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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW

  • Anony Nn
    Anony Nn

    If you want good female representation; check out Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley.

  • Anony Nn
    Anony Nn

    Heroes don't take credit for what they do. They just do what needs to be done. Who cares if the people think she's still him? Good gravy. That would actually help her cause more because people would think THE BAT has returned...

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    iM NoT AbOuT tO lEt A mAn TaKe CreDiT fOr a WoMaN's woRk *steals batman's name, suit, and basically everything he stands for*

  • Cap285

    397K dislikes

  • nathanieldayspring00

    I guess Lesbian Batman has no wings. Look at the thumbs down. Proof that liberals and their agenda is NOT the norm no matter how much homoerotic crap you bombard the public with.

  • HSD nF
    HSD nF

    DC has to find a way to write a guy person man or woman into each of their "superhero" shows. As well as strong female pat, Black Man trying too hard to cover every base. But I must say her part in Arrow was over the top and over acted. CRINGE TV

  • zip jacket gamer
    zip jacket gamer

    yes 397k gooo to 400k

  • Fabian Vít
    Fabian Vít

    Typical feminist's

  • saschapanzer

    Hell to the no. Batwoman is a great character but stop forcefeeding us all this SJW crap!

  • silvia sanz
    silvia sanz

    Solo vine para ver cuantos dislikes ya tenía esto... me alegra ver que le falta poco para los 400, 000.

  • Alex Banning
    Alex Banning

    This looks worse than supergirl

  • RoguePaints

    LOL git outta here

  • Francisco Mendez LACOMBA
    Francisco Mendez LACOMBA

    It seemed like the average DC series that is until FEMINISM HIT...

  • Jennifer :D
    Jennifer :D

    I can't I can't I gotta go

  • Abran Amaya
    Abran Amaya

    I’m sorry but i wanted robin not Bruces Cousin

  • Auggusst

    Congrats DC for finally getting me interested in your content!

  • LazyDeva

    Superman: Do you bleed? Batwoman: Yes, every month.

  • Thnk Logic
    Thnk Logic

    Why is it that every time they want a woman to lead a mans role ... 1. They destroy the man by stating that he is a shadow of his former self... he has somehow become useless and Incompetent.. and has quit what he has been doing his whole life. TLJ anyone? 2. They have to strongly impress on you that this woman is stronger and better and she is taking over this role not being the equal but TAKING OVER. 3. There is no training involved she is just awesome at everything from the get go. you know I never knew about the terms Mary Sue or SJW before TLJ, Ghostbusters 2016 and movies like this came out...

  • Harpixel

    I cant wait for the cat women movie called Catman.

  • ᗪᗩᖇTᕼ GᗩᗰEᖇ
    ᗪᗩᖇTᕼ GᗩᗰEᖇ

    wow! ....sjw kool aid at its finest (not!)

  • dorine corsica
    dorine corsica

    397k of dislikes for 80k likes! don t you see all the world reject your bs movies? womans wants to look more like michelle pfeifer as catwoman than a batwoman with short hair looking like a guy ok?(and something tells me guy prefer that also!)

  • Underrated Boi
    Underrated Boi

    2:23 if I did that face to my dad he will in 2.5 seconds disown me

  • oonie 37
    oonie 37

    U hoes need to just cook a steak n stfu

  • deathpacito ur mom
    deathpacito ur mom

    Ooooooh nooo

  • Jerry McGinn
    Jerry McGinn

    I don't think the CW department in DC could do it any worse like when I saw the first pictures leaked from The crossover with the flash Supergirl legends and arrow I thought it was going to be good even though I don't like the fictional character bat and the last scene I know this has a lot of controversy but it's not your work you stole his symbol his suit his work his lifetime's work his technology his time spent fighting crime and what did you do with it say it's all yours I can't I just can't like I wasn't going to watch this anyway even if it was good but it's just horrible there's so much feminism is like for a woman to rise men must Fall I hate this show it's getting canceled for sure with all these dislikes and stuff like this if you hate this 😁👍

  • JadeEyes1

    "When it fits a woman"? I'm pretty sure there ARE women that size.

  • Keshav Ramouthar
    Keshav Ramouthar

    Who's actually gonna watch this?

  • Shawn Abramyan
    Shawn Abramyan

    fckin ew

  • twilly 8888
    twilly 8888

    this was clearly just made to virtue signal

  • AKUMASS 92
    AKUMASS 92


  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie

    It will have high ratings first night. People will watch out of curiosity. But not me, thank you.

  • Forza Martini
    Forza Martini

    Commisioner Gordon: Batwoman what’s wrong? Batwoman: NOTHING! C. Gordon: i’ll go get the ben and jerry’s...

  • José Antonio Román Castellano
    José Antonio Román Castellano

    HF, this is so bad. check this out: ...that´s how you do it.

  • Sloe Bone
    Sloe Bone

    A woman’s work? Lol! How about completely appropriating a man’s character?

  • iEvolution -
    iEvolution -

    "Im not letting a man take credit for a womans work." Immediatly after telling the black guy to fix the suit so it fits a women. Is he gonna get credit?

  • Brenda Zaragoza
    Brenda Zaragoza

    Her suit looks god awful.

  • lordblade

    When you remove all the feminist BS, the show doesn't look that bad. Here's a good example of how they should have made the Batwoman trailer:

  • MrCherryzz

    She needs to look out door the bogey man

  • Nick Y
    Nick Y

    Reverse polarity of the turbine!

  • John John
    John John

    Another woke movie I won't ever watch !

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill

    Wow, good job CW. Your fucked up SJW politics, has just destroyed one of the most popular super heroes in history. Can't wait to hear the "sexist" call outs, once this series is cancelled.

  • Underdawgification


  • bigphatpaulie

    This trailer is beyond bad. It's cringe-worthy. Who thought something like this would be a good idea? "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work" (....You're taking the man's home, identity, costume, tech, and job)

  • Level Up Lounge
    Level Up Lounge

    The day the Joker died of laughter is the day this trailer came out.

  • Jake Shevitz
    Jake Shevitz

    Tfw your video has more comments than likes

  • Patryk Rybarczyk
    Patryk Rybarczyk


  • Something Like Anonymous
    Something Like Anonymous

    2:04 is where is all goes to pot...

  • Sans The skeleton
    Sans The skeleton

    It’s not bad yes, But no one can replace Batman and that’s a fact I am not saying don’t watch it it looks ok but where is Batman at the time will he be in the movie why is the security of his cave just a elevator that anyone can find easily

  • Potato

    im choosing sonic.

  • XJTheSniffle

    Why does everyone hate this? i honestly dont understand

    • Cfour 1100
      Cfour 1100

      @XJTheSniffle I agree with you. Maybe you're right and the show will be much more thought out than people realize. i think the emphasis on the "Arrowverse" narrative could have been stronger. I don't think people understand that this show is based in an "alternate universe" . Its also an attempt to expand the global fanbase which is always good for fan geeks like myself and perhaps you also :) ?...

    • XJTheSniffle

      @Cfour 1100 I guess it would make sense true but I rather give this a shot because i like it they kind of maybe hinted that batman is dead in the arrowverse instead of having him alive and that she is like you said hasn't been explored probably as much but can have quite maybe open grounds to play with and plus her re introduction into the main DC comic story line has her as a lesbian and the character role in the comics plus the Batman: Bad Blood movie was great.

    • Cfour 1100
      Cfour 1100

      Two reasons; First; Batman is an 80 year old character that has a fan base of over 1 billion people. Men and women love his character and all of the lore that surrounds it. Most people dispise this trailer because CW has not created anything in this character. They have taken everytthing that is batman, killed him, replicated him and turned him into a virtue signalling lesbian feminist. Its your typical feminist metephoric message for the call to replace men, specifically white men (the people who actually created marvel, dc and all the characters in them). Its so predictably absured, since white men represent about 80% of the global fan base and buy all the stuff. Second; batwoman is a DC character that has been around for years also but CW is not using her. The Origional Batwan is not a lesbian, not a feminist and not a virtue signaller. She also has her own story and doesn't occupy batmans world nor wants to replace him. Hope this helps..

  • wolfmonkey

    The villain Alice is Kate sister Elizabeth, so now you don't have to watch this rubbish! Read the comic instead.

  • Waggehful

    This is the most sexist man hating piece of garbage I have ever seen. Imagine if the gender roles were reversed, this show wouldn't even make it to air but because it's women bringing down men its fine, it's just female empowerment. Gross.

  • AgentSmith-420

    I hear Hellen Ripleys clone is on her way back in time from the year 2750 to put an end to batwoooman and show what a true strong Female Lead Character is..... Ripley Vs Batwoooman? Who's next for the rath of Ripley!?

  • BexPhotoPro

    Someones Child is gonna watch this and hate batman cuz his cousin sucks

  • Benis Guytrap
    Benis Guytrap

    I am confused where is batwoman all I see is an angry 15 year old boi

  • suckonthis u2be
    suckonthis u2be

    CW took a rectum stretching dump and stamped 'Batwoman' on it.

  • jaggy물의요정

    오 여기도 한남 양남 콜라보로 쿵쾅쿵쾅&자들자들 거리네

  • Shane Simon
    Shane Simon

    Who else came here for the comments? 😂

  • Allan d
    Allan d

    SJW at it again....

  • Nikos Eyezlow
    Nikos Eyezlow

    Soooooo just because we're cousins I'm entitled to walk into their house uninvited and help myself to any and everything in their house even if I haven't seen them in years? Cousin literally means nothing in this day and age.. I mean just ask all them Alabama folk how they feel about cousins.. LOL

  • Nonamearisto

    Get Woke, go broke.

  • The Dracobirthstonian
    The Dracobirthstonian

    The dislike ratio just keeps getting higher.... Thank you.....VERY much.🌎🤡👌

    • Billy Hill
      Billy Hill

      They've obviously disabled or erased the down votes, since its been in the 300K's for weeks now. Realistically, it would be over 1M had YT not intervened.

  • martin watvedt
    martin watvedt

    Its funny. It was always the BAT part of batman that was the thing.... this should be called batty woman insted

  • Ανδρέας Καντάς
    Ανδρέας Καντάς


  • Soulless Vengeance Seeker
    Soulless Vengeance Seeker

    She is more like Catwoman

  • Soulless Vengeance Seeker
    Soulless Vengeance Seeker

    Now this is Batshit Craziness

  • M

    My comment was deleted,I wonder why....

  • John Rowlinson
    John Rowlinson


  • Asad Butt
    Asad Butt

    If Batman appears in this show even for one episode it would be awesome.

    • eclipse story universe
      eclipse story universe

      Batman is owned by warner bros and the arrow verse is owned by the cw warner bros only wants batman in live action movies and cartoons

  • Russel Smith
    Russel Smith

    This trailer looks like they found the dumbest feminazi there was, killed her, then gave her a pen then just said have at it.

  • Johnny IoNutz
    Johnny IoNutz

    A lesbian Batman, cool. What's next a transgender Robin ? You guys never stop to amaze me.

    • Henry Hunter
      Henry Hunter

      You are aware that Batwoman is an already existing character, right? She was a lesbian in the comics too.

  • Osama Bin laggin
    Osama Bin laggin

    Why exactly does the CW keep getting PC? It’s like they’re thinking “hmm all these people complain about to much PC in our shows what should we do? Oh I got it!!! Let’s make a show basically revolve around it!!!” Like honestly I can’t wait for this show to flop and them asking what went wrong.

    • Osama Bin laggin
      Osama Bin laggin

      Billy Hill yea that’s why arrow is being cancelled and other shows as well are following behind.

    • Billy Hill
      Billy Hill

      They also killed the Supernatural franchise with their woke bullshit.

  • Isaac Alvarado
    Isaac Alvarado

    Those lines. It's obvious this show is meant to push an agenda. And she said she is not going to let a man steal her work when she literally stole Bruce Wayne's suit and symbol.

  • YM Random
    YM Random

    Instead of saying Ha Gayyyy it’s more like Ha Trashhh.


    Not funny

  • Danny Veliz
    Danny Veliz

    This is just so *forced*. I really hope that this trailer is misleading and it actually turns out to be good. Who’s with me?

  • xXwolf boyXx
    xXwolf boyXx

    Cringe woman trailer

  • Tommy Hammond
    Tommy Hammond

    Almost 400k dislikes. You're fucked CW. 😂😂😂

  • wethepeople1970

    falure, I will not even try to watch this show. So sad

  • Tekman 1992
    Tekman 1992

    After 2:43, I'm thinking: "You broke into Batman's office, entered his cave, stole his suit, and impersonated him while having people thinking you are BatMAN."

  • John O'Reilly
    John O'Reilly


  • -EbolaCola-

    no one asked for this and i hates it


    The worst part is that ........ Supergirl was actually good and batwoman is bad and there made by the same network

  • DeusPigeon

    "I am not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work..." I am only going to steal his his fortune, his house, his car, and his suit, oh yeah and his legacy... :) Funny

  • Matthew Fischer
    Matthew Fischer

    Like if this trailer is dipshit 😂😂

  • Tyrone Biggs
    Tyrone Biggs

    "Get woke, go broke" they'll learn eventually.

  • Kryptic

    Whatever this is: Exists God: Noah, GET THE BOAT

  • Evan Sheehan
    Evan Sheehan

    The music is kind of terrible.

  • Rich G
    Rich G

    So the Anti SJWs just erased Captain Marvel/Brie Larson and just penciled Batwoman in... HILARIOUS!

  • Antiquity

    Purchase Alita battle angel when it comes out on blu ray.

  • Larry Brown
    Larry Brown

    Why she gotta be gay..?


      She is in the comics

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    Wait your boss is your cousin so does that mean you maybe the same age so what happened to Bruce do you mean he’s your uncle or something

  • Liam Harte
    Liam Harte

    "Batman gave up on us" I wonder why?

  • Kaneda Shotaro
    Kaneda Shotaro

    Looks terrible omg , who tf makes this movies ? Does theses writers and producers have an artistic motivation or a political one ?

  • Roman Blecha
    Roman Blecha

    lol if she´s supposed to be (again) this strong female character ....why does she try to look like a boy? or is she a lesbian? ...I think she should be black / asian / hispanic too to fit all the opressed groups ......

  • Adalagarzi

    dat music, dat dialogue, dat acting, dat stock sound effects, dat forced agenda. I plan on watching this with friends, just so I can point and laugh at it.

  • Amin uxer
    Amin uxer

    I always come here to check the dislikes LOL

  • Skiddlz

    I like how this is so clearly pushing a feminist agenda

  • Nathan Explosion
    Nathan Explosion

    "fans don't like it because it has a strong female lead" Okay. Let me ask you this: what about the entire alien series? Every single one has a strong female lead and everyone loves those movies. Or what about the fact that marvel fans have been BEGGING for a standalone Black Widow movie ever since she was introduced into the MCU in Iron Man 2? The problem isn't the "strong" female lead, it's the feminist propaganda.

  • Hellen Swamp
    Hellen Swamp

    I mean from the trailer it looks alright, I don't get the whole women hate in the comments

    • Slap shot Studio2006
      Slap shot Studio2006

      Hellen Swamp no one hates it because the lead is a woman

    • superior_troglodyte

      first of all, she doesn't represent a woman but some kind of travesty-lesbian wierdo second of all, actually no one is complaining about she is a woman or better said the main protagonist is a woman it's a stolen thing it's a political bullshit fest it's forced af it's empty it has no real acting and probably no real story as well it's sexist it humiliates women because it promotes the idea that every girl needs to steal all property - including clothes from a man in order to become "someone" it's cringe af this is why people hate the show already now, try to understand what people want to say

    • Hellen Swamp
      Hellen Swamp

      @strawberry milkshake I'm sorry "I don't get the whole hating on batwoman for being unapologetically a woman comments" Does your brain understand now?

    • strawberry milkshake
      strawberry milkshake

      where is a comment about hating of women in this thread? are you borderline or something?