2019 NBA Draft Predictions...including players like Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, RJ Barrett, Bol Bol, Tacko Fall, and more of the best Draft prospects! Who will the Lakers, Knicks, Pelicans and other NBA Teams pick in this Mock Draft?
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  • LostNUnbound

    Do you think I got any of the picks wrong? I THINK I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT

    • JustKepler

      LostNUnbound almost all of your new videos are unavailable in my country

    • Erika Minske
      Erika Minske

      No you got a lot wrong

    • Brady B
      Brady B

      LostNUnbound ad got traded to la


      You got a lot wrong

  • Dominique Cilmi
    Dominique Cilmi

    You said Bol Bol was one of the best players in the LEAGUE and he wasn’t in the NBA at the time

  • Jaxon Garrett
    Jaxon Garrett

    Ja Morant is not from Vanderbilt.

  • Money Dog101
    Money Dog101

    Toco fall

  • Bully Gaming
    Bully Gaming

    In ph bol bol is pubic hair just saying

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    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos


  • Shadow Clutchy
    Shadow Clutchy

    What Dude you said Ja Morant played at Vanderbilt well morant played at Murray State

  • GoodSports Evening
    GoodSports Evening

    I want more dunks and blocks

  • Not Emerald
    Not Emerald

    You know the drill 1: MJ 2: Kobe Bryant 3: Giannis 4: Stephen Curry 5: Lebron James 6: Russell Westbrook 7: Kahwi Leonard 8: Paul George 9: Zion Williamson 0: Zaza Pachulia

  • brazxyseshaun-YT YT
    brazxyseshaun-YT YT

    Bro ja Morant is from Murray St

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson

    I have been subed for 2 years

  • Coach Jenkins
    Coach Jenkins

    Can’t believe he said Ja was from Vanderbilt when it says MURRAY STATE on his jersey

  • Brennan Byer
    Brennan Byer

    Bol Bol lmao 9 to 44

  • Ya Boy Hobbs
    Ya Boy Hobbs

    I predicted Bol Bol going 2nd round

  • Braden Rowland
    Braden Rowland

    Jarrett cullver was drafted by the phionx sun's

  • Alex Pringle
    Alex Pringle

    Bol bol fell to the second round😳😳

  • Diamond511

    What if zions a bust


    Your a stupid idiot that doesn’t know anything about basketball

  • MARFADOOKS! !!!!!
    MARFADOOKS! !!!!!

    Is 5

  • MARFADOOKS! !!!!!
    MARFADOOKS! !!!!!


  • Wastefulfranklin 3015
    Wastefulfranklin 3015

    It’s sucks how Vince carter got so much worse This would be a dream team if Vince carter was in his Prime in Toronto 2001 we miss u prime Vince Carter😭

  • Blackshadow Awesome
    Blackshadow Awesome

    i mean the denver nuggets

  • Blackshadow Awesome
    Blackshadow Awesome

    YES YOU GOT 1 WRONG Bol Bol was picked 2nd overall by the 76ers but first the miami heat and then got traded to the 76ers

  • Carter Baldwin
    Carter Baldwin

    This did not age well

  • iXxbreakXxyourXxankles Xx
    iXxbreakXxyourXxankles Xx

    Lnu you don't even need to say sub and like because u the goat and everybody subs to goats

  • Ezequiel Estrada
    Ezequiel Estrada

    no bol bol went 44 and got triggered

  • Ryan Kennedy
    Ryan Kennedy

    Ja Morant went to Murray St. Darius Garland went to Vanderbilt

  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan Alexander

    Jaxson Hayes went 8th I met him irl

  • Joe Konietzko
    Joe Konietzko

    Jarrett Culver went #6 to my Timberwolves not #4 to the Lakers

  • RiggedBoardz

    zion will be a bust

  • Miles Kralewski
    Miles Kralewski

    He said Ja Morant was from Vanderbilt University but in the picture he’s wearing a Murray State jersey

  • Dashun Da goat
    Dashun Da goat

    Anthony Davis already got traded

  • The Campbell Twins
    The Campbell Twins

    1:52 Ja Morant from Vanderbilt. Ya no he's from Murray State

  • Kevin Robertson
    Kevin Robertson

    You said Morant from Vanderbilt😂

  • JakeCake

    tacko is on celtics

  • Doggy Le
    Doggy Le

    So sad Bol Bol was 44th

  • Itsjustbreeandadd Tv
    Itsjustbreeandadd Tv

    conley is on the jazz

  • MackGoes Deep
    MackGoes Deep

    Bol Bol was picked in the 40’s

  • Cristen Dilks
    Cristen Dilks

    Ja morant isn’t from Vanderbilt Murray state

  • Brady B
    Brady B

    Ha morant is not from Vanderbilt

  • AllStar 5
    AllStar 5

    u know the drill 1:zion 2:greg oden 3:Kwame brown 4:anthony Bennett 5:RJ barrett 6:ja morant 7:deAndre hunter 8:isaac bonga 9:markelle fultz 0:bol bol

  • Zih-Jia Yen
    Zih-Jia Yen

    Please make your vids watchable in my region please

  • Chris Rugwizangoga
    Chris Rugwizangoga

    Did anybody else come back from after the draft to see how accurate he was?

  • Savage TV
    Savage TV

    Weren’t you at 1.7 mil subs how are you at 1.5 mil now

  • Will Benton
    Will Benton

    Muscala hasnt played for the Hawks in over a year. He's been on 3 teams since the Hawks

  • Jasmin Powar
    Jasmin Powar

    like= taco fall comment= bol bol

  • ruthleesblaze 45
    ruthleesblaze 45

    It's sad how lnu predicted that bol bol would go 9 pick in the draft but he went 44 so sad

  • Bunny Cracker
    Bunny Cracker

    Damn tacko went undrafted

  • Mr.TripleDouble

    bol bol went in the second round

  • Beat Master Official werallbros
    Beat Master Official werallbros

    R U actually into basketball ? U dont even know Ja is from Murray state

  • Beat Master Official werallbros
    Beat Master Official werallbros

    I just wanna know where he gets all the information from!

  • Beat Master Official werallbros
    Beat Master Official werallbros

    LNU never fails to disappoint me

  • Victoria Kovar
    Victoria Kovar

    Rip BOL BOL 2nd round

  • James Brandmeyer
    James Brandmeyer

    U dare to do that to Arch you idiot who knows nothing about basketball I’ll have you know he is better than Ja and most definitely Coby White

  • Wavy Phoenix
    Wavy Phoenix

    😂 a lil off on that bol bol buddy

  • classic-JJ

    Your basketball skills are inaccurate

  • Pat Apple
    Pat Apple

    Vince Carter ain't on the Hawks he's a free agent

  • Boyzee Em
    Boyzee Em

    You said ja morant from Vanderbilt university 🤦‍♀️

  • Maier Stacks
    Maier Stacks

    Expectation: Bol Bol going #9 and Tacko fall going in late first round or early second round Reality: Bol Bol going #44 and Tacko Fall being undrafted

    • Boknowsbball

      Maier Stacks I thought bol bol was going like 15-18 and taco would do at the end of the first round

  • Trey Rodriguez
    Trey Rodriguez

    LNU dead

  • owen ponsonby4
    owen ponsonby4

    He projected Bol Bol at 9 and he fell to 44

  • Wizzle Wand
    Wizzle Wand

    Can you make all your videos for the whole world

  • Marvin Peters
    Marvin Peters

    Rui Hatumara is a Wizard

  • Matthew Reeson
    Matthew Reeson

    The nba coaches should watch this

  • KARLOS 360
    KARLOS 360

    Nuggets got bol bol

  • Af Shonubi06
    Af Shonubi06

    Who is here after Bol Bol got drafted in the Second Round

  • your worst nightmare
    your worst nightmare

    Sorry mate but every body slept on bol bol he went to a team at 45 and then was tradded to the Nugget

  • Nxt_jaizon

    Who’s here after bol bol went down to the second round and tacko fall didn’t go to the nba

    • FlaZe_fishy-Yt

      Parker landergan don’t bully

    • Nxt_jaizon

      Parker Landergan you stupid 6 days ago he wasent signed

    • FlaZe_fishy-Yt

      Tacko went to the Celtics after the daft

    • Maier Stacks
      Maier Stacks

      Parker Landergan you’re the dumbass because you didn’t look when he posted the comment

    • Jbird 02
      Jbird 02


  • Logan Gav
    Logan Gav

    Little did he know “little” would go 26

  • seko jones
    seko jones

    Thank you bol is good