightmare, any free agent superstar that doesn't see this as a chance to go somewhere else and create his own story and show is unworthy and ambition-less

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. Lex: Clark, you can't save the world. All you'll end up with is a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies. Clark: I saved you, didn't I? That turned out all right. ~Smallville TV Show TERRANCE OUT

  • Tiger Woods
    Tiger Woods

    If kd doesn’t come back bucks winning

  • Eddy j
    Eddy j

    I would have the best laugh if Milwaukee or the raptors...beat them... GS is old now..

  • Shaka Dakine
    Shaka Dakine

    Always interesting when chris is on haha shaka dakine

  • Greg Pitts
    Greg Pitts

    Chris voice is weird.

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz

    Magic was the mistake when he went to talk shows and get punished with those fines. I think he talks too much . He should put a tape in his mouth.

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz

    I think Magic made a mistake trying to fix his bad decision making during his tenure as GM with the Lakers. I saw him backstabbing people...I didn’t expect that from him.

  • GRod Lol
    GRod Lol

    Snakelinka and Colin are brothers.

  • Pablo Diaz
    Pablo Diaz

    Portland confronted problems with Lakers this year. How can you imagine they ‘d beat the Dubs.....?

  • genaro dacayanan
    genaro dacayanan

    Truth Broussard

  • levi leszek
    levi leszek

    It’s not tough on kd if he doesn’t think Portland should be wcf 😂, they were worried about the rockets not Portland, he told cj they play like an 8th seed

  • Master

    When I disagree with Colin, it means he's wrong 100% of the time. Magic was being calculated. Nothing he said is going to entice free agents (or anyone else) to the Lakers and he knows it. Who wants to play for a backstabbing GM (or whatever Pelinka's title is)?

  • Kne * Blaqq
    Kne * Blaqq

    I have a question about something I've noticed. Everyone or most people say or think Chris B. is the media GOAT. But when he says something positive no matter what about Lebron James everyone calls him a hack and says he is a "Bronsexual" and side with people like Jason Whitlock or Skip Bayless. Why is that?

  • Eddie Jones
    Eddie Jones

    No Chris it does not diminish anything. Its not tough. Its just teammates picking up their players? Simple. Stop trying to give these emotions legs to stand up on.

  • Darrell Zukemura
    Darrell Zukemura

    I agree with you on Steph Curry ask your listeners how come KD couldn't beat Stephen Curry when he was W/ Thunders.and somehow every time the other team had somebody HURT they make an excuse for Golden State beating them but when golden state has players out like Draymond Green in that 2015 final and a couple of the other players was injured Steph Curry is ridiculed. Steph Curry is not the best player he's the best team player. when players leave the Golden State Warriors don't you see that they BECOME insignificant W/ THERE other teams. the biggest THING that Stephen Curry does besides his shooting is his movement around the court people chasing him. opens up the court so his other players has easy shots and I'm sorry he's not the only one on the team that does it Thompson does the exact same thing too. if KD leaves the Warriors he will never win another championship

  • alan 777
    alan 777

    Kobe Bryant puppet is ruining the Lakers!!🤭🤪 Keep cheating on your wife and spend your millions on your side piece Kobe F#$k!!!😂🤣🤭💩Lakers Nation!!!!!!💪

  • Justin Erickson
    Justin Erickson

    Jordan couldn't win anything without Pippen and he couldn't beat the big 3 of his day until they got old. Truth

    • brads armpitt
      brads armpitt

      As for not winning anything without pip, what magic winning without Kareem or worthy, bird without Parrish and McHale, lebron without kyrie, wade, Bosh and love. No player in the history of nba has won 2 or more rings without another hof teammate. Hakeem won 1 without hof teammate.

    • brads armpitt
      brads armpitt

      Which big 3? Lakers were in a different conference so he not playing them in playoffs, didn't play celtics again in the playoffs after he lost to them. As for pistons how were they old when dumars, Thomas and Rodman were under 30, they were number 1 defensive team, 2 time defending Champs and had 3 guys selected for the all star team that year although Thomas didn't play due to injury during all star weekend. And if Rodman was old when Jordan beat them, he was same age as isiah, then why is it he miraculously wasn't old when he joined bulls 5 years after he got "old".

  • Cammerus Williams
    Cammerus Williams

    Smh so we're just gonna act like harden didnt disappear like he always does and the trail blazers arnt crazy hurt and just not that good. Stop acting like they are better without kd that's stupid.

  • Kakaroto K
    Kakaroto K

    Getting destroyed by THE OTHER NETWORK 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Allan James
    Allan James

    The media is talking down on the lakers right now, but next season when they win the west and have no changes to the “stability” of the franchise, Colin and Chris will be talking about how well the organization is run. In my opinion the turmoil inside the head office is exaggerated and Magic gets a pass cause no one has the balls to say he was a part time president. Also come on if the guy was a truly in it with the Lakers he would have waited till Rob Pelinka was out before scolding him. You think that really does any good to the lakers?

  • Morris Whitaker
    Morris Whitaker

    Lavar Ball told yall about Magic not being in charge months before any one and people called him crazy. Bring Lavar back on for more details.

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page

      @Morris Whitaker Replacing Lonzo Ball with a point guard that flourishes in the role of OFF-THE-BALL shot maker creates better TEAM CHEMISTRY with Lebron James. 😀😀😀 A point guard with the mentality of a 2-Guard fits Lebron James better than Lonzo Ball's THROWBACK-STYLE. What most Lakers fail to realize is that Magic Johnson's career average was still 19 points.😀😀😀 Being a Pass 1st point guard doesn't mean you get a FREE PASS to not score in double-digits.

    • Morris Whitaker
      Morris Whitaker

      @DeAndre Page we will see, if they do, Chicago will be on the map again quickly!!

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page

      LaVar Ball raised an INJURY-PRONE son (Lonzo Ball) that shoots 45% for Free Throws.😞😞 Lonzo getting TRADED to the Chicago Bulls.

  • Nate Sommers
    Nate Sommers

    Your Right But the Heat did win a Chip 2 years before ....without Bron....look free agency gives them the right to play for whoever they want.....just think its wrong for people two say KD Rings are any less then Lebron 2

    • Nate Sommers
      Nate Sommers

      lol I guess but you know what I meant without him on the team it was 3 years ...and I'm not putting LeBron 3 all time

    • ShavonS

      @Nate Sommers But they next won the title in 2012 so that's 6 years after they won without him

    • Nate Sommers
      Nate Sommers

      .... let's not comment just to comment ..if Heat won in 06 and he joined in 2010....its 3 years. 2010 he was on the team from the start...

    • ShavonS

      @Nate Sommers That's 6 years since they won without him

    • Nate Sommers
      Nate Sommers

      2 or 4 years they still won without him....

  • D W
    D W

    Let’s quit diminishing KD’s rings. Yes GS did it without him and they play great without him but we can’t have it both ways. These sports analysts will criticize a player for not having a ring but if that same player gets one all of a sudden it’s open to all kinds of scrutiny. If that’s the case we can scrutinize D Wade. He needed Shaq and LeBron to come to Miami to win a ring. Let’s be honest, he would be ringless if they hadn’t come. Wade never even reached a conference final without either of those two but nobody wants bring that fact up...

  • Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller

    Magic can NEVER be the problem!

  • AL K
    AL K

    To be honest, Portland looks pretty bad.

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll

    Your here for 7:45

  • Nate Sommers
    Nate Sommers

    Question KD 2 rings but not Lebron 2 with Heat .....not fair they both jumped ship......Question KD rings you have to question lebron as well.......

    • Midwest slotgeeks
      Midwest slotgeeks

      Nate Sommers here’s the thing the heat didn’t have a better record without Bron oh and the team weren’t champions with a 73 win oh and Bron didn’t jump to people who beat him when they were up 3/1 in WCF

  • r r
    r r

    Good point magic didn't help the Lakers sign a free agent for mext summer he call the man in charge a backstabber for other basketball players to see! Now why would another player want to sign there after making the organization look unstable

  • bmw racer
    bmw racer

    Magic was in over his head.

  • drewski5217

    Steve Kerr should get an asterisk* beside his championship coaching yrs and Mark Jackson should get GSW championship rings.